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Rock Star Musicians Who Stream

    Even though musicians may be famous for playing in bands, many of them are also known for having dedicated streaming channels. Some of the ones that have the biggest followings can be found below.

    Matt Heafy

    Matt Heafy has described streaming as being his second job, and has since revealed that he earns more when he streams on Twitch than he does from his heavy metal band Trivium. He streams twice a day and also streams on the weekend. 

    Matt Heafy began his streaming platform by filming himself playing guitar, so he didn’t feel as though he was practicing alone. He’s also got a fun personality, which makes him fun to watch. His focus on music content might have helped him to attract a core audience, but he’s shown that he’s not afraid to expand into other avenues too. With casino streaming in particular on the rise, this could be a good avenue to explore. In the future, it wouldn’t be surprising to see people stream their one free spin each day on games that range from King Kong Cashpots to Gold Strike Bonanza Jackpot King. Heafy has also shown that he’s open to having Q&A sessions with fans, which help them to engage more in the content he produces. Either way, his streams are certainly popular, and not just with Trivium fans either. They’re popular with people who want to learn more about guitars, and music production as a whole.

    Herman Li

    Herman Li was born in Hong Kong and plays guitar in the power metal band, Dragonforce. The band was formed in 1999 and ever since, have experienced huge success. Herman Li in particular is known for his technical guitar proficiency. He started his channel in 2017 and has gained a large following on the Twitch platform. He often streams music-related content, although last year he took a step back to focus on his time touring with Dragonforce on their UK tour. Li live-streamed a lot of behind-the-scenes videos of the band as they made their way across the country and for some broadcasts, he reached 28K PV. Since they finished their tour, he’s returned to streaming his guitar practice sessions and has different live streams every week.

    He also has a lot of videos that show his setup for gigs, and likes to explore other hot topics as well. This includes his love of cars, and gaming. Some of the other content he streams includes writing a song in the style of another band, in under 10 minutes. He does this in collaboration with Dragonforce guitarist Sam Totman. Live on Twitch, the band attempts to emulate the style of other rock and heavy metal bands, forming a song in their own parody format. Bands have even reacted to the live streams in the past, with Sabaton having a feature on the channel not long after their parody was released. 

    So these top celebrity streamers are quickly gaining traction for their content, and with streaming as a whole being on the rise, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more celebrities come out with unique content as the months go by.

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