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Jagmeet Singh Net Worth, Age, Wife, Wife Age, Twitter, Rocking Chair!

    Jagmeet Singh

    An Indo-Canadian politician, Jagmeet Singh, is one of the most well-renowned political leaders in Canada. Even though his parents hail from Indian ethnicity, Singh was born and bred in Canada. Now, he has become one of the leading politicians to come from a minority class. Known for his active support and bold voice, Jagmeet is not one to shy away from any challenges.

    Now, as of 2023, Singh is the leader of a political party and is now a well-respected member of the parliament of Burnaby South. Since he doesn’t come from a political background, his achievements are highly appreciated by everyone around him. But that’s not all Jagmeet Singh is. He is a man of many talents and surprises, let’s find out more about him!

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    Who Is Jagmeet Singh?

    Who Is Jagmeet Singh

    Born to immigrant parents, Jagmeet Singh hasn’t had an easy life. Though he did have a stable childhood in Canada, he is quite fond of his Indian ethnicity as well. Singh is the only turban-clad politician to ever reach the level he has. He has practiced multiple professions and is a hardworking, dedicated person. Jagmeet is known for his ethical principles and devotion towards serving his nation.

    He hails from a background of freedom fighters which is why he is often seen crossing lengths to serve his people. Jagmeet is not just a politician, he is a leader, a lawyer, and an author as well. Also, he seems to have a commendable fashion sense and a bright, supporting smile.

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    Real Name Jagmeet Singh Jimmy Dhaliwal
    Birth Date January 2, 1979
    Birth Place Scarborough, Ontario
    Birth Town Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
    Current Residence British Columbia, Canada
    School Osgoode Hall Law School
    Age (As of 2023) 44
    College University of Western Ontario, Osgoode Hall Law School
    Degree Bachelor of Science (2001), LLB (2005)
    Nationality Canadian
    Height 5 feet 10 inches (approx)
    Weight 75 kg.
    Complexion Fair
    Sun Sign Capricorn
    Relationship Status Married

    Jagmeet Singh Net Worth

    How rich is Jagmeet Singh?

    Jagmeet Singh is one of the most respected politicians, he is known to have a stable income. Singh has a deep understanding of the law which is why his political career hasn’t been very rocky just a bit difficult because of his minority status. But Jagmeet has overcome each hurdle and now has a whopping 4 million dollars of net worth as of 2023.

    Net Worth (2021) $3-4 million
    Net Worth (2023) $4 million
    Net Worth Expected (2024) $4-5 million

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    Jagmeet Singh Early Life

    Jagmeet has had a rocky start to life with his father struggling with alcohol addiction and his family being immigrants. Since he has two more siblings, life wasn’t just easy for him because of all the financial issues. But then a while later things seemed to straighten out for him and Jagmeet started following his passion. He pursued a degree in Biology, then decided to serve his nation by becoming a lawyer. Since then, his passion to help his nation become better has only heightened.

    Jagmeet Singh’s Career

    Jagmeet Singh

    After receiving a degree in law, Jagmeet served as a criminal defence lawyer for more than five years before he started to pursue his career in politics. He had his own law firm entitled Singh Law which he had to forego because of his political career. Singh decided to enter politics in 2011 and ever since he has been a vocal leader. Even though he has been defeated in elections several times, he has never given up and strived for a better future every day. Jagmeet has had personal reasons to become a politician and these reasons became his inspiration to never truly accept defeat.

    Jagmeet Singh As A Leader

    The main reason why Jagmeet Singh entered politics was the activist in him. He has always had a strong moral compass and when he was faced with an opportunity to serve his nation, he gladly picked it up. Singh then went for the Parliament election twice before finally becoming a member. Ever since he has been practising law and politics while striving to make his nation void of discrimination.

    Jagmeet Singh Is Also An Author

    In 2019 Jagmeet published his first novel entitled Love and Courage which highlighted the struggle of his family and himself. Later on, he published three other books and became one skilled author. All of his books target certain issues or depict Jagmeet’s life and his struggles and vivid detail.

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    Jagmeet Singh’s Social Media Handles

    Singh is known for his strong opinions and courageous persona. He has been very vocal throughout his career which is why he is specifically more active on Twitter and Instagram than any other social media platforms. Jagmeet shares his views and some inside stories about his life on his social media which seems to have a stellar following.

    Twitter ID @theJagmeetSingh
    Twitter Followers 580K+
    Instagram ID @jagmeetsingh
    Instagram Followers 690K+
    Instagram Posts 1000+

    Jagmeet Singh’s Family, Wife And Wife’s Age

    Jagmeet Singh family

    Jagmeet is known for being close to his family for decades. Born to Harmeet Kaur and Jagtaran Singh, Jagmeet hails from a background of warriors who have all served their nation. He has two siblings, Manjot Singh and Gurattan Singh who was a partner in Jagmeet’s law firm. In 2018, Jagmeet married Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu who is eleven years younger than him. She has her own boutique designed especially for the Punjabis, she also has different other styles of clothes. The duo shares one daughter who is just a year old as of 2023.

    Mother Harmeet Kaur
    Father Jagtaran Singh
    Siblings 2
    Brother Gurratan Singh
    Sister Manjot Singh
    Wife (Current) Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu
    Kids 1

    Jagmeet Singh And The Rocking Chair Controversy

    Jagmeet Singh Political Controversy

    Being a politician means you’re under constant scrutiny. Recently, Jagmeet and his wife were gifted a rocking chair by a flourishing furniture organization in exchange for Jagmeet’s wife promoting their chair & the chair is trending known as Jagmeet Singh Rocking Chair. This promotional stunt resulted in an epic controversy in which Jagmeet was accused of bribery and his wife had to endure a public backlash as well.

     Since Canadian law doesn’t allow politicians to accept gifts that expensive, Jagmeet had to go through a heated controversy. In the end, Jagmeet claimed that he would pay for the chair and wouldn’t accept such an expensive gift.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: Who Is Jagmeet Singh?

    Answer: Jagmeet Singh, is a Canadian politician, popularly known for his

    Question: How Old Is Jagmeet Singh?

    Answer: As of 2023, Jagmeet Singh is 44 years old.

    Question: What Is Jagmeet Singh’s Net Worth?

    Answer: Singh’s net worth is 4 million dollars as of 2023.

    Question: What Is The Age Difference Between Jagmeet Singh And His Wife?

    Answer: Singh is eleven years older than Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu.

    Question: Is Jagmeet Singh Married?

    Answer: Yes, Jagmeet Singh is married to Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu as of 2023.

    Question: Is  Jagmeet Singh A Lawyer?

    Answer: Yes, Singh has a law degree to his name and practised law for several years before he became a politician.

    Question: Is Jagmeet Singh Active On Social Media?

    Answer: Yes, Jagmeet is very active on social media, especially Twitter.

    Question: Has Jagmeet Singh written any books?

    Answer: Yes, Singh is the author of four books; Love and Courage, Totonto, Overcoming the Unexpected and Resilience.

    Question: How Many Kids Does Jagmeet Singh Have?

    Answer: Singh shares only one child as of 2023.

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