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An Essential Guide to Make the Best of Water Pipes

    An Essential Guide To Make The Best Of Water Pipes

    A water pipe, generally known as a glass bong, is a widely used smoking paraphernalia. This smoking equipment offers smoother and cooler hits than any other smoking medium. Water pipes are sleeker than most bongs. Unlike the bulky, large bongs, the water piper is compact and can fit in your bag easily. Many rookie smokers often get confused between smoking mediums like bongs, bubblers, dab rings, chillums, and regular pipes. But there’s nothing to be confused about here. Each one has its own way of functioning and has different features that can give you an outstanding smoking experience.

    If you decide to go with water pipes smoking, you need to know enough about them to understand how they work. Therefore, following this step-by-step guide will help you make the best of your water pipes and have a fantastic cannabis smoking experience. 

    Components of a Water Pipe

    Before you start using the water pipe, here are the components of water pipes that you should know.

    Bowl: Bowl tiny chamber outside the bong that holds the herb in place. The bowl size determines how much herb it can load at one time.

    Downstem: Downstem is the long cylindrical pipe connected to the bowl and leads the smoke to the water chamber. 

    Water Chamber: As the name suggests, a water chamber stores water. This water helps to filter the smoke and gives you smoother, cooler, and refreshing hits. 

    Ice Catcher: Ice catcher or stem makes the smoke even cooler. It holds the multiple ice cubes in place, making the smoke cool down when it passes through the ice cubes. 

    Carb Hole: A carb hole is a small hole that helps control the airflow. You can also use it to empty the water chamber or clean the stem.

    Smoke chamber: The smoke chamber in a long glass section that connects the stem, water chamber, and mouthpiece. 

    Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece is that part of a bong from where you inhale the smoke. Some mouthpieces are made curved for efficient smoking.

    Now that you know about different parts of the water pipes, here are the steps involved in making the best use of the water pipe.

    Step by Step Guide for Using Water Pipes for Smoking

    Prepare the bowl

    Before you smoke from the water pipe, you need to pack the bowl with your favorite cannabis strain. Make sure you evenly grind the herb before loading the bowl. 

    Fill Up the Water Chamber

    Remove the downstem and fill the bong with water. Ensure you avoid filling too little or too much water for the best effect. Try using cold water for refreshing hits. 

    Add ice to the stem

    If your bong has a stem or ice catcher, put some ice cubes into it. It will make the hit even cooler and more refreshing. 

    Secure the bowl into its place

    Once you load the bowl securely, place it into the water pipe. A little negligence can break the glass. Check if everything else is in its place.

    Smoke from the water pipe

    Put your mouth on the mouthpiece and slowly inhale. It’s also not good to put your lips outside the mouthpiece if multiple people are using it. Remember to take a couple of deep breaths before hitting the bong. That way, your lungs get filled with oxygen so that you can take smoother hits. 

    Light the cannabis

    Light the herbs with a lighter once you secure your mouth around the mouthpiece. Hold the lighter horizontally and let the flame touch the edge of the bowl. Place the flame a little away from the herb if you want it to last longer. Now slowly inhale to let the smoke enter your lungs and enjoy your smoking experience to the fullest. 

    Using water pipes for smoking can be tricky for first-timers. Remember to take things slow and never get caught up in technicalities. Everyone makes mistakes for the first time. Cut yourself some slack and enjoy your water pipe for the best cannabis experience.

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