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4 Ways How to Properly Care For Your Diamond Jewellery

    4 Ways How to Properly Care For Your Diamond Jewellery

    Diamond jewellery is something everyone cherishes and wants to keep in good condition for years. However, with regular use and exposure to various elements, it’s easy for your diamond jewellery to lose its sparkle and shine. Learning how to care for your diamond jewellery properly is important. 

    Continue reading to learn about some helpful tips on keeping your precious pieces in pristine condition so that you can enjoy their beauty for a long time.

    Don’t Wear Them While Doing Manual Work 

    While using your diamond ring regularly, you can come in contact with various things like body oil, sweat, hairspray, household items, and more. Such exposure can cause a buildup on the surface of your diamond, leading to the dulling of its sparkle and brilliance. It’s advisable to refrain from wearing your diamonds while engaging in housework, yard work, or other physically demanding tasks. 

    Though diamonds are incredibly robust, they can get chipped from hard blows. When doing household chores, it’s crucial to prevent contact between your jewellery and chlorine bleach. Making an effort to keep your diamond clean can contribute significantly to its longevity. 

    Know When They Need Servicing 

    If you observe that your jewellery’s stone settings are loose or have any other visible damage, abstain from further wearing the piece. Instead, take it to a reliable and experienced jeweler like who can carefully assess and repair your jewellery. 

    If your ring gets caught on fabrics such as jumpers and bedding, it could mean a lifted prong or a rough edge that requires filing to become even. 

    You can spot another sign of danger by using your ears. If you can hear a diamond rattling inside your ring when you shake it near your ear, it could mean the setting is loose. When this happens, get it checked by a professional to avoid the risk of any gemstones falling out.

    Store Properly 

    It’s important to store your diamonds correctly when not in use to avoid causing damage to other jewellery or diamonds. Keep your diamonds in a fabric-lined case or a box with dividers to prevent diamond-to-diamond or diamond-to-jewellery scratches. 

    Most jewellery items typically come in a lined pouch or box that serves well for storing the piece. However, it’s common for most individuals to use a jewellery box or valet for their jewellery storage needs. A jewellery  box equipped with felt-lined slots for rings, necklaces, and earrings proves ideal for keeping the pieces organized, secure, and free of dirt or dust. 

    Cleaning them Correctly 

    Like any other object, diamonds can become dirty and lose their shine due to lotions, soaps, powders, and even the oils from our skin. This can create a film on the diamonds and make them less brilliant. Also, chemicals in the atmosphere can cause the mountings to corrode or change color. Here are proven methods to clean your diamonds:

    Ultrasonic cleaner

    Occasionally, an ultrasonic cleaner may be needed to eradicate entrenched dirt from diamonds. The cleaner functions by using low-frequency sound waves to produce vibrations in a solution, which results in eliminating dirt and filth. 

    However, using this method may lead to loose stones from their mountings or damage the girdles of adjacent diamonds. If the diamond has any feathers or inclusions, practice caution while using an ultrasonic cleaner and refrain from using it if it has undergone fracture-filling treatment.

    Reviewing the diamond’s grading report before putting it in an ultrasonic cleaner is advisable. The report specifies if the diamond has undergone any form of treatment. Besides, it’s recommended to seek the opinion of a professional jeweler to examine the jewellery for defects, such as loose stones that may require tightening, before cleaning. 

    To make your diamond shine, clean its many small mirrors called facets. Cleaning the facets will keep your diamond jewellery gleaming and sparkling for special occasions.

    Use any detergent 

    In a small bowl, create a solution of warm suds using a mild household liquid detergent. Avoid any cleanser with chlorine. Use a soft-bristled brush to create lather around the jewellery. After, place the jewellery on a metal or plastic strainer and wash it off with warm water. Dry the jewellery by patting it with a soft cloth that does not produce lint.

    Cold water method 

    Create a mixture of a very mild dishwashing detergent and cold water in a ratio of 1:4. Put the jewellery  pieces in the solution and soak them for a few minutes. Take the pieces out and gently brush all sides of the mounting with a soft brush. Once done, rinse the pieces in the same solution and let them dry by placing them on tissue paper.

    Diamond Jewellery Will Last If Taken Care Of 

    Remembering that a diamond is delicate and requires careful handling and maintenance to keep it in top condition. Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, or ring, each diamond jewellery needs proper care and attention to preserve its sparkle.

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