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Who is Colleen Wolfe? Wiki Biography, Net Worth, Measurements

    Colleen Wolfe: Wiki Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Career, Measurements

    Colleen Wolfe Wiki BioColleen Wolfe born on January 2, 1985, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She is an animal lover and has a dog. If you’re an American Football Fan, then you must be a close follower of the NFL – National Football League, and we’re sure that you would have definitely come across Colleen Wolfe, the ever-charming sports commentator and anchor. She started working as an on-air sports anchor in 2014, and since then, she saw a steep rise in her fame. The fan following increased by a significant margin, and now she’s a familiar face for television viewers. So today, let’s get further insights about this talented young and prominent TV star. Now, you can check out the Colleen Wolfe biography with full details.

    Colleen Wolfe Biography – Full Summary

    • Real Name – Colleen Wolfe
    • Date of Birth – 3rd January 1985 
    • Birth Place – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    • Age – 35 Years Old
    • Height – 5 Feets 9 Inches (1.75m)
    • Weight – 132lbs or 60 KG
    • Body Measurements – 35-25-34 inches
    • Father’s Name – Ed Wolfe
    • Nationality – American
    • Hair’s Color – Blonde
    • Eye’s Color – Blue
    • Occupation Sports Commentator
    • Profession – Anchor and TV Presenter 
    • Ethnicity – White / Caucasian
    • Language – English
    • Net Worth – $500,000
    • Marriage Date – 4th September 2011 
    • Spouse – John Gonzalez
    • Marital Status – Married
    • Horoscope – Capricorn
    • School – Hatboro-Horsham Senior High
    • Bachelor’s Degree – Degree in Corporate Communications
    • University Name – Drexel University, Philadelphia

    Colleen Wolfe Childhood and Early Life

    Born on the 3rd of January 1985, she’s currently aged 35 and stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches. She was born with characteristic blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes and was born in Philadelphia, the capital of Pennsylvania state of the US to an American couple. 

    Colleen Wolfe Childhood and Early Life

    Not much is known about her family; we know her father was a flight instructor while her mother was a homemaker. The relations between her parents were pretty strained ones as the former couple underwent a devastating divorce. 

    Colleen Wolfe has not been very open about the divorce and does not like discussing it in public. Post the divorce, Colleen continued to live along with her mother and was raised by a single parent. Apart from this, not much is known about the childhood of Colleen Wolfe. 

    Educational and Academic Journey

    From her childhood days, she excelled at public speaking and communication; that’s when she had decided to make a career out of it. She completed matriculation from a local school in the city and later attended Drexel University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in corporate communications

    Colleen Wolfe Career

    Soon after graduating from Drexel University, she started off with work, the start of her glorious career was at Philadelphian Network WIP, where she played the role of a morning news anchor and covered the sports news from all over America. 

    Colleen Wolfe Career

    Well, success demands you not to settle for anything less, and hence she quit this job and decided to join CN8, where she efficiently played the role of a news anchor. Along with this, she was a highly skilled producer and also an editor. 

    Simultaneously, she worked for Comcast SportsNet as a producer and news anchor, delivering breaking sports news to all the country’s sports fanatics. She got a significant breakthrough in the year as she shifted bases and moved to Fox 29, a news anchor based in Philadelphia. Gradually as she kept delivering sports news regularly, her name started doing rounds in the world of journalism. 

    Handling Fame

    In the year 2014, all her hard work seemed to pay off, and she got the most significant breakthrough in her professional life. She managed to get an offer letter from the National Football League Network to be the sports anchor and commentator in the country’s most-watched league. 

    Colleen Wolfe Handling Fame

    This was a no brainer and a steal deal as she accepted the offer in no time and started working for the NFL where she works to date. Stardom struck her as she covered numerous NFL games and simultaneously interviewed some of the most celebrities. 

    While she was interviewing NFL star Marshawn Lynch, he interrupted and awkwardly flirted with Colleen and asked her if she would go out on a date with him only to realize that Colleen had a wedding ring put on to her finger. 

    This left the player heartbroken and became one of the most-watched interviews ever, which just added to Colleen’s pre-existing popularity. 

    Colleen Wolfe Personal Life

    While Colleen was at the peak of her career, her personal life also blossomed along with her professional life. She found a love interest in John Gonzalez, an ordinary sports presenter and interviewer. 

    Colleen Wolfe Personal Life

    Notably, he presents the TV talk show 97.5 since 2010. Apart from this, Colleen has kept her personal life pretty secretive; not much is known about her personal life and how she met John Gonzalez. 

    Colleen Wolfe on Social Media

    All through these years, Colleen has developed a massive fan following, and sports fanatics from all over the country are in awe with her. Over the years, Colleen has been widely active on social media and has a Twitter, Instagram account. 

    Colleen Wolfe official Twitter handle has a large fan base with over 67,000 followers. She is pretty expressive on Twitter and keeps sharing her accomplishments and endeavors. 

    Colleen Wolfe on Social Media

    She is very active on Instagram as well, with around 42,000 followers. On Instagram, she often shares pictures of herself at work.

    She has a Facebook account, but on this platform, she isn’t very active and seldom uses it. The number of followers she has on Facebook is considerably less with around a mere 6800 followers. 

    Colleen Wolfe’s Net Worth

    Since her career, she has continuously been changing jobs and has always been striving to create success benchmarks. She is financially independent and is a powerful woman. Currently, her primary source of income is the job she does in the NFL. 

    She’s now at a career-high and has done all the hard work and deserves all the success. At present, her net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Colleen has always been positive and has always strived for betterment. 

    With her zeal, vigor, and compassion towards her work, these figures are definitely expected to increase shortly, since she is a woman who would never settle for less!

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