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Is John Travolta Gay, Bisexual or Straight? The truth behind his Sexuality in real life, Dating & relationships history

    Is John Travolta Gay or Bisexual? The truth behind his Sexuality in real life, Dating & relationships history

    John Travolta is neither gay nor straight. He is a bisexual personality.

    John Travolta is one of Hollywood’s beloved actors. His electrifying performances and magnetic charm are enough to keep his fans spellbound. With a career spanning over five decades, this actor has stolen millions of hearts worldwide. 

    However, we are not here to discuss John Travolta’s career success and latest releases, this writeup is all about his sexual orientation and relationship status. Here, we’ll dig deeper into his personal life and find out if John Travolta is gay or bisexual, or straight. 

    There are plenty of rumors swirling around his personal life, and it’s high time to debunk them all. Whether you are a John Travolta fan or a casual gossip seeker, this guide about John Travolta’s sexuality should interest you. So, why wait? Scroll down the page and find whether these allegations about John being gay or bisexual true. Let’s get started. 

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    John Travolta Profile Summary

    Since you’ve ended up on this article, we assume that you are well acquainted with the basic information about John Travolta. But in case you missed it, here is a quick profile summary about this Pulp Fiction actor. Read on and get a brief introduction of John Travolta here.

    Full NameJohn Joseph Travolta
    DOB18 February 1954
    Age 69 years
    Marital StatusWidowed
    Height5 feet 11 inches
    Sexual OrientationBisexual
    John Travolta Wikipedia

    What is John Travolta’s Sexual Orientation?

    What is John Travolta's Sexual Orientation?

    Now that you have a quick profile summary about John Travolta, it’s time to explore the truth about his sexual orientation and know if he is gay or bisexual. The Bolt actor has been linked to men and women throughout his career, leading to many speculations and rumors about his sexuality. 

    All this began when Californian pilot Doug Gotterba claimed to have dated Travolta for about six years. The news spread like wildfire and raised many concerns about John’s sexuality. Although John refused all these accusations, the rumors of him being gay continued. Travola’s representatives have dismissed the pilot’s claim as ridiculous in a story published by the National Enquirer. 

    Gotterba’s claims got serious attention as he remembered the exact date the affair began, and he also had the logbook and records. He told the media about their romantic dinner at the Highlands Resort in Carmel, where they shared a merlot wine and went back to their room. 

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    In addition, he also described Travolta as a gentle and passionate physical partner. His accusations were very promising, thus adding a spark to these rumors. In addition to the pilot’s claims, what other thing added to these rumors is the moment when John was allegedly seen kissing a male colleague before boarding a private plane to Canada. 

    Is John Travolta Gay or Bisexual?

    The accusations made by Gotterba raised many questions about John Travolta’s sexual orientation. Hence, we delved deep into these rumors to reveal the truth behind these tabloid speculations. 

    As far as our research is concerned, John Travolta is neither gay nor straight. He is a bisexual personality and has love interests in both men and women. However, the answer is entirely based on research and speculations, and it may or may not be true. 

    The confusion about John Travolta’s sexuality is sparked because the actor has never accepted nor denied these rumors openly in public. However, Kirstie Alley once told the paparazzi that John isn’t gay, as she and John had an emotional affair. 

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    Alley even detailed their relationship in an interview where she claimed that the affair wasn’t the physical one. Our answer is also based on the fact that the actor has been married to Kelly Preston for a long time, thus indicating his bisexuality. Moreover, he has been linked to several female actors throughout his career, which clearly indicates his sexual orientation. 

    Hence, it is safe to say that John Travolta is bisexual, as there is no concrete evidence to support the gay allegation.

    John Travolta Dating History

    John Travolta Relationships & dating

    John Travolta is one of the most renowned names, not only because of his stunning performance but also for his off-screen charm. His Hollywood career spanned over five decades, and John often associated with many beautiful ladies until he finally settled with Kelly. 

    However, his name had been involved in many scandals and romantic controversies even after his marriage. John was also put under the radar for having some homosexual relations with gay porn star Paul Barresi and Californian pilot Doug Gotterba. 

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    So, are you interested in knowing about John Travolta’s dating history? Here’s a quick rundown of his relationship timeline. Scroll through these names and discover the truth about John’s love life. 

    • Diana Hyland

    It is speculated that John Travolta and Diana Hyland started dating in the late 70s, at the tail end of 1976, to be exact. They both linked up and shared a romantic affair while working on the sets of The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. 

    However, this affair hadn’t gone too far, and that was nature’s will. Diana soon received her breast cancer diagnosis, and the disaster struck. She even underwent mastectomy surgery, but her health only worsened, and she passed away in 1977 in Travolta’s arms. It was the first serious relationship of John Travolta, and he also admitted that they were going to move in before her passing. He even wanted to marry her. 

    • Anita Gillette

    She is a notable actress and is known for her extensive Broadway credits. John and Anita started dating in early 1976. However, it was a brief relationship, and the couple parted ways in a few months. 

    • Marilu Henner

    Another celebrity who had linked up with John Travolta is Marilu Henner. However, the couple had an on-and-off relationship till they finally decided to move on. John met Marilu in November 1972 when he was getting ready for his Grease tour. 

    Both John and Marilu supposedly fell in love right away and shared emotional relationships for a short while. But like Anita Gillette, things didn’t go well with Marilu as well, and the couple broke up in a few years.

    They gave their relationship one more chance in 1983. They also purchased Jaguar cars to mark their reconciliation. John Travolta used to take her on flights at least twice per week. But nothing can happen against God’s will, and the fact was so true with the couple. They finally split after having a long five and a half years relationship, in May 1989 for good. 

    • Catherine Deneuve and Booke Shields

    John Travolta’s charismatic personality often attracted people and makes this actor charming and appealing. Hence, while being in a relationship with Marilu Henner, John was linked up with several other beautiful ladies, including Catherine Deneuve and Brooke Sheilds. 

    Speaking of reality, John allegedly dated Deneuve, the famous American actress in 1980, and his romantic affair with Brooke Sheilds was reportedly last for about eight months. However, these were causal hookups and happened when Marilu and John were on break. 

    • Kelly Preston

    Here comes the wife personality – Kelly Preston. Kelly was a famous American actress and a talented performer. She garnered international fame with her role as Marnie Mason in Ivan Reitman’s Twins. John and Kelly first met each other on the set of The Experts in 1980. The actress was married at that time to another celebrity actor, Kevin Guage. 

    However, the marriage still didn’t stop John and Kelly from getting closer, and they started dating quietly. Their love and passion for each other eventually caused a split from their partners. Soon after breaking up with Marilu Henner in 1989, John got engaged to Kelly Preston in 1990, followed by their marriage in 1991. 

    Kelly and John are often counted among the most romantic couples in the Hollywood industry. The couple welcomed their first child, Jett, shortly after their marriage, in 1992. However, their baby boy was born autistic, which led to a shocking wave among near and dear ones. 

    But luckily, the couple was blessed with another child, Ella, eight years after their first boy. John and Kelly planned another baby, and the couple was again blessed with a son, named Benjamin Travolta. However, tragedy hit their beautiful home when Kelly was diagnosed with breast cancer and died on July 12, 2020. 

    Is John Travolta Single or Currently Dating?

    John Travolta is single and is not dating anyone at this moment. He was deeply and madly in love with his late wife, Kelly Preston, and seems not to be interested in dating anymore after her death. 

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    He is quite focused on raising his kids, Ella and Benjamin while looking after his career in Hollywood. 


    Q. When was John married to Kelly Preston?

    Ans. The couple tied the nuptial knot in 1991. 

    Q. Has John ever dated Paul Barresi?

    Ans. The answer is still unclear. Although gay adult actress Paul claimed to have had a sexual relationship with John Travolta, the latter has never admitted this allegation and laughed off such homosexuality rumors. 

    Q. What is John Travolta’s marital status?

    Ans. He is currently widowed and isn’t interested in dating anymore.  

    Q. How many children does John Travolta have?

    Ans. The actor is a father to three children, two boys and one girl. 

    Closing Words

    John Travolta is a veteran Hollywood actor loved by millions of fans and followers worldwide. But while he is famous for his terrific acting and pleasing personality, he always garnered negative publicity about his sexual orientation. 

    So, if you are wondering if John Travolta is Gay or Bisexual, then the answer is still unclear. However, looking at his relationships and homosexual rumors, it seems that he is bisexual and loves both men and women. However, the actor has never confirmed these speculations officially. 

    That’s all about John Travolta. Stay connected with us for more Hollywood news. 

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