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Does Gambling Impact Your Quality of Life?

    Our daily activities significantly shape our lives. When someone spends much of their time gambling, the Royal College of Psychiatrists explains that they are likely to show some specific traits. These traits include stress-related disorders, low self-esteem, anxiety, insomnia, and loss of appetite. 

    From this report, we can conclude that gambling can impact people’s quality of life for the worse. Why, then, do people gamble? The simple answer to this question is that gambling promises financial rewards to individuals with hope. Based on this, they stake their money expecting fortune to smile at them. But that rarely happens. In this article, our focus will be on how gambling affects people’s lives.

    How does gambling affect people’s lives?

    Many things determine the lifestyle of an adult. But two things stand out: an individual’s mental health and financial ability. When these two are altered, the person is at risk of losing it all and submitting to depression. These are the two areas of someone’s life we believe gambling on casino slots unhealthily majorly affects. 


    It is not so difficult to know when you are already addicted to gambling. The problem, however, lies in the fact that many gamblers deny this blatant reality. They hardly accept that they are overspending on gambling.

     In fact, some people use the money already budgeted to sort out their basic needs like shelter and food. In their worst state, they begin to take out loans to clear their gambling debts. Individuals like this need help because they have lost control of their financial lives, and all that is left for them to savor is that illusion of hope that comes with betting in anticipation of the day of hitting the jackpot. 

    While there have been ample examples of individuals who have made a fortune from betting, wagering your money on a game in an unhealthy manner is one of the easiest ways to bankruptcy. Hence, if you are a gambler showing any of the traits mentioned, the best thing to do is to take a step away from betting platforms. This might not be easy, as we have articulated. Therefore, getting family members or friends to hold you accountable for how you manage your finances could be the first way out.

    Mental health

    The emotional aspect of gambling deals with managing the disappointment of repeatedly losing money, especially when you bet on games whose rules you do not understand. 

    Afterward, you might develop an extreme mood swing that may make life difficult for your loved ones. This mood swing can isolate you from their care and attention and also make you see gambling as the only option to escape from the seemingly unpalatable reality around you. 

    Since gamblers struggle so much with their mental health, it is not surprising that the same group of people feel depressed and begin to nurture suicidal thoughts. The anticipation of the big win keeps gamblers attached to their favorite sportsbooks. When this anticipation triggers desperation, it becomes unhealthy, and a self-aware gambler would retire to their cubicle and seek help. 

    This is usually very difficult as the addiction efficiently isolates a gambler and surrounds them with fellow addicted persons who share their perspective about an extra generation of income.

    The link between gambling and depression

    While the immediate effect of gambling can be noticed in the finances and mental health of an addicted bettor, suicide is usually the long-term effect. Several researchers have explained that there is a strong link between gambling and depression. Those who have lost their financial capacity due to gambling have admitted to having considered to have depression. Gamblers are more liable to take their own lives out of hopelessness triggered by the continuous loss of their resources. 

    So, every gambler battling with addiction needs to seek professional help to get themselves back on track and rechart the course of their lives. Professionals have been trained to provide this kind of help. In addition to professional help, surrounding yourself with people who can facilitate that detachment from the gambling world is another tip to fight addiction and regain your focus.


    Gamblers usually believe that they can bet their way to wealth. While they usually have examples of wealthy bettors to mention as their inspiration, they must understand that it takes responsible gambling to remain sane enough to place a bet strategically. Therefore, the primary points every bettor should not have to do with the ethics of betting. 

    It is inappropriate to take loans to bet; betting must not become burdensome to the extent that you can no longer cater to your basic needs, and no gambler should place total reliance on gambling as the surest way to financial freedom. Achieving financial independence requires financial wisdom and effort. Everybody needs to know this!  

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