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80s Icons David Hasselhoff and Arnold Schwarzenegger Join Forces for BMW’s New iVision Dee Promotion

    BMW recently put together a short advertising film to promote its new iVision Dee vehicle, starring 80s television icons David Hasselhoff and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The iVision Dee, which stands for iVision “Digital Emotional Experience”, is said to resonate with vehicle owners in ways BMW’s E21 failed. With an in-built personal assistant and a heads-up visual display that spans the entirety of the windscreen, the iVision Dee promotes the next generation of automotives on our streets.

    The iVision Dee is a concept car that’s designed to whet the appetite of BMW enthusiasts and owners waiting for the new fully-electric 3 Series that’s slated to drop in 2025. Parallels were understandably drawn between the iVision Dee and the Knight Rider car, hence the decision to get Hasselhoff on board. Meanwhile the inclusion of Arnold Schwarzenegger is rather more of a head-scratching addition to the cast. Schwarzenegger plays the role of the technophobe and sceptic – out of touch with automotive technology and yearning for vehicles of a bygone era.

    What is David Hasselhoff up to these days?

    Hasselhoff first shot to stardom in The Young and The Restless, before leaving his role as Dr. Snapper Foster to assume the role of Michael Knight in the 80s action thriller Knight Rider. The series is the brainchild of Glen A. Larson, and in it Hasselhoff played the role of a slick and stylish crime fighter, ably supported by a KITT – an almost indestructible supercar powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

    The show lasted for almost four years, then developed a cult following beyond its original broadcast that’s endured for decades. You can still find instances of Knight Rider in popular culture today, such as an officially licensed Knight Rider slot game developed by iGaming studio NetEnt. The Swedish software firm is one of the industry’s leading game providers. Many of the sites OddsChecker recommends for 2023’s free spins no deposit promos, casino bonuseswhich allow you to win real money, only supply games from iGaming software pioneers like Microgaming, IGT and NetEnt. This helps to raise the profile of the Knight Rider franchise for millennial and Gen Z players.


    Since Knight Rider, “The Hoff” made his name in Baywatch before turning his hand to the big screen in Hollywood and taking the mic as a soft pop/rock star. You’ll be staggered to find that Hasselhoff has released no less than 14 studio albums since 1989. His material has been less forthcoming in recent years, although his hard rock-inspired “Through The Night” single in December 2020 captured the imagination of his adoring fanbase.

    The Hoff recently celebrated turning 70 years of age by bringing back together much of the cast of Baywatch. He’s still very much relevant, having appeared at the MTV EMAs in November with his 42-year-old model wife, Hayley Roberts.

    What is Arnold Schwarzenegger up to these days?

    75-year-old Austrian, Schwarzenegger has had a wonderfully diverse career. From his bodybuilding success as the “Austrian Oak”, through to his time in Hollywood and politics, “Arnie” is someone who has successfully transcended the generations.

    His thirst for bodybuilding and exercise was underlined recently on Christmas Eve 2022, when Schwarzenegger was spotted in Southern California at a public gym wearing a festive red sweater. Schwarzenegger took to social media to wish his fans a Merry Christmas. He urged his followers to “use that holiday cheer” to “power up [their] pumps”.

    The pump analogy is linked to Schwarzenegger’s new pursuit, a free-to-read newsletter called “The Pump Daily”. Within this newsletter, Arnie looks to provide readers with health tips designed to “make you a little better every day”. The content within The Pump Daily is centred on a blend of strict workout plans and unique wisdom on maintaining your physical wellbeing.

    Arnie recently revealed the one thing that he does daily that’s helped to maintain his physical activity at the ripe old age of 75. His morning routine consisted of a strong early morning coffee and a cycle ride to the gym to exercise.

    Both famous actors appear in the new BMW iVision Dee Promotion.

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