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5 Alternatives to Turing to Hire Java Developers

    Turing is one of the most popular online talent providers, and one of the most recognized. It allows businesses based within the United States to collaborate with remote freelancers in the tech industry who are available from a global pool. The company utilizes an AI-backed intelligent talent cloud which makes it easy for them to help businesses when it comes to finding, vetting, and managing tech talent.

    However, one of the main ways that Turing works is by helping businesses hire full-time workers, which may not be feasible for many. Having a full-time Java developer in particular is not something that many companies are looking for, as more often they will require someone who specializes in Java for certain projects only, as this provides them with both flexibility and the knowledge that they are working with an expert who is dedicated to Java.

    Some alternatives to Turing which many businesses may find better suit their needs are listed below.

    1. Gaper

    Gaper as a company claims to work with only the top 1% of engineers who have worked for well-renowned companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft. 

    Hiring through Gaper is a great choice if you want to hire individual developers or if you want to build a team. Finding a Java developer to work with is a simple process, and incorporating them into your business can be done with more agility, covering a broader range of specific hiring needs for different businesses.

    2. Toptal

    Toptal is one of the most reputable websites which serves both freelancers and businesses alike. Their claim is to help companies find the Top 3% of freelancers across the globe, and they have numerous rules and standards in place that ensure that all of their employees are highly skilled.

    As Toptal is ideal for team-based work, finding a Java developer who can join a business’s existing tech team is easy, and given the number of qualified workers Toptal has, finding an expert in Java specifically is no problem whatsoever either.

    3. DevTeam.Space

    DevTeam.Space is a great resource for those who are not just seeking a Java freelancer, but who are seeking a developer with a particular level of expertise. It is made up of a thoroughly screened community of multiple, highly qualified developmental teams, who are committed to helping their clients with various software projects.

    One of Devteam.Space’s most notably unique features is the way in which it utilizes an AI-powered agile process, which allows businesses to schedule, monitor, and work together with their software development team. Because of this, after a business hires a Java developer through the site, they will be able to be more personally involved with the work that they are doing as well.

    4. Upwork

    Upwork differs from Turing in that it operates as a freelance board. Individuals from almost any field can sign up and access job openings that businesses post, who then contact them with their bids. The company decides whether or not to hire them and handles the subsequent hiring procedures themselves. 

    While the process may not be as simplified, businesses can easily find Java developers willing to work with them through Upwork, and negotiate pricing and time periods together as well.

    5. Stack Overflow

    Stack Overflow is a little bit different from traditional freelancing platforms. It is similar to Upwork, except instead of being a freelance board, it is an online forum meant for developers and programmers, where professionals ask and answer each other’s tech-related questions. 

    As the site offers a considerable job board, employers can search for prospective hires, and developers can post their resumes as well. All that a company would need to do to hire a Java developer would be to sign up on the site and create a job listing specifying that they are searching for someone to join them with Java development, and post it to the job board.

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