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5 Ways to Improve Your Slot Gaming

    5 Ways to Improve Your Slot Gaming

    Slot games seem like such a part of the modern world that it is easy to forget just how old they are. Charles Fey came up with the basic idea of the slot machine in 1894.

    His model was given the name the Liberty Bell. It boasted everything from the reels to the handle for spinning them.

    Eventually the idea caught on and by the 1970s and 1980s, gaming arcades were filled with fruit machines. Now slot games are mainly played in their online form.

    Here are five ways you can get the best experience out of playing an online slot.

    Check the RTP

    Slot games are more about luck than grand strategies, but that does not mean there are no ways of improving your odds when you play them. The return to player (RTP) on a slot game gives an indication of how often it pays out and games with RTPs below 96% should really be avoided.

    Look for ones that are above that, such as the Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold slot that has an RTP of 96.40%. You can play that slot machine online and many others at the Rainbow Riches Casino.

    Look for Free Games

    Free gaming is a feature that some of the online and mobile casinos offer to their customers. It can be very valuable when it comes to improving your slot gaming because it lets you take a game for a test spin before actually wagering any money.

    Although slots are a much simpler form of casino gaming than poker, blackjack and other table games, each online slot has peculiarities and quirks. Some of them produce regular payouts while others deliver frequent free spins that can boost your prize money.

    Learning how the slot game that you wish to play works ahead of playing for real can give you an edge once hard cash is involved.

    Use a Mobile Casino

    Mobile casinos are a growing part of the casino gaming industry and most companies now offer them. They can be accessed either by logging in using the web browser on your phone or by downloading an app.

    One of the reasons for their rising popularity is that they are ideally suited to slot games, which are the ones the majority of casino users play. Indeed, playing slots on a mobile can actually benefit your game.

    That is because it will enable you to play at any time, not just when you have access to your laptop. Most people get better at a game the more often they play.

    Neither Android or iOS mobiles suffer from the malware problems that can afflict computer operating systems either, so mobile is arguably the safer and more secure choice.

    Set Money and Time Limits

    This is something that is important for any form of casino gaming. Slot games are a far quicker and cheaper way to bet than other types of casino games, but the time and money limits should still apply.

    Work out the amount of money that you are prepared to spend during a session on the slots before you begin to play and stick to it. The chosen amount should be based on a budget of your incomings and outgoings for the month.

    Also set a maximum period of time for playing and stop when you reach it. That means ending the play even if you are winning and feel like you are on a roll.

    It also means under no circumstances should you continue playing when you are on a losing streak in the hopes of turning things around.

    Think Small

    There are two types of slot games when it comes to prizes: those that offer big payouts and those that promise smaller ones.

    You might be thinking that playing the big jackpot ones is the best move, but the opposite is true. Progressive jackpots build to such huge levels because it is very hard to actually trigger them during the play.

    That means by playing them you are really turning yourself into a sucker. Yes, they might hold out the dream of a life-changing win, but for most players it will stay just a dream.

    By contrast, slots that have low volatility levels pay out smaller amounts of money. However those small sums come much more frequently throughout the play.

    Thus you will not win the sort of cash that lets you quit your job, but you will have much better odds of finishing the game with more than you started with. Success on the slots is all about sensible tactical play rather than chasing impossible dreams of riches.

    Slots are like roulette in that they are essentially games of chance, but these pointers can still give you a better shot at playing them well.


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