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Online Casinos Ireland: Top Providers

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    Ireland long had a reputation for being a very religious and quite conservative country. That is something that has changed a lot during the current century though and it is now a very modern, progressive nation.

    One way in which that can be seen is in the changing Irish attitude to gambling. From the mid-1950s, the Gaming and Lotteries Act made casinos illegal there. That legislation still stands, but there are members-only casinos in the big cities that have circumvented the law.

    Furthermore, the legislation does not apply to online casinos, which are permissible throughout Ireland. Given that they are by far the most popular means of casino gaming now, this has enabled the country to enjoy the benefits they bring to the economy.

    Of course, that is primarily down to the fact that the Gaming and Lotteries Act was passed back in 1956, when no one anticipated the possibility of online gaming. However, it means that Irish people who wish to try playing anything from slot machines to roulette or poker have the option of doing so without breaking the law.

    Its status as the only legal way to enjoy casino gaming – unless you are fortunate enough to be able to get into one of those exclusive private members clubs – has made online casino even more popular in Ireland than other parts of the world. Having a bet is something that is intrinsic to the nature of many people in the country, so the restrictions on land-based casinos have turbocharged the online ones.

    Alongside sports betting, online casino is the biggest form of gambling in Ireland, and it is growing all the time. So are the numbers of casino sites in Ireland that people can choose from.

    Those who want to find the ones with the best games, bonuses and payment options are able to do so by visiting internet affiliate sites. These provide a breakdown of each casino site and what it has to offer players.

    Read on to find out all about the hottest online casinos that are currently available in Ireland.

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    WinAWin Casino

    This is one of the newest casino sites to launch in the country, having debuted last year. Despite that, it has risen very quickly to the top of many rankings of the best Irish online casinos.

    One key reason for that is its inventive and classy graphics, which create an intergalactic, outer space theme for the site. However, it is not just about the look, as WinAWin delivers in other areas – most notably its bonuses.

    Rather than just the standard first deposit bonus, players can get bonuses for deposit number two, three and four as well. The bonus wagering is also an impressive 50x.

    The VIP scheme allows frequent players to build up rewards, but if there is a downside to WinAWin it is that the selection of games is smaller than some other sites. There are 80 live casino games and 180 slots though, so it is hardly lacking in choice, and we would expect the volume to increase.

    Neon 54

    This is another Irish online casino with a striking theme – this time it is music. Neon 54 has been around for two years and lets people pick musician avatars to gamble as, including David Bowie, SpoonDog and Kriss.

    It has an outstanding choice of 5362 games, with 162 of the ever-popular live dealer ones and 224 slots. Winnings are paid out within three days maximum too, which is pretty fast.

    Spin Away Casino

    Another excellent casino site is Spin Away. It is a newcomer to the Irish online gaming scene and its welcome bonus includes 100 free spins of a slot game with the potential for winnings of €1000.

    Spin Away also has a fine selection of methods for depositing and receiving money. These range from the traditional bank transfer to e-wallets like PayPal and Neteller, and all of them are protected by encryption software.

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    Dublin Bet Casino

    Unlike the others up to now, Dublin Bet Casino has been around quite a long time. It was launched all the way back in 2014 and remains among the best casinos in Ireland.

    One reason for that is the very healthy choice of 104 live dealer games. At a time when they are rising in popularity, that is a shrewd investment.

    The dominant theme of traditional Ireland, complete with green shamrock logo, is visually pleasing. Dublin Bet offers some of the finest bonuses in the business, including the ‘SuperPoints’ loyalty scheme that provides cash and free spins for regular visitors.

    There are also cash drops and raffles to be found there. Finally, it pays out any winnings within two days, so it is easy to see why it has stayed on top.

    Macau Casino

    Despite the name this is an Irish casino – it is the official website for the Cork branch of the Macau Sporting Club. It has been on the scene for over 20 years and has 300 live dealer games plus 400 slots for people to play.

    That game selection is mirrored by the outstanding VIP program that has eight different levels, each of which unlocks different rewards. Finally, this site combines casino with sports betting, making it a one-stop-shop.

    Casinos stay on top in a competitive industry by giving the customers what they want and embracing the potential of tech to make the experience better.


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