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Helpful Apps In Data Protect For Your Linux PC

    Helpful Apps In Data Protect For Your Linux PC

    Linux is one of the largest open-source software globally that allows millions of users to create code, modify, share and sell under the same license agreement. It is licensed under GNU GPL, which means it is open for General Public License. Linux is popular among the masses because it ignites the creativity among the nerds and gives them the freedom to create on their own. Linux is a more secure OS compared to Windows or Mac because it keeps the admin storage segmented from the user segment.

    This article will look at the Popular Linux software programs available.

    How many people use the Linux Software

    You will be surprised to know that Linux is a far superior OS and is run by several more big names than we have ever imagined. We use Linux-based technology in our day-to-day life without realizing or even giving credit to it. 

    Below we have discussed some other industries that use Linux:

    • The tech giants in the IT industry heavily rely on Linux systems due to their open-source nature.
    • 45% of Android mobile operating systems are Linux kernel-based and heavily draw from the OS to operate.
    • Apart from that, gigantic cloud storage providers such as Azure, AWS, Rackspace, and others use Linux OS to deliver cloud storage services.
    • NASA, CERN, and other science-based organizations operate on Linux, especially those using supercomputers.
    • Internet of Things runs on Linux.

    Apart from big names, there are many benefits of using Linux, such as you can run several instances on Linux without breaking it down. You can use it on devices and not worry about updating like Windows or macOS. You can remote administer it easily, and the system will never break down. Its virtualization abilities are far superior to other systems, making it more desirable for gaming and coding purposes.

    This is not an exhaustive list, and it can go on and on. It is time to identify its potential and accept Linux’s surging growth in the tech industry.

    Why is Linux So Popular?

    • The key reason Linux is popular is that it is Open source and free to use. Users and enterprises have thousands of options to choose from. The thing that makes Linux most attractive is it is convenient to use.
    • From coding to console gaming, from social media platforms and robotics to embedded IoT devices, Linux provides many opportunities in the world of internet and innovation.
    • Moreover, the open-source nature of Linux is driving growth in the IT industry as the experts are pushing Linux-based systems forward, allowing wider adoption options for the users.

    Why is it important to protect Linux?

    It is highly critical to protect Linux, given its open-source nature. There are many ways your Linux can be hacked or for data threats if you are using outdated systems or have no protection. Since it is popular with web servers, the hackers can attack with a customized script or attack a vulnerability already present on your OS.

    Kernel vulnerability:  Denial of Service (DoS), DirtyCow, and Sack Panic are a few of several popular attributes which have given hackers substantial privilege. These attacks can result in downtime or serious data breaches. 

    Following are some of the several ways to protect your Linux.

    • Use Firewall: firewall ensures foolproof security for your Linux. Set everything to ‘deny’ in your settings, then accept every download or notification manually to enter your system. Consult your user manual for the firewall settings to ensure that only relative programs are installed in your systems.
    • Install what is necessary: Do not cram your OS with fancy tools and programs. It leaves your system vulnerable and easy prey for hackers. Always install programs that are necessary for your work. 
    • Full Disk-Encryption: Full disk encryption plays an important role in protecting your data to prevent unauthorized access to your private data in case of hardware theft. Use Linux, which comes with full disk encryption at all levels.  
    • Secure with Password: Protect your Linux with strong and long-tail passwords. Passwords are a sure way to avoid data security threats. Always remember to rotate passwords every month for better security. 
    • Secure SSH: Securing your SSH should be your priority because this is one of the favorite ways for hackers to steal your data. You can make any changes to your server to protect your Linux and valuable data. 

    How to do it with VPN?

    There are several ways and applications to protect your Linux. Using a VPN is one of the most desirable options. VPN secures your Linux and gives you the freedom to surf the internet without apprehension.

    Whether you are using the internet publicly or privately, VeePN gives you full protection from hackers and data breaches and takes care of your online information. When you download a Linux VPN client, you can enjoy uninterrupted, high-speed internet, maximum security 24/7 for your Linux apps, and more. Apart from it, make sure that you have disabled the root user, the highest cause of hacker infiltration.


    Linux OS is on the rise, and it is unstoppable because of its licensed convenience of use. Linux powers 75% of the internet, and it is increasing manifold. Linux is primarily a very secure OS, but many apps, configuration networks, and tools make it vulnerable and an easy target for hackers. That is why it is imperative to pay attention to how you protect to drive maximum results from the OS.

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