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7 Best Bible Audiobooks to Listen In 2023

    No book comes close to matching the impact that Bible has had over centuries. A source of solace, hope, belief, and much more, the book helps you become kinder, wiser, and more peaceful with time. And most importantly, it helps you remain attached to your faith at all times, providing an anchor in the hustle and bustle of modern lives. However, it’s not always possible to listen to the word of God whenever you wish to.

    There are commitments to take care of, and loved ones to spend time with. How to make time amidst all these things? Simple, you listen to audiobooks. You might be commuting, cooking, tending to your plants, or going for a jog, but with audiobooks, you can listen to the Bible whenever you wish to. In this article, we’ll look at some of the best Bible audiobooks to give you company whenever you’d like. These books consist of both Bible audiobooks and books that bring out specific aspects of the text so that you can appreciate it more. 

    1. ESV Bible, narrated by Kristyn Getty

    A rich and beautiful narration by Kristyn, the award-winning, contemporary hymn writer, this word-for-word reading of the ESV Bible provides a soothing and gentle experience. For the unaware, the ESV, or the English Standard Version of the Bible is a literal translation done by 100 evangelical scholars. Written in contemporary English, the translation is easy to understand by everyone.

    The book tries to capture the literal meaning of the actual text in Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew while preserving its original structure and nuances. And with Getty’s clear and distinct voice, this audiobook is an even better way to listen to God’s word on a regular basis. Her soft and graceful reading helps you appreciate the text even more and gives you a tool for a meaningful and positive spiritual journey of your own.

    2. The One Year Chronological Bible NLT, narrated by Todd Busteed

    The Bible, no matter what version you may read from, easily has between 7-8 million words in total. And therefore, wanting to read it and actually being able to read it are two completely separate things. So, what’s the solution? This audiobook. Dividing the book into segments as small as 15 minutes, you can listen to the Bible in just one year through this audiobook. 

    The NLT Bible, or the New Living Translation of the Bible, focuses on accurately fleshing out the original thoughts in everyday, simple English for the modern reader to read and comprehend easily. This results in some of the most difficult passages of the Bible being turned into uncomplicated, beautiful passages that anyone can comprehend. Todd Busteed narrates in a slow, contemplative manner that presents the lessons and stories to you in the best possible way.

    3. The Women of the Bible Speak: 

    The Wisdom of 16 Women and Their Lessons for Today, written and narrated by Shannon Bream

    A general assumption around the Bible is that it doesn’t have women, or that the role of women in it is pretty limited. But as this book shows, women are central figures in multiple Biblical tales Taking the 16 women characters that appear through the book, Shannon compares their journeys and how they’re both similar and different in their experiences. In their lives, the reader can find some solace and comfort through the common struggles they face, such as pride or bitterness, and how they overcome these odds.

    Be it Mary Magdalene, the first person to glimpse Jesus’ resurrection, or Queen Esther, whose valor saved her people, the book looks at each of them, reflecting on the meaning of each female character. Not only do you get to take away lessons from their lives, but you also have a better and deeper understanding and appreciation of the Bible through this book. With some powerful and beautiful narration by Shannon herself, the audiobook is a delight to experience.

    4. The Rational Bible: 

    Exodus by Dennis Prager, narrated by Tom Parks

    Part of the series “The Rational Bible”, this book is another attempt by Dennis to look at how the Bible is relevant and rational even today. Whether you think of God as an imaginary entity, or that Bible allowed the slave trade that remains a scar on the history of Western countries till now, Prager tries to convince you otherwise through rational arguments. The premise of the book is to look at the Bible without a lens of faith and get answers to all the questions that might come to our minds.

    Trying to remove the notion that the Bible is an outdated text with no use in today’s world, he explains it in a way that is relatable to our experiences of today. Whether you’re a believer or a non-believer, the book helps you see the text in a wholly new light, while clearing several misconceptions that surround it. Some enchanting narration by Tom Parks will make sure that you’ll deeply enjoy listening to this audiobook.

    5. The Holy Bible, King James Version: 

    The Old and New Testaments, produced by Audible Studios

    The authoritative version of the Bible even after so many years, the King James version, is still the most-read translation of the book. Not only has it withstood the test of time, but also the numerous translations that have appeared since its publication. This audiobook includes both the old and new testaments and therefore makes for a comprehensive listen that’ll keep you engaged for a long time.

    With a cast of voice actors who narrate different segments of the book, the audiobook fills the book with life and ensures your experience of listening to the Bible is even better. The array of brilliant performances makes the process of going through all the books even more enjoyable and peaceful.

    6. The God of the Way: 

    A Journey into the Stories, People, and Faith That Changed the World Forever, written and narrated by Kathie Lee Gifford and Rabbi Jason Sobel

    One of the best ways to appreciate and understand the Bible is to look at it from different perspectives in order to understand the different layers of history, art, culture, and much more that are attached to it. Using lessons and historical points from Jewish traditions and texts, Rabbi Jason presents the Bible with the added context of how the Biblical times were.

    On the other hand, Kathie Lee presents her stories and reflections on the Bible and how her spiritual journey unfolded, which, in turn, can help you discover or reaffirm your own. The book makes you feel closer to God and his words, as well as the Bible. The book has been gorgeously narrated by the authors themselves, which makes you feel as if they’re telling you their stories and lessons directly.

    7. Listener’s Audio Bible – 

    New International Version, NIV: Complete Bible, narrated by Max McLean

    Our last title in the list of the best bible audiobooks to listen to is yet another translation of the Bible, the new international version. This version of the Bible seeks to present the original text to the modern reader in a way that the experience of reading the book is as close to the original as possible. 

    This version has been gorgeously produced and is undoubtedly going to improve your experience of the text. With soft music playing in the background, Max McLean voices the book in a compelling and divine manner, making you feel the power of the words he speaks. His narration emphasizes the subtler aspects and nuances of each story and keeps you engaged throughout.

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