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Can You Use a QR Code to Boost Facebook Engagement?

    Can You Use a QR Code to Boost Facebook Engagement?


    Facebook features billions of pages, communities, and users. While the list of destinations on Facebook is endless, how easy is it to connect users to your page? While connecting people to your page seems very difficult, you can easily achieve that through a Facebook QR code.

    A Facebook QR code allows you to connect people worldwide to your page with a single scan. It sums up your Facebook profile or business page enabling users to access it instantly. Also, a Facebook QR code offers a perfect way to connect print marketing content with your Facebook page.

    It can display several elements, including a Facebook profile URL, a short description or a headline, customizable brand colors, featured images, the number of Facebook page likes, and a link to your landing page or website. Read on to discover more about Facebook QR codes.

    Why Do You Need a Facebook Quick Response Code?

    You can use a Facebook QR code to enhance your audience engagement. So how does a Facebook QR code help you achieve that? Here are different ways:

    Ideal for Print Marketing

    QR codes act as links between digital platforms and print media. Including a Facebook QR code in your print materials means that users don’t need to look for your links, and you may even lose others since they don’t have your contact details. But with a single and quick QR code scan, Facebook users can access all the relevant links, contact details, and any other piece of information.

    Helps Summarize Your Facebook Business Page

    Facebook QR codes provide direct and quick overviews of why users should visit your page, thanks to the short descriptions and headlines they provide. Additionally, they contain the option for users to like your page instantly without accessing it.

    You also have the option to display your Facebook page likes, and you can link your landing page or website below the profile information. That means you can add your QR code to other marketing content and make it easier for Facebook users to connect to your page or profile through their smartphones instead of manually searching for the links.

    Facebook QR Code Campaign Tracking

    A Facebook dynamic QR code offers many benefits for marketers. One of these benefits is the ability to track QR scans. Dynamic QR codes feature tracking metrics that help you to view real-time data for scans based on location, type of scans, time scanned, and the operating system. This allows for optimization and correct ROI calculations for your QR code campaigns.

    Customize to Match Your Brand

    The page linked to your Facebook QR code and the code itself are customizable. You can customize your linked page with your logo and brand colors. Facebook QR codes can be styled with similar branding elements and custom frames with different edge styles and unique CTAs.

    You can also pick from different image file formats if you want to download your QR code. After downloading, you can change its style and size for every marketing material type of your choice, including digital and print.

    Always Updatable and Editable

    The Dynamic QR code type isn’t permanent even when you print it. You can always change or update the information stored in your QR code, enabling users to access fresh content. And the best part is that you don’t need to generate another QR code.

    If you accidentally made a mistake in your content or want to update it for another profile, it’s no problem. If you notice that another QR code works excellently, you can always change it to provide your customers with the content you want them to access.

    Final Thoughts

    QR codes are a simple and affordable way to direct traffic to your social media pages. It’s a smart marketing tool that has proven to serve promotional purposes such as special offers and VIP rewards, stirring your Facebook presence, and enhancing brand visibility, while keeping up with customers’ changing expectations and preferences.

    While most social media marketing techniques have proven to be a little bit technical and challenging, Quick response codes are an exclusion to them and can provide the same services without taking too much of your time, effort, and hard-earned money.


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