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Advertise with Us – Grow Your Reach Worldwide

Promote Your Business With Us Here! reach out at [email protected]

Gossips Diary can link you to the most influential audiences of high-net-worth individuals, highly educated professionals, and professionals working internationally. Gossips Diary provides a comprehensive commercial portfolio, including sponsored content (also known as native advertising), targeted banner advertisements, and a great deal more, in order to assist you in effectively reaching our specialized audience.

Using Gossips Diary as a promotional platform for your product or service may be done at a price that won’t break the bank. Gossips Diary is a wonderful area for marketers to reach an audience that is actively engaged since the site receives more than one hundred thousand unique visits each month and has a user community that is continually growing.

Working with us is simple, and we like making it enjoyable. We provide a wide variety of possibilities that may tailor to the objectives of your business. Let’s get started.

Advertisement- Based Content

Utilizing sponsored content is the most effective method for bringing your product or service to the attention of the most number of developers. You are responsible for providing the material; we will manage everything else.

  • Personalized sponsored article focusing on your organization or product.
  • The story will be featured on the homepage for the full week.
  • Sent to all users of social media.
  • As the featured post, the article will be emphasized.

Link Placement

  • Adding links to your website is the best strategy to improve its search engine optimization effectiveness.
  • You will be responsible for providing the link and article to your chosen location.
  • It will be a permanent link that does follow, but you will also have the option to include a link that does not follow.
  • There will never be a label indicating that the link is sponsored.
  • Your chosen link will be embedded in the article next to your provided term.
  • Sends the message to all of the subscribers of RSS and social media.

Text Links

  • Text links would appear in the Sidebar or Footer.
  • A unique hypertext link may be attached to each line of text. The text has to be able to fit on a single line.

Graphical Ads or Banner

Take control of your company’s messaging and work to raise the number of viewers who become paying customers.

Desktop Web Advertising

To assist you in connecting your business with appropriate groups of customers, we make both standard and bespoke banner sizes available to you.

  • Leaderboard is 970 by 90.
  • Leaderboard is 728 by 90.
  • Rectangle 300×250
  • 160 x 600 Pixels Skyscraper

Please note that the rel=”nofollow” tag will be automatically added to all sponsored links and banner advertising.

Mobile Web Advertising

  • Mobile Size – 300×250
  • Expandable Mobile – 320×450

Video Advertising

Promote Your Video inside the body of the relevant post or in the sidebar.

How To Order?

If you are interested in advertising with us, please send an email to [email protected] with the specifics, including the length of the advertisement and the format it will take, or give us a call.

How You Can Pay?

Your advertisement will undergo testing, as well as configuration. You won’t be required to make a payment until after your advertisement has been published online.

Bank Transfer and PayPal are acceptable payment methods here.

Follow us and Contact us on Social Media Platforms i.e. Facebook.

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