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How to Write a Gossip Column: A Comprehensive Guide 

    How to Write a Gossip Column: A Comprehensive Guide 

    Gossip writing is a niche that is seldom mentioned among writers. Of course, everyone aspires to get a piece published in The New Yorker, yet gossip writing isn’t a subject covered in journalism classes. Everyone engages in gossip. Indeed, more individuals are gossiping nowadays than ever before. They use blogs, especially those on social media sites such as Facebook and others that have taken the role of the traditional journal with personal gossip. The majority of people engage in gossip about others in their lives. Thus, this article offers guidelines on how to write a gossip column.

    Choose your content

    Identify your column’s objective. It would be best if you established the topic for the gossip column. Do you wish to educate or entertain your audience? You may decide what to write about by considering why you wish to compose a column. You can write about hilarious subjects or make a serious subject humorous if your goal is to amuse your audience. If you intend to enlighten students, your column can be more formal, factual, and educational.

    Expresses your viewpoint

    A gossip column is always biased and subjective, unlike more conventional types of journalism, including news articles or reports. When choosing your topic, choose one you are interested in and have a strong view of. Writing a gossip column will be much simpler if you are passionate about the topic. Even if a column is opinionated, you should maintain your journalistic ethics and refrain from unfairly disparaging others.

    Select relevant topics

    Stories in the media tend to have a short shelf life. Accordingly, be quick while composing a column about current events. You should write a gossip column for a journal on a recent incident within 24-48 hours. Pick topics on which you have good insight or counsel. For instance, if a political discussion takes place on a Monday, you should have a column outlining your perspective by Tuesday or Wednesday. Further, look at what others are sharing on social media to obtain inspiration for your column.

    Prepare your column with your readers in mind

    There will be a significant difference between writing a gossip column for business people and writing one for adolescent girls. Consider your readers and how they relate to your content when composing a column.

    Write concisely

    Avoid employing complicated and sophisticated language in your gossip column. Write clearly and simply. Use concise paragraphs and sentences. Further, write in a separate paragraph anytime you get a new concept, even if it consists of one or two sentences. Your column ought to be 600–800 words long.

    Write using the AP style

    Associated Press (AP) Style is often used in journalism writing. This style has precise guidelines for names, titles, grammar, and abbreviations. Use an AP Style manual or research online to study the AP Style steps before composing your column.

    Learn how to write a gossip column for a journal by seeking expert assistance

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    Employ first person

    Never be scared of writing about yourself openly in a gossip column. Indicate that what you are writing is your perspective. Avoid using the third person to describe yourself (whether it be by name or as “the reporter” or “the author”). For instance, you may say, “I find it appalling that our taxes aren’t being utilized to assist more homeless individuals in gaining employment.” Don’t say anything like, “The author, Sara Finn, was appalled to realize her taxes weren’t being utilized to assist more homeless individuals in gaining employment.”

    Write as you would speak

    Compared to other forms of journalism, you should be more personal as you write a gossip column for a newspaper. You may use less formal language in a column. Maintain a personal and conversational tone while adhering to proper grammar. Avoid using formal language while writing.

    For example, don’t say, “New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen is recognized for its assortment of exquisite restaurants.” Instead, say, “I thought I knew wonderful pasta since I considered myself a ‘pasta master.’ On the other hand, the fettuccine I ate in Hell’s Kitchen while visiting New York transformed my life.”

    Develop a compelling lead

    Your column’s introduction is known as the lead. In contrast to conventional news reporting, your gossip column should feature a compelling lead that is both detailed and catchy. For instance, “I still hadn’t had supper at eleven o’clock. I was hungry, furious, and lost in Texas. I eventually located an Italian café that was still open and rushed inside, totally oblivious that the spaghetti I was about to eat would permanently alter my perception of pasta.”

    Employ facts

    Although your gossip column shouldn’t be a massive collection of facts, you should include evidence to support your claims to give your thoughts more credibility. While a column isn’t a news report, you could interview people and perform research to support your claims. People will take you more seriously if you have some knowledge of the subject.

    Analogies may help you write more clearly

    Utilize analogies to clarify your points and simplify difficult or technical explanations. This approach will make your gossip column’s points easier for readers to comprehend.

    For instance, consider the files on your computer while attempting to comprehend how a company was concealing its revenue to avoid paying taxes. When you place documents in the ‘trash can,’ they appear to be gone, but they’re still there and may be retrieved. Accordingly, you may say, “The CEO hid his income from the authorities by placing them in a ‘trash can.’”

    Be passionate, but provide a plan of action

    A gossip column is an ideal forum for expressing your viewpoint passionately. Let everyone know what you think and feel. Nevertheless, you can’t merely complain about a problem in a column. You must provide solutions at the end of it. Your gossip column’s readers want your viewpoint and your solutions.

    For instance, “I am saddened and shocked by how many homeless veterans reside in our streets. Let’s increase the rich people’s taxes and utilize the funds to help the homeless.”

    Final thoughts on writing a gossip column

    To complete a gossip column, you must assemble several distinct components. This article has demonstrated how easy it is to develop a column. Observe the tips, and they’ll steer you to the best way of writing your column.


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