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Slot Innovations Players Love

    Slot Innovations Players Love

    Have you ever thought about what caused the rapid growth of online casinos that rocked the globe in the last few years? Quite simply, it’s today’s advanced technology. Modern society is powered by technological innovation. The world wouldn’t be what it is now if it weren’t for the internet.

    We are discussing the most recent cell phones, internet technologies, AI breakthroughs, AR and VR advancements, crypto technology, and the growing significance of big data and the internet. 

    Playing online slots has become a completely player-centric experience thanks to the integration of modern designs like gamification and virtual reality, AI algorithms, and so on. Let’s have a look at the slots innovations players love.

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    Simply said, online casinos would not exist without the internet. The IoT made the online gambling industry conceivable and supplied it with the digital environment required to expand. 

    Due to the IoT, online casinos can now provide casino enthusiasts with the same, if not a superior, user experience as land-based casinos. IoT enables casinos to stay competitive, collect data on individual players, offer better personalization, serve target audiences with a broader range of slot games, and so much more.

    Augmented Reality

    Similar to virtual reality, augmented reality is a sophisticated technology that has altered how online casinos engage with players. It enables online casinos to include actual player experiences into their gaming procedures. We may anticipate an increase in the number of modern slot machines completely tuned for augmented and virtual reality technology, enhancing the gaming experience.

    Splitz Mechanic

    The year 2020 has been pretty prosperous for Yggdrasil Gaming. In addition to developing the Gigablox mechanism, it also created Splitz, an altogether new concept. This mechanism works by dividing symbols, giving you two matching symbols that may result in lucrative winnings. 

    According to us, Splitz is an interesting mechanism that many players love. New Splitz slots offer approximately 250,000 chances to win, surpassing Megaways-branded games as well. They are accompanied by massive payouts exceeding 20,000 times your wage.

    Mega Cluster

    Megaclusters slots, yet another innovation from Big Time Gaming, are similar to Cluster Pays slots, but the idea takes the mechanic to an advanced level. When a win occurs on a Megaclusters slot machine, the symbols are subdivided into smaller symbols. A single symbol could split into four, increasing the number of possible wins. 

    The Megaclusters engine debuted with the Star Clusters slot. The slot machine consists of a 4×4 grid with 16 tiles. These may be divided into 64 symbols, offering several possibilities to win.


    Big Time Gaming created the very lucrative Megaways engine. BTG has always been at the front of slot innovation, and this feature is their crown jewel. Since its introduction, slot developers have rushed to trademark the mechanism, incorporate it into new games, and update oldies. For example, Gonzo’s Quest Megaways and Bonanza, which were first launched without it, are now available with Megaways.

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