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How Old is Tee Morant? Age, Height, Net Worth, Wife, Real Name, Bio/Wiki

    Tee Morant age

    Tee Morant is a former basketball player, athlete, and celebrity family member. Tee played several basketball matches alongside other players; however, what exactly rose him to fame was his son, Ja Morant. So, what’s Tee Morant age, and how much fortune has he amassed until now?

    If you are a die-hard fan of Tee Morant and wondering how old is this former basketball player, this guide is for you. Here, at Gossips Diary, we have compiled all the essential details about the player so you can get all your answers under one roof.

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    Tee Morant Bio/ Wiki

    Full NameTee Morant
    ProfessionFormer Basketball Player, Entrepreneur, Athlete
    NationalityFormer Basketball Player, Entrepreneur, Athelete
    Eye ColorBlack

    What is Tee Morant’s Real Name?

    The complete name of Tee Morant is Temetrius Jamel Morant. However, his fans and family members call him Tee, taken as a nickname. He is a former basketball player and played with the famous Ray Allen.

    However, Tee has never gained such fame for his playing skills. Rather, he is famous for being Ja Morant’s father. Tee was born in a middle-class family to American parents.

    How Old is the Former Basketball Player – What is Tee Morant Age?

    Here comes the most-asked question – what is Tee Morant age? As we all know, Tee was born in 1978 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, and therefore his age as of now is 45 years.

    However, we don’t have any details about his birth date and month yet, as Tee has never shared these details in public. Also, the lack of these details makes us unable to find his zodiac sign at this moment. But don’t worry, our experts keep on searching the same and will update the page as soon as possible.

    Tee Morant Height

    Since you are acquainted with the Tee Morant Age, it’s time to outline his physical dimensions. Since Tee was a former basketballer, you can expect long and sturdy physical dimensions.

    Tee stands at 6 feet 2 inches and weighs around 70kg at the time of writing. He has beautiful black eyes and black hair color. Tee has always been known for his decent but charming personality that instantly attracts female fans across the world.

    Is Tee Morant Married or Single

    Wondering if Tee Morant is married or single? Sorry, female fans, as the celebrity is married and is the father of the popular athlete, Ja Morant. Tee is a married man, and he tied nuptials to Jamie Morant.

    His wife, Jamie, was a softball player, and the couple dated too long before making that lifelong commitment. However, the exact wedding date of Tee and Jamie has not been revealed in the public domain yet, so we cannot say for how long they have been together.

    The couple welcomed a baby boy, Ja Morant, on 10 August 1999. At present, Ja Morant is a famous basketball player by profession. Along with Ja Morant, the couple also has a daughter, Teniya Morant.

    What is Tee Morant Net Worth?

    As you know about Tee Morant age and height, it’s time to find out how much he has amassed until now. While the exact figures are not available to the public, it’s speculated that the basketball player’s net worth is about $2 to $3 million as of 2023.

    However, some resources also claimed his net worth to be $5 million. The main source of income for Tee Morant is his business as of now. However, his basketball career has helped him amass a massive fortune. Tee and his family live a lavish life and will acquire more fortune in the upcoming years.


    Q. What is the mother and father’s name of Tee Morant?

    Ans. Tee Morant’s mother’s name is Saundra E, and the father’s name is still unknown.

    Q. What is the ethnicity of Tee Morant?

    Ans. Tee Morant belongs to a mixed ethnicity.

    Q. How many kids do Tee Morant have?

    Ans. Tee Morant has two kids, Ja Morant and Teniya Morant.

    Q. What is the profession of Tee Morant?

    Ans. Tee Morant is a former basketball player, coach, and entrepreneur by profession.

    Key Takeaway

    It’s all that we know about Tee Morant age, height, and biography. We hope you have enjoyed reading the stuff and found out the detailed information about this American former basketball player. While Tee hasn’t garnered much attention during his career, he is still featured on Wikipedia and is becoming popular for being Ja Morant’s father.

    That’s all for now. For more such celebrity gossip, bookmark the page and visit regularly.

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