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How Did Gordon Ramsay End Up with a Slot Game Named After Him?

    Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay achieved many things in his career, but having a slot game named after him is one of the most surprising. What is this game about and how does it fit in with his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a huge media star?

    A Look at the Slot

    We can find the Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen game in the selection of online slots at online casinos like Betfair. Created by NetEnt, it sits alongside other slots based on popular franchises, such as Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, The Terminator Win & Spin, and Knight Rider. Ramsay has reached a level of popularity and widespread appeal that few celebrities or shows reach.

    The game is set over five reels, with the paying symbols mainly made up of tasty-looking meals. Gordon plays the scatter symbol and when he appears in three places this combination triggers a bonus round known as the Team Challenge Free Spins, where the reels split into two and the player has to choose whether to represent the red or blue team.

    Gordon Ramsay’s Story

    He recently spoke on a podcast about his mother inspiring his work ethic. Gordon had a tough upbringing in Scotland and then England, where his mother had to work hard to try and keep the family together. He initially planned to become a professional soccer player but injury ruined that dream and his life changed when he went on a hotel management course and discovered a passion for cooking.

    After working his way up through a series of restaurant jobs, Gordon opened his own restaurant in 1998 and earned his first Michelin stars. He quickly opened a series of restaurants in the UK and abroad, while also moving into the TV world in shows like Boiling Point and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. The move to Hell’s Kitchen, which the chef created the format for, moved his stardom to a different level and the launch of the American version of the show in 2005 helped build his global brand further.

    There have been no signs of Gordon slowing down, as he was spotted flying into Australia to open his new guest residency at Aria restaurant in Sydney, which is about showcasing the best Australian seasonal produce. While the high prices for dishes in this partnership have been widely criticized on social media, the chef has clearly worked extremely hard to get to the stage in his career where ambitious business ventures like this can be attempted.

    Online estimates of Gordon Ramsay’s net worth vary widely, but it seems certain that the British celebrity has amassed a fortune of at least $200 million thanks to his multiple ventures into cooking, TV shows, and the slot game we looked at earlier.

    With such as varied history, it’s difficult to know what to expect from Gordon in the future. Ramsay’s cooking skills and fiery personality have provided the perfect combination to catapult him to fame and we can hope to see more of these aspects of his character in the coming years.


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