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How to Buy Trendy Glasses Online in 2022

    How to Buy Trendy Glasses Online in 2022?

    Do you have new glasses? Learning how to do buying glasses online is easier than you think! From finding the frames that are best for you to entering important prescription details, this short guide will help you.

    Know your Prescription and Measurements

    Be sure to obtain a valid copy of your current eyeglass prescription from your eye care professional. If you don’t have a prescription, schedule an eye exam with your eye doctor. Remember that prescriptions for contact lenses and glasses are different. Not sure if you have a prescription for glasses? Before ordering glasses online, it is essential to have your Pupillary Distance (PD) measurements on hand to ensure that your new glasses give you the clearest and most accurate vision. 

    You can measure your PD yourself or have your eye doctor do it. It is also important to have the measurements of your glasses at hand. Knowing the measurements of your current glasses will help you find the perfect fit for your next pair. Just take a look at the temples of your eyeglasses or sunglasses to know the exact measurements.

    Use the Size Filter

    You can use a filter that will narrow down your options only to frames that match your ideal size options — and here begins the fun part of buying eyewear online!

    Choose your Style

    One of the great advantages of buying your glasses online is having access to various options to choose from. Please look at our wide variety of brands, frame sizes, shapes, and colors to find a pair that suits your taste and personality. Not sure which style suits you best? Consider the following three things when refining your selections:

    • What glasses compliment my face shape? Knowing what shape your face most resembles (heart, round, oval, square, etc.) is key to finding the right frame for you. 
    • What type of frame best embodies my style? Once you’ve decided on the frame shapes that highlight your features, you can choose a style that reflects your unique personality.
    • Which frame will color suit me best? You can learn which colors are recommended for you based on your hair, eye color, and skin tone.

    Once you’ve determined the frame shapes that will accentuate your features, you can choose a style that meets your unique sense of aesthetics. Do you prefer a frame with a touch of vintage style or a simple and elegant frame? The choice is entirely up to you, so go for it!

    We recommend choosing a few different styles. You can try, say, some stylish glasses. We love having a simple pair for everyday use and two spare pairs that you can wear for a change. Have you found the perfect frame? Choosing your lenses is one of the last steps in buying glasses online. There are many options. So you are sure to find a solution for your needs. Depending on your prescription, the type of lens usage, and your needs, you can select more specific options or even configure your prescription sunglasses. All lenses have a scratch-resistant coating. So you don’t have to worry about unwanted reflections harming your vision.

    Once you’ve entered your eyewear measurements, chosen your style, and selected your lenses, the hardest part of buying eyewear online is over. You’ve found your perfect pair, and you’re ready to checkout. Enter your shipping details and desired payment method. We hope this post was helpful, and thank you for reading.

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