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Activities to do at Home with Friends

    Activities to do at Home with Friends

    Spending quality time with friends has many benefits. It improves happiness and wellbeing, and helps you to maintain the important relationships in your life.

    You might usually go out shopping, for a meal or to the cinema, but if you are trying to save money or just want to avoid crowded public spaces, then there are a whole range of activities you can do in your own home. Planning at home activities can give you more choice and control over the event, you can tailor each activity to suit your individual tastes and interests.

    Here are just some of the best activities you can do at home with friends:

    A games night

    A games night is the ultimate entertainment for friend groups that love to get competitive and have some fun. You can choose games that suit your own skills and interests and even give your evening a special theme.

    For example, for casino fans, why not have an ultra-glamorous poker night? Set a black tie dress code, select someone to be the dealer and set up a poker table. You can even set up a separate lounge area to function as a cocktail bar between games.

    Alternatively, you can each bring your favourite board game and teach your friends how to play it. If games night become a regularly scheduled event then you can take it in turns to host and select the games.

    Games night can even be virtual if you can’t all meet up and held on PC or your favourite console.

    A movie day

    Movie day is a great way to relax with friends after a busy week, you can have a lazy day indoors and even stay in your PJs if you wish. You can each pick a movie or binge an entire collection, such as the Harry Potter movies or Lord of the Rings.

    There may be some need to compromise if you each have different preferred film genres and taking a vote can be a fair way to resolve any conflicts. Don’t forget the popcorn and other snacks!

    Cocktail evening

    Ideal for a birthday celebration or just for a weekend catch up with friends, a cocktail evening can be a fun yet sophisticated way to socialise and try new drinks.

    Spend a bit of time in the run up to your event looking online for cocktail recipes. If you plan ahead you can discuss the ingredients and each bring a couple of items with you. Make the cocktails together or host a bartending competition with a judging panel to taste test each of your creations.

    Mocktails are a great alcohol-free option and can be just as fun to make.

    Afternoon tea

    Afternoon teas are a lovely British tradition that many people love to indulge in. They usually consist of pots of tea with a selection of cakes, scones and sandwiches. Get a list of your friend’s likes and dislikes before shopping to prevent waste. You can always swap out tea for coffee and cakes for a savoury option for those that aren’t fans of traditional afternoon tea ingredients.

    If the weather is looking good, why not turn it into a picnic and eat your food in the garden?

    Tackle a DIY project

    Got friends that are handy or fancy themselves to be an interior design genius? Consider inviting friends over for a paint party or to help assemble your new flat pack furniture.

    Some might love to help out while others prefer to avoid DIY all together, so make sure you warn them about what tasks you’re hoping to get their help with in advance. Be sure to reward them for their hard work with a takeaway or home cooked meal after a long day of handiwork.

    Closet clearout

    What do you do with your clothes that you no longer want or need? Rather than throwing them out, you could hold a swap meet or even a fashion show with friends.

    For this activity, each of you will need to have a wardrobe clear out and bring along all your discarded items. You can then swap with one another and save money on new outfits. If feeling particularly creative, friends with sewing skills can make new clothes from the fabric of their old items and get a second life out of them.


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