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Shane Whalley Biography, Before and after weight loose, Age Instagram, partner

    Shane Whalley

    Shane Whalley is a celebrity who stepped into the social media world for reasons more ethical than fame and money. He came into the limelight because of the weight-loss journey that he filmed for his TikTok handle. Many people followed his journey closely and got inspired because. Because of this, Whalley became a popular social media celebrity figure.

    Who Is Shane Whalley?

    Shane is a YouTuber, Instagrammer, TikTokker and content creator. He comes from a regular family but became a famous social media star because of his TikTok handle. In 2019, Shane started his weight loss journey after an incident that affected him closely. He then started losing weight and recorded his journey to inspire other people.

    He is a fun-loving man who loves food but doesn’t want to compromise his health. Shane has become an inspiration for people because of his optimistic approach towards life and strong will. He is now a content creator who posts affirmative videos daily.

    Real Name Shane Whalley
    Birth Date November 15, 1990
    Birth Place Canada
    School Not Known
    Age (As of 2022) 32
    College Not Known
    Nationality Canadian
    Height 5 feet 8 inches approx.
    Weight 400 lbs approx.
    Complexion Fair
    Sun Sign Scorpio
    Hair Colour Blonde
    Relationship Status Single

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    Shane Whalley Before Transformation

    Before Shalley began his transformation journey, he weighed more than 500 lbs. He had trouble walking short distances, and long-distance walking was just a dream for him. He didn’t eat green vegetables, nor did he practise any kind of exercise.

    Shane Whalley After Transformation

    Shalley has lost more than 100 lbs since he started his transformation journey. He now enjoys green vegetables and walks around 1-2 kilometres per day. He has lost up to 2-3 shirt sizes and is continuing to lose more. Shalley is determined to get healthier without burdening his body too much.

    Shane Whalley’s Transformation Journey

    Shane Whalley Transformation

    Shane began his transformation journey in August 2019 and has been continuing ever since. He has attempted to lose weight many times in the previous years, but he has failed because of a lack of motivation. One day, when he sat on his bed, it broke. This incident made Shane conscious of himself, and he decided to work on his health.

    Weight (2019) 550lbs+ approx
    Weight (2020) 500lbs+ approx
    Weight (2021) 450lbs+ approx
    Weight (2022) 400lbs+ approx

    Shane Whalley’s Transformation Secrets

    After that drastic incident, Shane began working towards having a fit body. He began eating more green vegetables and reduced his intake of oily junk food. Whalley started with small portions before making healthy and nutritious foods a constant part of his diet. He also tried to walk as much as possible without pushing himself too far.

    Shane began filming this journey for the people who were suffering the same problem as him. He believes that the reason he went through this transformation was because of his social media followers. These people motivated him, and he started loving himself more and more.

    Secret 1 Green Vegetables
    Secret 2 Walking and Jogging
    Secret 3 Constant Motivation
    Secret 4 Self-love

    Shane Whalley’s Age

    As of 2022, Shane Whalley is 32 years old. He was born on November 15, 1990, in Canada.

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    Shane Whalley On Social Media

    Shane is a fun-loving content creator who is very active on social media. He began using social media more frequently after embarking on his infamous transformation journey. He has more than 3 million followers on TikTok because that’s the platform he chose to upload his transformation videos on.

    Shane has his own Instagram handle, under which he posts positive videos daily. His YouTube channel has more than 8,000 subscribers. He is a popular social media star whose posts receive more than 20,000 likes on Instagram and over a million likes on TikTok.

    YouTube ID @ShaneWhalley
    YouTube Subscribers 8K+
    Instagram ID @shane_whalley
    Instagram Followers 370k+
    Instagram Posts 600+
    TikTok Followers 3M+
    Average Instagram Likes 20K-30K
    Average TikTok Likes 1M-3M

    Shane Whalley’s Partner

    As of 2022, Shane Whalley is single. He believes he has never experienced the joy of love because of his obese figure. Since Shane was bullied throughout his life, he has become self-conscious. But after his transformation, he has gained confidence and is now ready to date someone.

    Shane Whalley’s Hobbies

    Because he was bullied throughout his life, Shane took refuge in food, and eating unhealthy food became his hobby. After he decided to pursue a better hobby, Shane developed an uncanny interest in social media. He creates content in his free time and helps motivate people.

    Shane Whalley’s Net Worth

    Shane Whalley

    Shane is a social media influencer and star. He has received a lot of attention and love from social media users. Shane’s net worth in 2022 will be between $100,000 and $1 million dollars as a result of his love and hard work. 

    Net Worth (2021) $100K+
    Net Worth (2022) $100K-1 Million Dollars
    Net Worth Expected (2023) $2-5 Million Dollars

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who Is Shane Whalley?


    is a TikTok star who gained popularity because of the transformation videos he posted on his TikTok account.

    What Is Shane Whalley’s Birth Date?

    Shane Whalley’s birth date is November 15, 1990.

    How Old Is Shane Whalley?

    Shane is 32 years old as of 2022.

    What Was Shane Whalley’s Weight Before?

    Shane Whalley weighed around 500 lbs before his transformation journey.

    How Much Weight Has Shane Whalley Lost?

    Shane Whalley has lost about 100 lbs since 2019.

    Is Shane Whalley On Instagram?

    Yes, Shane is on Instagram.

    Is Shane Whalley Socially Active?

    Yes, Shane Whalley is very active on social media.

    When Did Shane Whalley Start His Transformation Journey?

    Shane Whalley started his transformation journey in late 2019.

    How Many Followers Does Shane Whalley Have On TikTok?

    Shane has around 3 million+ followers on TikTok.

    How Much Is Shane Whalley’s Net Worth?

    Shane Whalley’s net worth ranges from $100K to $1M.

    Did Shane Whalley Stop Eat Non-Vegetarian Food?

    No, Shane has not admitted to such a thing.

    Is Shane Whalley Continuing His Weight Loss Journey In 2022?

    Yes, Shane is continuing his weight loss journey in 2022.

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