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Johnny Depp’s Dating History

    Johnny Depp's Dating History

    Celebrities are often subject to paparazzi who never leave them alone, and in one way or another they will find out who is dating who and where are their dates being held. Today, we will gossip about Johnny Depp.

    Yes, the famous Johnny Depp had us all curious and attentive for any news that was to come from the court on his defamation trial against his once-girlfriend, Amber Heard. Now, we must admit, the only other thing that is more fun than Joe Fortune Live Casino, is gossiping about celebrities and Depp has been the keyword to many gossiping around on different topics, but today we will only cover his dating life and the women he has had relationships with. Let’s get into it!

    Johnny Depp and Lori Anne Allison

    Lori Anne Allison was a beautiful young girl when she met Johnny. They decided to get married and did so in 1983, when Lori was only 20 years old. She met Johnny through her brother and many people say that Lori gave Depp his first push in the career, by introducing him to Nicolas Cage. Their marriage was a short and sweet one, with them calling it off only two years later, in 1985. After the accusations from Amber Heard popped out, Lori came to Johnny’s defense by saying that he is a soft person who had never during their relationship been abusive to her in any way.

    Johnny Depp and Sherilyn Fenn

    After his breakup with Lori in 1985, Depp started dating Sherilyn Fenn, whom she met while they were shooting Dummies. They continued their romance for three consecutive years, during which they participated in a few movies together. Based on reports, their relationship seemed to have been rather quiet and not stressful at all, which is probably why they have both said that they have maintained good relations with each other ever since. Just like Lori, Sherilyn also had her perspective given to the whole Depp-Heard drama that we witnessed. Sherilyn stated that Johnny was always nice to her and with him, she had always felt love and no bad emotion whatsoever.

    Johnny Depp and Jennifer Grey

    Johnny Depp and Jennifer Grey is another romance from the late 80s. It was reported that the two actors had met through their agent, however their relationship was rather short, lasting only nine months in total. This is probably Grey’s most controversial relationship, since at the same time she was engaged to Johnny, she was also engaged to Matthew Broderick. When talking about Johnny, she described him as being a funny and sweet person, but they had to split up after her jealousy grew abnormally and caused both bad experiences.

    Johnny Depp and Kate Moss

    Depp’s relationship with Moss is probably his most rumored one, as the audience was somehow obsessed with him and keeps “mourning” its ending even now. The “matchmaker” of this relationship was George Wayne who got the couple to meet at the end of 1994. Their relationship lasted until 1998 but in contrast to the ones we described above, this one was not all love and sweets. Just after meeting Kate, they both had a mad experience in a hotel room where Depp was reported to have destroyed all the furniture. After the event, Depp was arrested, and the hotel said that he had caused them almost $10.000 worth of damage. Kate was found by the police inside the destroyed room, but to everyone’s surprise, she continued the relationship for another four years.

    Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

    One could say that Depp’s relationship with Vanessa was his most fruitful one, as they have two children together: Lily-Rose Depp, born in 1999, and Jack Depp, born in 2002. This is also Depp’s longest relationship with a woman, as the two were together for 14 years in total. Even though the couple appeared to be in love in all their appearances together, they decided to break up in 2012. Their relationship was a long one, but it seems as if Johnny had learned from his past mistakes and feared marriage, for he never proposed to Vanessa, even after the kids came to life. Talking about the breakup with Vanessa, Johnny said that it had been a difficult time for both of them and the kids, but they decided to co-parent in the best way they can for the sake of Lily-Rose and Jack.

    Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

    Johnny’s relationship with Amber Heard is his most problematic one, as one could say they went to war because of the time they had spent together. They started seeing each other back in 2012 and quickly married each other three years later in 2015. This marriage lasted only for one year, as Amber filed for divorce in 2016. In May of last year, Depp filed a defamation lawsuit of 50 million dollars against Amber Heard which exposed many things to the surface. Heard claimed that during their relationship, Johnny had been abusing her mentally and emotionally. Depp of course denied that, and with many witnesses who came to the court, the judge gave right to Depp, once again removing from him all the false accusations that Amber had given him.


    We can conclude that Johnny Depp has had plenty of relationships with women, some of whom he married and later divorced. Some of them were good experiences of his life, which is also why he keeps good relations with these women, while some of them were not that good. Whatever the case with his personal life, Johnny has brought us many films that are absolute masterpieces of the cinema.

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