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The Next Big Step for Technology in Gaming

    Latest VR technology

    Technological progress has brought with it near limitless potential within gaming. In an industry where innovation is key, implementing the latest tech and evolving gameplay is essential.

    Since gaming became mainstream in the 1980s, technology has been responsible for revolutionising how games are played. Huge arcade machines quickly gave way to home consoles, with graphics and gameplay improving massively.

    With its potential and popularity soaring, this list details what the future could look like for technology in gaming.

    Cloud Gaming

    The demanding system requirements of modern titles have long frustrated avid gamers. Modern consoles cost hundreds, with gaming computers and laptops sometimes even exceeding thousands.

    Equally problematic is the huge amounts of storage needed to accommodate multiple modern releases. Frequent updates to already large games means that most players have to consider purchasing additional external storage.

    Cloud gaming is an innovative solution aimed at remedying both issues. Rather than physically owning the console or computer running the game, players instead stream the game from a provider’s device.

    This would render the player’s graphical and storage capabilities entirely irrelevant, eliminating the need for frequent additions and upgrades. Furthermore, the endless number of could-stored titles could be accessed instantaneously, eliminating hours of arduous download times.

    The only drawback of playing via the cloud would be the stable internet connection required at all times. Thankfully, 5G and superfast fibre optic is quickly becoming affordable and the norm in many areas.

    Gaming giants Sony, Microsoft and Nvidia have all launched their own versions of cloud gaming. Google, Amazon have similar services, with rumours circulating that even Netflix may soon enter the fray.

    As a development that could transform the ease and cost of gaming, fully utilising the cloud could dominate in future.

    Virtual Reality (VR)

    VR’s emergence in the world of gaming was met with unrivalled excitement. Gamers instantly saw the potential of a device that allows almost full immersion into a virtual world.

    Although the technology stagnated in the years following its release, it has recently had a strong revival. A steady increase in users means that now a third of gamers own a VR compatible headset.

    Massive titles such as Minecraft, Skyrim and Half-Life have transitioned to VR, allowing their vivacious settings to be explored like never before.

    Virtual reality technology has also proved very popular in the casino gaming industry. Gamers are using it to play slots at Virgin Games in a way that more authentically replicates an in-person experience.


    Facebook and Microsoft are spearheading the concept of a virtual world known as the Metaverse. It describes an infinite virtual space characterised by interconnectivity between hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous players.

    This virtual universe can mimic the real world, essentially allowing players to live out a second life. Players can choose to work, shop and play a range of games from shooters to chess.

    Augmented Reality

    Similar in some regards to VR, augmented reality is due its time to shine after many years largely ignored. AR essentially integrates virtual elements into the real world.

    Augmented reality is naturally very compatible with mobile devices and the majority of developers target smartphone and tablet users.

    This was most successfully implemented by Pokémon Go, a mobile game that placed digital Pokémon in the real world. Certain creatures could only be accessed in certain locations, with some players even travelling across counties to catch their favourites.

    The Walking Dead and Harry Potter have attempted to replicate the success of Pokémon Go with their own AR releases.

    Aside from that, augmented reality has been largely absent from mainstream gaming. However, the potential remains and games that fully utilise this fascinating technology could be the future.

    Better Graphics and Performance

    Contemporary graphics are unrecognisable from the pixelated sprites that inhabited gaming’s first iterations. Advancements in the graphical capability of modern hardware is transforming the look of games.

    It won’t be long before triple A development studios are able to deliver realistic graphics nearly indistinguishable from real life. Shadows, reflections and individual particles are rigorously considered to produce physics that near perfectly imitate our own.

    Increased performance capabilities will also facilitate detailed narrative worlds on an increasingly large scale. Expect future titles to more closely resemble a film than a videogame.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is a key feature of almost any game, and its implementation is a deciding factor in a game’s reception. Clumsy AI has plagued older titles, with simplistic or nonsensical enemy behaviour often syphoning the fun from poorly developed games.

    Modern titles are filled with numberless NPCs, each with detailed programming to make them act like real people. They take complex decisions and can even spend their days working jobs that influence the playthrough.

    However, this is all done through pre-programmed code. Implementing comprehensive modern AI would allow NPCs to behave autonomously, sometimes acting in a way the developers wouldn’t expect.

    This would construct dynamic narratives, where the player’s actions influence NPCs in a way that’s unique to a specific playthrough. With the huge strides already made in gaming AI, further developments are a guarantee.

    Technology Has a Bright Future in Gaming

    Technology in gaming has already made significant progress, with modern titles eclipsing what preceded them. Not only are the games themselves improved, innovative ways of playing are offering a wholly unique gaming experience.

    It’s an exciting time to be a gamer, with plenty of optimism for what the future holds.


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