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Sabrina Nichole (Cosplayer) Biography, Height, Weight, Figure, Affaris, WIki

    Sabrina Nichole Bio: Age, Height, Body Measurement, Photos, Boyfriend,

    Who is Sabrina Nichole?

    Sabrina Nichole, also known as Monica Stump or Sabrina Bunny, is a name that has become synonymous with beauty, confidence, and resilience in the world of modeling and cosplay. Born on January 30, 1995, in Dallas, Texas, Sabrina’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring, as she transformed from a bullied high school nerd to a celebrated Playboy Cybergirl and social media sensation.

    Sabrina Nichole

    Credits: The Bulletin Times

    Sabrina Nichole is a Playboy model and social media star who was born in Dallas, Texas, on January 30, 1995. Sabrina Nichole posted her first post to Instagram in February 2018. She tormented a nerd in high school who didn’t think she was attractive. Sabrina did, however, become one of the hottest models in Playboy magazine. She is a curvy blonde nudist model. Sabrina is associated with Maria Fernanda, and both are cosplaying models on Instagram and have garnered massive popularity for their risque lingerie and fashion modeling.

    Sabrina Nichole Wiki Bio – Quick Facts

    Profession Name Sabrina Nichole
    Birth/ Real Name Monica Stump
    Nickname Sabrina Bunny
    Profession Playboy Model, Instagram Star
    User Rating 9.08/10 (307 votes)
    Current Rank #18
    Personal Life
    Date of Birth 30th of January 1995, Monday 
    Birth Place Dallas, Texas, United States
    Grew Up in Dallas, Texas, United States
    Age (as of 2024) 27 years old
    Gender Female
    Zodiac Sign Aquarius
    Nationality American
    Religion Christianity
    Ethnicity Caucasian
    Current Residence Los Angeles, USA
    Language speaks English
    Debut Year 2015
    Year Active 2015 – present (as a model)
    Death-O-Meter Alive
    Lucky Number 9
    Lucky Stone Amethyst
    Lucky Color Turquoise
    Best Match For Marriage Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius
    Education Qualification
    High Qualification Graduate
    School Community High School
    College/ University Unknown

    Early Life and Struggles

    Growing up in Dallas, Sabrina faced her fair share of challenges. As a self-proclaimed nerd in high school, she was often the target of bullying and ridicule from her peers. Her fascination with manga, anime, and massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) like “World of Warcraft” set her apart from the crowd, and she found solace in these escapist worlds.

    However, the constant bullying took a toll on Sabrina’s self-esteem, and she struggled to see her own beauty and potential. Little did she know that her unconventional interests and unique personality would one day be the very traits that would propel her to stardom.

    The Playboy Opportunity

    It was during a chance encounter while working as a waitress in a small Dallas restaurant that Sabrina’s life took an unexpected turn. The restaurant was hosting a “bikini week” promotion, and Sabrina donned a bodysuit for her shift. Her striking appearance caught the eye of a Playboy magazine reporter, who was instantly captivated by her natural beauty and confidence.

    Initially hesitant, Sabrina agreed to a photo shoot with the Playboy photographer, and the rest, as they say, is history. Her journey with Playboy began in late 2014, and by April 2015, she had earned the coveted title of “Cybergirl of the Month,” cementing her place in the world of modeling and adult entertainment.

    Sabrina Nichole’s Rise to Fame

    Sabrina’s success with Playboy was just the beginning of her meteoric rise to fame. With her captivating looks, undeniable charisma, and growing social media presence, she quickly became a household name in the world of cosplay and modeling.

    Her Instagram account, @iamsabrinaofficial, amassed a following of over 13.8K, while her Twitter handle, @sabrinanichol, boasts a staggering 569.9K followers. Fans were drawn to her candid posts, which offered glimpses into her personal life, modeling work, and various interests.

    Credits: Pinterest

    One of Sabrina’s most notable achievements is her association with Maria Fernanda, another popular cosplaying model on Instagram. Together, they have become icons in the cosplay community, inspiring countless individuals to embrace their passions and embrace their unique identities.

    Sabrina Nichole Body Measurement: Height, Weight

    Sabrina Nichole is a tall and slender woman with a slim build. She has a tall and angular frame with a 32-inch bust, a 25-inch waist, and 35-inch hips. Sabrina Nichole’s height is 5 feet and 8 inches, and she weighs 58 kilograms.

    Body Measurement 32DDD-25-35 Inches
    Breast Size 32 Inches
    Waist Size 25 Inches
    Hip Size 35 Inches
    Bra/ Cup Size 32F (70F)
    Height Feet & Inches: 5′ 8″ Inch
    Centimeters:173 cm
    Meters: 1.73 m
    Weight Kilograms: 58 Kg
    Pounds: 128 lbs
    Body Type Curvy
    Eye Color Blue
    Hair Color Blonde
    Piercings Nipples
    Tattoo Right Calf,
    Neck (Backside),
    Left Shoulder (Backside) 
    Natural Breast Real/Natural
    Sexual Orientation Pansexual
    Shoe Size 8 (US)
    Dress Size 6 (US)

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    What is the Sabrina Nichole’s Net Worth?

    Her net worth is estimated to be between $2 and $3 million. Working as an Instagram celebrity is her principal source of income.

    Embracing Her Sexuality

    One of the most remarkable aspects of Sabrina Nichole’s journey is her open and unapologetic embrace of her sexuality. She identifies as pansexual, a term used to describe individuals who are attracted to others regardless of their gender identity or biological sex.

    Sabrina Nichole Biography

    Credits: Pinterest

    Sabrina’s confidence in her sexuality has resonated with her fans, many of whom view her as a role model for self-acceptance and body positivity. Her willingness to discuss and celebrate her sexuality has helped to challenge societal norms and promote a more inclusive and understanding world.

    Cosplay and Other Interests

    Beyond her modeling and adult entertainment work, Sabrina Nichole is widely recognized for her love of cosplay. She often shares her cosplay creations on social media, paying homage to various characters from anime, manga, and video games.

    Her passion for cosplay has not only endeared her to fans of these genres but has also showcased her creativity, attention to detail, and ability to immerse herself in different personas. It is this versatility and willingness to explore new interests that have contributed to her widespread appeal.

    In addition to cosplay, Sabrina Nichole is an avid gamer, with a particular fondness for MMORPGs like “World of Warcraft.” She also enjoys dancing, traveling, and photography, often sharing glimpses of these hobbies on her social media platforms.

    How Rich is Sabrina Nichole?
    Net Worth As of 2022 Estimate $2 Million
    Per Year Earning (Approx.) $100,000 – $1 Million
    Source of Earning Modeling, Sponsorship 

    Her Professional Career

    Sabrina had a difficult upbringing. Even though Sabrina wasn’t disturbed as a child, she had to deal with numerous bullies, which solidified her character. Sabrina was a quiet young lady who was dedicated to her academics. As a result, her daily routine was relatively restrained; she didn’t do much other than read manga, watch anime, and play MMORPGs like “World of Warcraft”. Sabrina was named April’s Cybergirl of the Month by Playboy.

    When it comes to Sabrina’s job, she used to work as a waitress at a tiny Dallas restaurant. On “Bikini Week”, she chose to wear a bodysuit to work on her days as a waiter. That’s when the photographer from Playboy Magazine approached her. Sabrina didn’t believe him until she saw his art, which she was blown away by photographs. She began her playboy girl career at the end of 2014, after finally consenting to shoot a few images for the magazine. Sabrina’s interest in the internet grew over time, and she eventually earned the Cybergirl of the Month award in April 1015.

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    Dating History and Affairs

    Sabrina Nichole keeps a low profile when it comes to exposing her personal life, preferring to stay out of the spotlight. Her previous romances have been kept hidden from the public eye. The Instagram beauty is now unmarried, according to reports, and is concentrating on her work and goals. Sabrina may not be seeing anyone in public. Still, she may be seeing someone in private, and the details of Sabrina Nichole’s boyfriend are yet to be revealed.

    Who is Sabrina Nichole?Source: Instagram

    Material Status Unmarried
    Boyfriend Unknown
    Children Son – None
    Daughter – None

    Social Media Presence

    Sabrina has been quite active on social media since winning the title of “Cybergirl of the Month.” She continues to delight her fan base with 13.6k followers on her unconfirmed Instagram account at @iamsabrinaofficial and 570k followers on Twitter at @Sabrinanichol with a following low ratio. Looking at her social media accounts, she is excessively preoccupied with photo shoots. Sabrina Nichole’s OnlyFans account has over 1.9 million likes and is still growing.

    OnlyFans Account @sabrinanichole (421 Posts)
    Instagram Account @iamsabrinaofficial (13.8K Followers)
    Twitter Account @sabrinanichol (569.9K Followers421)
    Facebook Account @sabrinanichole

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    Sabrina Nichole: Hobbies and Favorite Things

    Hobbies Traveling, Photography, Dancing
    Favourite Animal Dog
    Favourite Color Blue
    Favourite Singer  Nicki Minaj
    Does Sabrina Nichole Drink Alcohol? Yes
    Does Sabrina Nichole Smoke? Yes
    Can Sabrina Nichole Swim? Yes
    Is Sabrina Nichole going to the gym? Yes
    Does she know how to cook? Yes
    Is she a Yoga Practitioner? Yes
    Food Habit Non-Vegetarian

    Impact and Legacy

    Sabrina Nichole’s journey from a bullied nerd to a successful model and social media influencer is a powerful story of overcoming adversity and embracing one’s true self. Her resilience and determination have inspired countless individuals to pursue their dreams, regardless of the obstacles they may face.

    Moreover, Sabrina’s openness about her sexuality and body positivity has helped to challenge societal norms and promote a more inclusive and accepting world. Her unapologetic embrace of her identity has resonated with fans worldwide, making her a role model for self-acceptance and self-love.

    As Sabrina Nichole continues to thrive in her career, her impact and legacy will undoubtedly extend far beyond the realms of modeling and cosplay. She has proven that with hard work, perseverance, and a willingness to stay true to oneself, anything is possible.


    Sabrina Nichole’s biography is a testament to the power of resilience, self-belief, and embracing one’s unique identity. From a bullied high school nerd to a celebrated Playboy Cybergirl and social media sensation, her journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

    Through her unwavering confidence, unapologetic embrace of her sexuality, and dedication to her craft, Sabrina has inspired countless individuals to pursue their passions and accept themselves for who they are. Her impact extends far beyond the realms of modeling and cosplay, making her a true icon for self-acceptance and body positivity.

    As Sabrina Nichole continues to thrive and evolve, her story serves as a powerful reminder that adversity can be overcome, and that true success lies in staying true to oneself and embracing one’s unique talents and interests.

    Here are some unique, unknown, or fun facts about Sabrina Nichole:

    1. Sabrina is a huge fan of Nicki Minaj and considers the rapper her favorite musical artist.
    2. Despite her curvaceous figure, Sabrina doesn’t follow a strict workout routine. She prefers to maintain her body through a balanced diet and enjoying her love for cooking.
    3. Sabrina has a passion for gaming, particularly massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) like World of Warcraft, which she has been playing since her high school days.
    4. While many assume her breasts are enhanced, Sabrina has confirmed that her 32DDD bust size is completely natural.
    5. Sabrina’s first tattoo was on her right calf, and she has since added ink on her neck (backside) and left shoulder (backside).
    6. Blue is Sabrina’s favorite color, as evidenced by her frequent appearances in blue outfits across her social media posts.
    7. Sabrina is an avid dog lover and often shares her affection for her furry companions on her social media platforms.
    8. Before her modeling career took off, Sabrina worked as a waitress in a small restaurant in Dallas, where she was first discovered by a Playboy magazine reporter.
    9. Sabrina values her privacy greatly and prefers to keep details about her personal life and family out of the public eye.
    10. Aside from modeling and cosplay, Sabrina has a keen interest in travel and photography, often combining these hobbies during her trips.
    11. Sabrina’s journey from being bullied as a high school nerd to becoming a successful model and social media influencer has inspired many individuals to embrace their unique identities and follow their dreams.
    12. Despite her fame and success, Sabrina remains grounded and approachable, frequently interacting with her fans and responding to their comments on various social media platforms.


    How old is Sabrina Nichole?

    She is 27 years old as of 2024.

    How tall is Sabrina Nichole?

    Her height is 5′ 8″ inches (173 cm) tall.

    What is Sabrina Nichole’s nationality?

    Her nationality is American.

    How much does Sabrina Nichole weigh?

    Her weight is 58 kg (128 lbs).

    Who is Sabrina Nichole married to?

    She is still single.

    What is Sabrina Nichole’s ethnicity?

    Her ethnicity is White Caucasian.

    When does Sabrina Nichole celebrate her birthday?

    She cut the cake on 30th January.

    Where does Sabrina Nichole live?

    She lives in Los Angeles and focuses on her career.

    Who is Sabrina Nichole dating?

    Her dating history is unknown. She didn’t reveal about her boyfriend.

    What is Sabrina Nichole’s Snapchat username?

    Her Snapchat username is @sabrinanbunny.

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