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How did Dora die? Reality of TikTok News & Video

    How did Dora die

    How did Dora die? Reality of TikTok News & Video

    Dora has been an all-time favorite in almost everyone’s childhood. Dora, the Explorer, is what prompted many of us to be adventurous as a child. So, what changed?

    Well, for starters, Dora went towards the dark side. Not literally, but quite theoretically, Dora’s dark side is explored through TikTok. The latest trend has involved asking the age-old yet slightly controversial question, “How did Dora die?” The answers are quite shocking as they vary in different levels, from disturbing to worrying. 

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    How did Dora die

    How did Dora die

    Who is Dora, the Explorer?

    Dora, the Explorer was a children’s television program that had gained immense popularity during its release. It features a young girl named Dora, who goes on various adventures with her friend Boots, her trusty map, and her backpack. Her adventures are often thwarted by the notorious thieving fox, Swiper. 


    The program had become a hit with its primary audience and went on to air for a decade. But that’s not all. The series also became a launchpad for a spin-off, a sequel, and even a live-action feature film. Apart from that, Dora went on to have her own video game and had also come to have her own merchandise, including books, toys, school supplies, etc.


    The premise of the show

    The show focuses on the quests Dora, the protagonist, takes on in each episode. The series emphasized on the Spanish language a lot and was representative of its culture by having a person of color as its titular character. The show is portrayed as a point-and-click game. Often breaking the fourth wall when Dora asks the viewer for help, the show was a fan-favorite among children. 


    Dora also had many specials, which consisted of a longer adventure that was often based on the premise but slightly altered to give a twist. These specials also allowed the introduction of new characters. 

    How did Dora die

    What is “How did Dora die?”

    The question in point refers to the TikTok trend that twists up the story of the titular character. The trend originated on the platform after a tweet had surfaced questioning Dora’s death. Many users jumped on the wagon as they wondered about the grim reality Dora had to face eventually. 


    It would be uncharacteristic for a children’s show to kill off its main protagonist, and users wondered if they had missed such an iconic moment. This set off the trend where users would google the titular question and record themselves reacting to the results. The reactions vary on many degrees of shock. 


    One TikTok user in particular, Talia Lopes, went viral for her video gaining over 3 million views. Now according to Google, the answers to the question range from crocodile attacks to disintegration by lightning, among others. 


    Theories about Dora’s death

    Dora’s death can be found on a web page titled ‘List of Deaths Wiki.’ The results state Dora has a kill count of 17, wherein there are 17 scenarios that could lead to her death. Most of these scenarios are mishaps from an adventure gone wrong.


    The common ways of her death are being pushed into quicksand by her confidant, Boots, being in a car accident, or even Swiper pushing Dora into a river. Another common way of her death is being struck by lightning. Fans seem to look into it further as they discuss the actual cause of her death.


    There are numerous other conclusions as well. Some of these include being murdered by villains or even dying from kidney failure. There are also fans who refuse to look into it to preserve their childhood innocence. 


    Does Dora actually die?

    Canonically, Dora is well and alive. However, the question surfaced due to a video titled “Dora No More.” The video is a spoof of the series, meant to poke fun at Dora, including the various ways Dora could have died. 


    As mentioned before, Dora does not actually die. The season finale showed Dora being successful in her endeavors as she and her friends bring musical instruments to the school. While the film also ended on a happy note, with Dora and her crew accomplishing an Incan mission.


    So, contrary to popular belief, Dora, the Explorer, didn’t meet her demise as per TikTok claims. The video from which this question stems is the music video that pokes fun at Dora’s adventures that may have resulted in mis-endeavors, leading to her untimely demise. The video came out in 2012 and has generated 8.7 million views.


    Needless to say, TikTok exaggerated the ‘death‘ of Dora. While many users are shown to be shocked by the results of the impending search, they tend to forget that this isn’t canonically true. Dora, the Explorer, focused on Dora as a child and never ventured past that phase. The show stayed true to its storyline by running its course and ending on a happy note. 

    How did Dora die

    Trivia on Dora

    • Boots, Dora’s trusty confidant, was meant to be a yellow mouse. But the audience’s response prompted the makers to maintain the lilac shade on the monkey. 
    • Dora met Boots when Swiper was trying to “swipe” his boots. 
    • Dora, the Explorer, won 16 Emmy awards.
    • Every episode of the show took more than a year’s work to be created.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

    Question: Is Dora, the Explorer, still airing?

    Answer: The show aired its finale in 2019. Following this, there was a movie released in the same year. 


    Question: Is Dora dead?

    Answer: The show never revealed her demise. The season finale ended on a good note. This implies that Dora is alive and well, living happily ever after, unlike TikTok’s claims


    Question: How many episodes are there in the show?

    Answer: The show has a total of 178 episodes. 


    Question: Does Dora, the Explorer, show her death?

    Answer: Given the fact that the show’s primary audience is children, it is highly unlikely that the show would display anything gruesome such as death. Since Dora does not die in the show, there is no death portrayed in the show. 

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