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Top 10 Hottest & Sexiest Female Athletes of America

    Top 10 Hottest & Sexiest Female Athletes of America - Gossips Diary

    The world of sports is one of dedication, power, and respect. Even though men’s sports attract more attention due to the vigorous flame of adrenaline-boosting the aura, women are in no way left behind. It is not an alien concept that talent, along with beauty, is the courtship among humans. Listed below are the top 10 hottest female athletes of America who wield the weapons of skill and beauty to slay their opponents.

    1. Kelsey Robinson (Volleyball Player)

    • Born: June 25, 1992, Elmhurst, IL
    • Height: 6 feet 2 inches
    • Age: 29 years
    • Husband: Brain Cook (fiancé)
    • Position: Outside Hitter / Libero
    • Current club: Fenerbahçe (2021-2022)
    • Education: University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2013), St. Francis High School (2010), University of Tennessee
    • Parents: Mike Robinson, Sue Robinson
    Kelsey Robinson (Volleyball Player)

    Source: Instagram

    The tall and, blonde Kelsey is an active member of the American volleyball team. She had received a bronze medal in 2016 and a gold medal in the 2020 Olympic games. Kelsey Robinson’s talent justifies her beauty. Winning more than five prestigious individual awards and tons of team awards; she is indeed a stunning libero that can be the guardian angel of the volleyball court. Kelsey loves to travel and enjoys eating for leisure activities.

    2. Haley Anderson (Swimmer)

    • Born: November 20, 1991, Santa Clara, CA
    • Height: 5 feet 10 inches
    • Age: 30 years
    • College team: University of Southern California
    • Club: Sierra Marlins Swim Team
    • Siblings: Alyssa Anderson, Jordan Anderson
    • Parents: Colette Anderson, Randy Anderson
    Haley Anderson (Swimmer)

    Source: Instagram

    Haley Danita Anderson was a popular swimmer in the Amazon. She and her elder sister Alyssa both participated in the 2009 World Aquatic Championships. The stout and gorgeous Haley is at par with the mermaids when it comes down to her forte. She had received a silver medal for the 10km marathon in swimming in the 2012 Olympics. In her career, she has also bagged numerous awards. In her free time, Haley loves to spend quality time with her family.

    3. Casey Krueger (Soccer Player)

    • Born: August 23, 1990, Naperville, IL
    • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
    • Age: 31 years
    • Husband: Cody Krueger
    • Position(s): Defender
    • Current team: Chicago Red Stars
    • Education: Florida State University
    Casey Krueger (Soccer Player)

    Source: Instagram

    Hailing from the suburbs of Chicago named Naperville in Illinois, the curly-haired beauty is a national star. Casey is currently playing as a defender for Chicago Red Stars in the National Women’s Soccer LeagueHer cute smile, chocolate-colored contour, and her love for football can sway the hearts of men. Apart from football, she is also a state-level track athlete.

    4. Skylar Diggins-Smith (Basketball Player)

    • Born: August 2, 1990, South Bend, IN
    • Height: 5 feet 9 inches
    • Age: 31 years
    • Husband: Daniel Smith
    • Parents: Renee Scott, Tige Diggins
    • Current teams: Phoenix Mercury (#4 / Guard), United States
    • Education: University of Notre Dame (2009–2013), Washington High School
    Skylar Diggins-Smith (Basketball Player)

    Source: Instagram

    The American, curly-haired brunette is a professional basketball player. Skylar Diggins was born to lovely parents, Tige Diggins and Renee Scott. This tall, muscular beauty is also an advocate for equal pay among NBA and WNBA stars. She is married to Daniel Smith. The tan-skinned athlete plays her role as a point guard on the court.

    5. Alex Morgan (Soccer Player)

    • Born: July 2, 1989, San Dimas, CA
    • Height: 5 feet 7 inches
    • Age: 32 years
    • Husband: Servando Carrasco
    • Current teams: United States women’s national soccer team
    • Children: Charlie Elena Carrasco
    Alex Morgan (Soccer Player)

    Source: Instagram

    Alexandra Patricia Morgan is a talented middle-aged female soccer player. Her black hair, semi-brown eyes, and strong physique can be charming to many. It might come as a surprise to many; this talented athlete was the youngest player on the playing roster for World Cup 2011 to score a goal in the semis. When Alex is off-field, she loves to play with her dog and spend some quality time with her loved ones.

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    6. Tara Davis (Olympic Athlete)

    • Born: May 20, 1999
    • Height: 5 feet 3 inches
    • Age: 22 years
    • Husband: Hunter Woodhall (fiancé)
    • Education: Agoura High School, The University of Texas at Austin, University of Georgia
    Tara Davis (Olympic Athlete)

    Source: Instagram

    This curly-haired brown beauty is truly talented. Tara is a national record holder in 100m hurdles and a state record holder in the long jumpTara Davis was a student at the University of Georgia. This short, young, talented girl has proven, that she has a long way to go with her achievements. It is so inspiring to know that at such an early age, Tara was named the Ventura County Track and Field Athlete of the year.

    7. Olivia Smoliga (Swimmer)

    • Born: October 12, 1994, Glenview, Illinois, U.S
    • Height: 6 feet 2 inches
    • Age: 27 years
    • College team: University of Georgia
    • Club: Cali Condors; Athens Bulldog Swim Club
    • Parents: Tomasz Smoliga, Elżbieta Smoliga
    • Siblings: Matthew Smoliga
    Olivia Smoliga (Swimmer) 

    Source: Instagram

    The professional swimmer Olivia Smoliga is truly the mermaid that sways the hearts of many. Specializing in backstroke and freestyle, she had bagged a gold medal in the 2016 Olympics. Olivia has a younger brother Matt, who plays hockey. She is also placed 36th in SwimSwam top 100 women. To relieve the stress from competitions, Olivia loves to cook and sleep in her leisure time. According to her, these help her to focus on her upcoming tournaments.

    8. Angelica Delgado (Judo Player)

    • Born: December 14, 1990
    • Height: 5 feet 2 inches
    • Age: 30 years
    • Sport: Judo
    • Weight class: –52 kg
    Angelica Delgado (Judo Player)

    Source: Instagram

    Angelica is a national-level judoka who has successfully competed in many international championships including, the Olympics. Her charms and technique will sweep you off the ground. Angelica was born and brought up in Miami, Florida, from where she started her judo journey. Contrary to her, the field of sports, she relaxes by riding her bike, sunbathing, and reading books.

    9. Anita Alvarez (Synchronized Swimmer)

    • Born: December 2, 1996, Amherst, New York, U.S
    • Height: 5 feet 7 inches
    • Age: 25 years
    • Husband: James Gomez
    Anita Alvarez (Synchronized Swimmer)

    Source: Instagram

    Anita Alvarez was born and brought up in Buffalo, New York. She started her professional journey as a synchronized swimmer in 2014. It is surprising to see that the cute and slim Anita managed to participate in the 2016 Olympics. Her Mexican American descent certainly complements her beauty and skills in swimming.

    10. Nicole Sladkov (Rhythmic Gymnastics)

    • Born: November 2, 1999 (age 22 years), Lake Forest, IL
    • Residence: Vernon Hills, Illinois
    • Height: 5 feet 6 inches
    • Age: 22 years
    • Discipline: Rhythmic gymnastics
    • Years on national team: 2012 – present
    • Club: North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Center
    Nicole Sladkov (Rhythmic Gymnastics)

    Source: Instagram

    The world of sports certainly courses through her veins as her mother is a coach as well. Nicole is an American group rhythmic gymnast who represented the USA in the 2020 Olympics. Currently, she is a member of the North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre. Seeing her perform and flaunt her blonde-brunette hair is worth admiring. Just like any young girl, Nicole loves TV series like Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries, etc. She also loves to travel.

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