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Italian Bracelets: Echoes of Elegance from the Mediterranean

    Italian Bracelets: Echoes of Elegance from the Mediterranean

    What Makes Italian Jewelry So Special?

    Perhaps it’s the artistic approach that Italian jewelers use, or maybe it’s their honed set of skills that would have been passed down from generation to generation. It could be the fact that only the finest quality materials such as silver, gold and platinum are used within each piece that they make, but whatever the reason behind Italian jewelry being so special is, it’s one that has captivated collectors and customers for many years.

    There are even stories from centuries ago about people sailing from different continents to purchase Italian jewelry and take it back home to showcase or sell. These days however, ordering can be much simpler, for example when buying from brands such as Nomination, which just so happen to specialize in providing the finest quality Italian bracelets available.

    These bracelets are intricately made, exclusively designed and luxuriously finished, providing a focal point whether the person wears it to a party, a special event, or even whilst out shopping. Furthermore, the cost per bracelet is very appealing, with price tags that most can afford if their budget allows.

    Isn’t All Jewelry the Same?

    No, in fact if you were to provide a box of silver to a regular jeweler and the same to an Italian one, the results would undoubtedly be different. For a start, regular jewelry is typically made in bulk, with machines cutting and pressing each part and then either fitting them together, or allowing the jeweler to do so instead.

    Italian bracelets on the other hand are crafted with love and care. The attention to detail is second to none, and each and every part is hand-picked to ensure quality and performance. If a piece isn’t right for the bracelet, it isn’t re-used, in fact most jewelers from Italy will simply set it aside, or smelt it to begin the crafting process again.

    Unlike more westernized societies that rely on machinery to take care of the bulk manufacturing process, most Italian jewelers will operate from their own workshop, whereby the tools of their trade have been used for years and they know how to achieve the desired results without difficulty. Not only can this add a unique touch to a piece of jewelry like a bracelet, but it can also allow the new owner of the item or accessory to be proud of where their piece came from. 

    This is why so many people are turning to Italian jewelry so that they can enjoy the fact that their piece will be entirely unique and personal to them – and also when given as a gift to a loved one.

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