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Nadège St-Philippe Age, Bio, Net Worth, Cause of Death & More

    Nadège St-Philippe Age

    Nadège St-Philippe was 48 years old at the time of death, She died on 16 July 2022 & his cause of death is Cancer.

    This news transmitted shock waves across the industry, making all her fans and colleagues devastated. If we talk about her Nadège St-Philippe age, she was just 48 years old and is literally gone too soon. 

    Life is temporary, and death is the ultimate truth – and this fact has hit brutally hard with the shocking news of Nadège St-Philippe’s death. Don’t lose your calm if you are a hardcore fan of this prominent TV host and weather presenter, as she has gone forever, leaving this mortal world behind. 

    But still, life is totally uncertain, as we have no control over what the next moment will bring to us. If you are too much into this TV host and weather presenter and want to unravel the mystery of her death, then this write should interest you. 

    Our team of experts researched Nadège-St Philippe from the deep within and came up with all the minutiae of this TV personality you might be looking for. So, why wait? Please scroll down the page and find more about Nadège St-Philippe age, cause of death, and biography here. 

    Nadège St-Philippe Biography & Wiki

    Nadège St-Philippe Age
    Nadège St-Philippe Biography

    For those who have missed it, Nadège St-Philippe was a well-known media face that requires no special introduction. She was well-taken for her TV hosting and weather reporting skills. However, her abilities and talents weren’t limited to hosting and reporting, as she was also known for being an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and fitness freak personality. 

    Nadège St-Philippe was a household name imprinted on people’s hearts because of her tremendous interaction skills and kind nature. She was popularly known in the country for serving more than 15 years as a TV host. 

    Unlike several other media personalities who prefer keeping themselves away from the media reach, she loved sharing her life’s particulars with her fans via her social media account. Nadège St-Philippe always adored her parents on her social media handle and has packed her Instagram account with their pictures. 

    While you get the pictures of her parents on social media, their names and details are still missing, and no information is yet available about them. 

    Nadège St PhilippeWiki
    Full NameNadège St-Philippe
    Age at time of death48 Years old
    Birth Date26 April 1974
    Death Date16 July 2022
    Cause of DeathColorectal Cancer
    Height5 ft 6 in
    Net-Worth$1 million USD at the time of her death
    HusbandRaffi J
    Nadège St-Philippe Wikipedia

    What is Nadège St-Philippe Age?

    Nadège St-Philippe Age, Bio, Net Worth, Cause of Death
    Nadège St-Philippe Age

    Nadège St Philippe was born on 26 April 1974 in Quebec, Canada. Speaking of Nadège St-Philippe age, she was 48 years old at the time of her death. This famous TV host and weather presenter used to love her birthplace and has lived there since. 

    Tributes poured to Nadège St Philippe soon after the news of her demise broke out. This shocking news saddened the artistic and political circles, and many turned to social media to pay tribute to her. 

    What’s the cause of death of Nadège St Philippe?

    Nadège St-Philippe Age, Bio, Net Worth, Cause of Death
    cause of death of Nadège St Philippe

    Wondering why this kind-hearted, beautiful, and famous TV host left us so soon? Well, the cause of her death is Cancer. And the reason isn’t a mystery, as Nadège St Philippe herself revealed her problem on her Instagram handle. 

    In March, Nadège posted that she would have to put her profession on hold for some time to undergo a first chemotherapy treatment. She also disclosed that she was first diagnosed with Cancer 10 years ago. 

    Her death was followed by an outpouring of condolences on social media, including messages from Quebec Premier Francois Legault and the Montreal Mayor. Nadège St Philippe was suffering from Colorectal Cancer and was diagnosed with stage three in 2011. 

    While she was gradually returning to her profession and was constantly fighting with it, it’s evident that she was tired of pain and problems, which ended up her life in this mortal realm. She passed away on 16 July 2022 (Saturday) in the evening, and her death was no less than a shocker for her fans and family. 

    Well, it’s no denying that Nadège St-Philippe age was too young to leave the world, but nobody can do anything in that case except for accepting this painful fact and moving on. 

    Was Nadège St-Philippe Married?

    While Nadège St Philippe is no longer with us, people still want to dig more into the life of this TV host and weather presenter. Speaking of her marital status, Nadège St Philippe was married with Raffi J and was living happily. She has also shared two pictures with her husband on her social media, confirming her marital status. 

    However, owing to the limited information about her personal life, we have no idea about who her husband Raffi J is or what he does to make money, or any other personal deets. But our team is constantly searching for more about him, and we will update the post soon we get any information about it. 

    What is Nadège St-Philippe net worth?

    Now that you’ve got the basics about this famous media personality, it’s time to move on to Nadège St-Philippe net worth. Since she had been working in the TV industry for more than 15 years, Nadège had a whopping net worth of $1 million USD at the time of her death. 

    Her major income source stems from her TV hosting. However, that’s not the only way through which she made money. 

    Beyond her career in television, Nadège St Philippe was also a personal trainer and had recently launched a jewelry line, which had also contributed to her lavish lifestyle and extensive net worth. 

    Nadège St-Philippe Height & Physical Appearance

    Nadège St-Philippe Height & Physical Appearance
    Nadège St-Philippe Height

    If you have seen reporting Nadège St Philippe live, you must admit that she looked too young and beautiful. She boasts medium hair length, dark brown eyes, and brown hair. Nadège St-Philippe stood at the height of 5 feet and 6 inches and weighed around 55kg. 

    It’s undeniable that if we compare Nadège St-Philippe age to her looks and personality, they both never synced, and she looked too adorable to be 48 years. 

    Interesting Facts About Nadège St Philippe

    ● Nadège St-Philippe didn’t like getting inked; hence, she didn’t have any tattoos on her body. 

    ● In addition to being a TV host, weather presenter, personal trainer, and entrepreneur, Nadège St Philippe was also a social media influencer and used to promote multiple brands on her Instagram. 

    ●After appearing on the cover page of the famous magazine, named 7 Jours Plaisirs, in December 2018,

    ● Nadège St Philippe kicked off his career as a TV host in 2006. 

    ● Fitness is her passion, and she used to engage in regular workout sessions to stay fit and healthy. 


    What was the shoe size of Nadège St Philippe?

    7 US

    Did Nadège St Philippe have a piercing?

    Yes, in the ears. 

    What was the ethnicity of Nadège St Philippe?

    She belongs to a mixed ethnical race of Haitian descent. 

    What was the educational qualification of Nadège St Philippe?

    While there’s no precise information about Nadège St Philippe’s qualifications, most sources claim that she had completed graduation in Psychology. 

    How old was Nadège St-Philippe at the time of death?

    48 years old

    Popular Movies of Nadège St-Philippe

    • Minuit, le soir (2005)
    • Le milieu du garage (2022)
    • Naked Josh (2004)

    Final Takeaway

    Death is an inevitable truth, and the demise of Nadège St Philippe has recalled this fact once again. That’s all about Nadège St-Philippe age and the cause of her death. Although this news has broken many of her fans and family members, it’s time to collect pieces and cherish her memories to move on. 

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