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3 Tips for Designing an Outstanding Website

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    With more people moving their business online, website design is a highly sought-after skill. Depending on your website’s intent, it can range from playful to professional. While it is all tied to personal preference, there are a few ground rules and tips that will make your website better aesthetically and functionally. Read on!

    1. Maintain a Minimalistic and Clutter-Free Homepage

    A good homepage should communicate your core message to the clients as soon as they visit your website. In the digital era, most people have a reduced attention span and will not even read every word on the website. Instead, they quickly scan the page and pick out what they need.

    If visitors are unable to find it within the first ten seconds, chances are they will move on to another site. Consider using whitespace between the elements and keep all important content above the fold. This ensures they can get all the crucial information without scrolling anywhere else.

    To further capture their attention, add high-quality media features and a CTA (Call to Action). Once the customer sees what they know, they should be able to contact you without leaving the homepage.

    2. Use a Website Builder

    A website builder is a perfect tool to help you easily customize your website to the desired outcome. With a good provider such as the IONOS website builder, you can actualize your idea to a website within a short time.

    The IONOS website builder comes with intuitive AI assistance and allows you to create captivating texts and images for your site. For only $1 per month, you also get a domain, email, and SSL encryption for enhanced safety. This website builder gives you more than a website as it goes further to the extra features and an online store for all your templates.

    3. Consider Navigation and Mobile-Friendliness

    According to experts at 911proxy, As a website owner, you can never skimp on navigation. Ensure that site visitors can quickly find what they are looking for within the first ten seconds. Regardless of whether you choose the horizontal list or the hamburger menu, your website menu should be properly structured.

    If your site is one page and has a long-scrolling variety, consider an anchor menu. Within one click, your viewers can jump onto any section. Another way to enhance the navigation on one-page websites is to include a ‘Back-to-Top’ button.

    Whatever you do, ensure that the site is mobile-friendly for inclusivity. According to research, more than 70% of internet users access using smartphones. While some website builders automatically create a mobile-friendly version, you need to confirm this before going live with your page. The mobile users will probably make up for more than 50% of your audience.


    A well-designed website plays a vital role in determining the user experience. It is easy to understand within the first three seconds. If a customer is impressed and can find whatever service they need from the website, they are more likely to stay loyal to you. Make use of a reputable website builder and customize it to your liking. With the above tips, you can easily create your dream website within a short time. Try it today!

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