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Megan Fox Spotted at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in NJ 

    Megan Fox

    It’s not unusual to spot a celebrity or two at a casino, especially if you are traveling in Atlantic City, New Jersey, or Las Vegas, Nevada. These locations are hot spots for gamblers, as they offer several major casinos next to each other for easy access. Earlier this month, a few gamblers were able to spot Machine Gun Kelly and girlfriend Megan Fox out on the town in Atlantic City, enjoying a little gambling at several venues. 

    Ocean Casino and Hard Rock Sighting 

    On September 9th, Machine Gun Kelly was scheduled for a concert at the Hard Rock Live venue at Estess Arena in Atlantic City. Of course, what stop to the gambling city would be complete without a little gambling? During the trip, Kelly’s girlfriend was spotted hitting a few gaming tables, in disguise, of course. 

    Anyone in Atlantic City would have to look hard to know that Megan was in town for her boyfriend’s show. In images that have appeared on Instagram and other social media sites, Megan was spotted at the gaming tables of Ocean Casino while Kelly was playing at the Hard Rock. 

    Megan was in disguise, wearing a short red wig with bright white hair clips. She could have easily slipped in and out of Hard Rock or other casinos, going unnoticed due to the drastic hair change. We all know Megan for her long, dark hair, so the short, bright red wig was a smart move on her part to stay disguised. 

    Images of Megan in the wig popped up on Instagram as she hit the table games at Ocean Casino Resort. She was seen sitting down at the table with Machine Gun Kelly standing over her in a cropped Dolce & Gabbana sweatshirt. Megan would most likely have continued to go unnoticed if she had not been with MGK, who stands out in a crowd and was not disguised except for a ball cap. 

    Playing at the Hard Rock Casino

    It wouldn’t be surprising to find that Megan and MGK were out and about at several venues after the concert at Hard Rock Casino. The two are known to party and have fun, and Hard Rock is the perfect destination, along with other AC casinos. It features a vibe that MGK and Megan can certainly appreciate. 

    If you have never been to Hard Rock Casino AC, you will find it features an amazing rock ‘n’ roll experience. The casino has everything from a unique hotel stay to dining, entertainment, and casino games. Moreover, if you want to spend some time in your room you can always take advantage of the Hard Rock online casino.

    The Hard Rock was the perfect location for the MGK event, and it was a fun-filled night for concertgoers. The performer did not disappoint and even met with fans who stuck around after the show was over. The Hard Rock performance venue is a hot spot for all types of events, with the brand featuring concerts, comedy shows, and other entertainment. 

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