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All About About Moldavite Gemstone

    All About About Moldavite Gemstone

    The bottle of green to brown-green colored Moldavite gemstone belongs to the tektite group of minerals. As it is a type of tektite, it’s a natural gas shaped by the melting and cooling of silica sand or rock released into the atmosphere post meteorite impact. Only the natural gas formed by the meteorite impact of Nordlinger Ries in Germany, about 15 million years ago, can be termed moldavite. 

    The major source of this gemstone is the Czech Republic. Other sources include Austria, Germany, and Poland. Its value depends on the shape, size, and visual appeal. Tektites are found in strewn fields of meteorite impacts, where the gems are scattered over the ground in a very large space. It has a 5.5- 7 Mohs hardness scale.

    The meaning of Moldavite stone is transformation, fortune, and protection. Alluring Moldavite Crystal originates from an impact of a meteor on mother earth. This stone was born from a meteorite that is believed to have crashed on the Bohemian plateau, its impact was believed to have been so powerful that it smashed straight through and into the earth’s core leaving pieces of molten rock dispersed for miles. 

    After some time this rock got hardened into Moldavite – a rare green forest gem that is easily found along the Moldau river. It is highly respected and admired in the spiritual community. 

    What does Moldavite Do?

    Moldavite is the stone of renewal. This appealing gem has been on earth for more than 15 million years and is considered to be an ideal stone for bringing shifts in energy, encouraging you to let go of negative thoughts, and helping to get over the past traumas to move on in life. It is claimed to be one of the most powerful stones. Moldavite 

    How to Know that Moldavite is Real?

    The Real Moldavite mostly has a mossy color to it rather than a loud and bright green. A real or true piece of this stone will also have many textures going on – it can be smooth and irregular in parts. It looks matte rather than sleek-looking.

    What is the Use of Moldavite?

    Moldavite is used to welcome shifts in energy. It could be an amazing healing gem as it motivates you to get over the traumas and tired patterns so that you can make space for positive things to come. Moldavite helps create the theme of self-love, building connections and enabling spiritual and psychic awareness. 

    How to Activate Moldavite?

    As Moldavite is a big energy stone that is why it necessarily needs activation firstly. One can activate this prepping stone through cleansing and the process of charging. After cleansing and charging it, keep the moldavite stone in your left hand and inhale some cleansing breaths. Post this use the power of visualization to help you prioritize the stone so that it enables you to achieve your dreams. 

    What about the Application of Moldavite?

    It can be a very strong stone to be used so it’s suggested to build up useful skills. Once getting used to its energy, one can easily wear Moldavite jewelry to keep energy synced and to get surrounded by protection. You can also use it on your heart chakra to cleanse the space and welcome in love and compassion. It can be used as a creative and spiritual practice as it is the gemstone that gleams with cosmic connection and shamanic exploration. If you want to connect with higher powers or wish to keep it close to the heart chakra then wear it as a pendant.

    A Moldavite bracelet will also be effective if it is connected to your pulse and surrounds you with positive energy. Moldavite Ring can be worn on the index finger as it can also help you empower your intuition whereas worn on the middle finger will enable you to bring out your inner extrovert.  

    Is Moldavite Rare?

    Indeed, Moldavite is a rare gemstone. As it can only be legally mined in one place in the Czech Republic, there is not a lot of it on the market and what is already out there is dwindling. All of it increases the value of Moldavite and makes it a very exclusive stone to possess.

    Is Moldavite Crystal?

    It comes under the category of glass and it, therefore, holds a lot of energy. Moldavite formation took place when a meteor hit the earth 15 million years ago while creating the mandatory high temperatures and high pressure that is required for this deep green stone to grow. 

    Does Moldavite require Recharge?

    All energetic stones and crystals benefit from recharge. By charging Moldavite once in a while you can keep it in the right state so that it works at top of its game. They can be used with moonlight, sunlight, other stones, and close to any kind of plant life for charging.

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