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Nadine Caridi Biography: Facts About Jordan Belfort Ex-Wife

    Nadine Caridi Biography

    Nadine Caridi is currently married to ex-entrepreneur John Macaluso. Nadine Caridi is a renowned model in the news era nowadays for being the ex-wife of Jordan Belfort. Her husband is an American former stock market mogul not too famous due to his shady business streamline. She is a real diva in the modeling industry. To know about Nadine Caridi’s Biography, stay connected with the details demonstrated right below.

    Who is Nadine Caridi?

    Nadine Caridi is much known for her effective modeling, but she is into different other things apart from that. She is a motivational speaker, an American author, marriage & family therapist, and an actress. Nadine Caridi’s age is 58 years old as of 2022. She has attained a lot of attention from the media world, though. The main reason why she is too famous is because of her ex-wife of Jordan.

    Who is Nadine Caridi?

    Nadine Caridi Biography – Quick Facts

    Full Name Nadine Caridi
    Nick Name Nadine
    Age (as of 2020) 58 Years 
    Date of Birth 24 December 1967
    Place of Birth London, United Kingdom
    Marital Status Married
    Husband Jordan Belfort (m. 1991–2005)
    John Macaluso
    Nationality English
    Profession Marriage & Family Therapist
    Body Measurement 36-30-37
    Height 5 Feet 8 Inches (1.78m)
    Weight 142 lbs (64kgs)
    Net Worth $5 Million
    Marriage Location Manhattan Beach, California, United States
    Children Chandler Belfort, Carter Belfort
    Favorite Actor & Actress  Tom Hanks & Sandra Bullock
    Favorite Music Performers Kevin Sousa, Joshua McClain, and Ben Myers
    Favorite Movies Dinner with Leatherface and Food Matters
    Favorite TV Show Hollywood or Bust
    Favorite Movies Dinner with Leatherface and Food Matters
    School John Dewey High School
    Degree Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology

    Childhood, Education

    Nadine Caridi is born on 6th November 1962 in London, United Kingdom. She grew up in Bay Ridge, situated around Brooklyn, New York, US. She studied at the John Dewy High School in Gravesend, Brooklyn. Nadine Caridi spent her entire childhood in Bay Ridge. Talking about her parents and siblings, nothing is disclosed yet about her.  In 2015, she completed her Master’s in Clinical Psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute. In 2015, later on, she pursued her Ph.D. degree in the same studied stream. Apart from this, there is not much information available about this diva.


    Nadine Caridi started her career being a model. Later on, she became the poster girl also of Beer Brand-Miller Lite. Again she came into different national campaigns, such as Monday Night Football. She worked in Wolf of Wall Street. When she got married to Jordan Belfort, she left her modeling industry ultimately. She just became an adorable and perfect wife who took care of her husband and children. In the current times, Nadine is working as a Marriage and Family Therapist. Nadine has a website where she serves the people. She has done different appreciable and appealing advertisements.

    Married Life

    Jordan Belfort is a high-class business tycoon famous for throwing lavish parties. His parties include drugs, alcohol, and hot babes. Nadine Caridi and Jordan first met at one of his parties. Nadine was introduced to Jordan by her then-boyfriend; Alan Wilzig, when Nadine and Jordan met; Jordan Belfort married Denise Lombardo.

    Nadine and Belfort attracted each other at first glance, and soon they started dating each other. They were serious in their relationship, leading to the divorce between Belfort and his ex-wife Lombardo. After a few years of divorce from Lombardo, Nadine and Belfort get married in 1991.

    She dropped to modeling and gave birth to two children; one is a daughter Chandler and the second is a son Carter. Later on, she just got into taking care of her family and two adorable children. Belfort and Nadine were leading a happy and great married life with their children.

    Nadine Caridi Divorce with Jordan Belfort

    After some time around in 2003, Belfort was sentenced to imprisonment for 22 months due to his business issues. As he was a drug addict, made fraudulent activities, and was imprisoned, their marriage got into trouble. Apart from that, it found that Belfort put himself into domestic violence activities, which are not tolerable to her, leading to Nadine Caridi’s divorce. Last, in 2005, the couple got divorced.

    Nadine Caridi Career

    Nadine Caridi’s Net Worth

    Talking this fantastic diva, she can make up to $5 Million per annum. She is absolutely a perfect diva in the modeling industry. Nadine Caridi is an influential personality and started her career in modeling. She came into many commercials also.

    She did different local photo shoots and ad campaigns also. Even she worked in the fashion industry too. Right now, she is working as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She has her website, where people can connect to Nadine directly. Nadine Caridi’s career leads to bringing excellent worth to her.

    What is Jordan Belfort Net Worth?

    Nadine Caridi Ex-Wife of Jordan Belfort

    Social Media Presence

    Nadine has her website, on which she offers therapist services for marriage and family problems. She has an Instagram account, where 9000 followers follow her. On her Instagram posts, she posted around 1000 posts. Nadine usually dispatches motivational pictures and quotes. Many people claim that Nadine Caridi helped them a lot to get out of marriage and family issues. She entered the Twitter world in 2012. She has around 1000 tweets on her account with less than 1000 followers.

    What is Nadine Caridi Doing Right Now?

    After Nadine separated from Jordan Belfort, later on, she married John Macaluso. John was a former entrepreneur from New York. Macaluso was found to be 22 years older than Nadine. It is found that Nadine is spending a happy and prosperous married life with John Macaluso now. John Macaluso has 3 daughters named Frankie, Alley, and Nicky, and Nadine has 2 kids from Belfort. All 5 kids and both husband and wife are a completely happy family now.

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