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Enhancing Your Horror Gaming Experience with Dual Monitors

    For so long, the horror genre has been among us, and even if it might scare a little bit, people love the thrill of not knowing what to expect. As Halloween approaches, it’s more than normal to seek even more jump-scare horror video games that’ll make you go from ‘chill’ to ‘at the edge of your seat.’

    One way to boost your gaming experience is to invest in the Mobile Pixels Duex Plus portable monitor for laptop. It is a dual-screen setup that doubles your screen, giving you an immersive experience. Further, Mobile Pixels offers a 40% discount on the original price without a discount code. You can save almost half your money to get your hands on the dual monitor laptop setup that can enhance your horror gaming experience.

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    How can a dual monitor laptop setup enhance the experience of playing horror games on Halloween?

    Imagine stepping into a haunted house with only one eye open. It might be spooky, but you’re missing out on the full experience. The same goes for gaming. A portable monitor for laptop with a dual screen offers an expansive field of view, allowing you to see more of the game world and, more importantly, immerse yourself deeply in the eerie atmospheres of horror games.

    But that’s not all. Here are the other thrilling perks from the device:

    Wider horizons.

    The magic touch for Halloween horror video games is the unknown or the unseen. The lurking elements in the shadows create suspense and, eventually, the scare you’re seeking. With a wider screen, you’ll see even farther areas with a thicker air of suspense, such as the distant corridors or the faint glimmer of something moving. 

    Increased resolution

    Resolution in digital devices helps you see things more clearly. It brings about better graphics and more details and, most importantly, makes the blood-curdling scenes more vivid and horrifying than ever. The great news about this is that most laptops come with just enough resolution, and the portable monitor for laptop provides a higher resolution to help you see things with more detail. So, if you keep feeling like the screens could be a bit clearer with a sharper point of view, this is what you’ve been missing. 

    Effective multitasking

    If you’re the kind of gamer who likes to have the real-time chat box open on one side, then this is another benefit you’ll like to hear. With the portable monitor extender, you can have your gameplay on one screen while the other holds your chatting platform. If you prefer to beat the game before letting your friends know, you can switch to the second screen for a guide or a walkthrough. This option is beneficial when you get stuck in a game that has you puzzled, intrigued, or Halloween-level terrified.

    Popular horror games that support dual monitor setups

    To maximize the portable monitor for laptop, you need to select the games that support the device more suitably. Here are some ideas:

    1. Amnesia Rebirth: This psychological horror game follows the lead character, Anastasie (Tasi) Trianon. She was a French drafter on an expedition somewhere in colonial Africa, but she lost her memory after her plane crashed in Algeria. Now, she has to navigate through the horrific surroundings while trying to find herself, her friends, and her memories. 
    2. Alien Isolation: This survival game also follows a single character who engages in the terrifying quest to evade several relentless aliens while unprepared to navigate the labyrinthine Sevastopol station. You’ll need to stay alert to avoid getting captured…or lost. 
    3. Dead Space Series: All the Dead Space games are about dismembering necromorphs and surviving in a claustrophobic spaceship. Unlike the previous game, you’ll be prepared but terrifyingly outnumbered.
    4. Resident Evil Series: Resident Evil games are classics in the horror genre, and most people already know what they are about (taken from the movies). The dual screens allow you to explore the eerie mansions and zombie-infested cities more effectively.
    5. Outlast II: After getting separated by a helicopter crash, Blake must find his wife while navigating through a village packed with deranged sects. In this terrifying game, you’ll navigate this nightmarish environment with minimal resources, and dual screens will make it more immersive.

    Exclusive 40% off dual monitor deal–no code needed!

    You can start playing these games when you order on your dual monitor. As long as you do this during the Halloween season, you can get up to 40% off the original price, and you don’t need to ask around or research for a discount code. Simply click the link at the top of this post, and you get your monitors at the most affordable rate for your elevated horror gaming experience. 

    Stop waiting any further and get your portable screen! Happy Halloween.

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