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7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Buying Recycled Plastic

    7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Buying Recycled Plastic

    If you’re selling recycled plastics and plastics are cheaper than virgin ones, why not be a part of the cheap but environmentally conscious movement? Plastic as a resource is finite, and recycling can make sure we keep it around for another day. In this article, we’ll look at seven reasons your business should be one of the trendsetters by going the recycled route with their plastic.

    What is the Evolution of Plastic?

    Though plastic has been around for more than fifty years, it wasn’t until the late 1970s that recycling became popular. Previously, most people just threw plastics away, thinking they would eventually break down and get recycled.

    However, as manufacturers started making more and more plastic products, plastic waste increased. Today, there is so much plastic waste that it is becoming difficult to recycle it all. It is estimated that only about 23% of all plastic is recycled.

    Recycling has become so difficult because plastics have changed over time; back in the 1970s and 1980s, most plastics were made from oil. However, today’s plastics are made from different materials, including waxes and polymers. These polymers are difficult to break down and often end up in landfills or our oceans.

    Therefore, businesses should buy recycled plastic to help reduce the amount of plastic waste in our environment. By buying recycled plastic, businesses can help to improve recycling rates and reduce their environmental impact.

    7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Buy Recycled Plastic

    1. Recycled plastic is Cost-Effective – Buying recycled plastic is one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce your environmental footprint. Recycled plastic reduces the amount of new plastic that needs to be created, saving money.

    2. Recycled Plastic Is Eco-Friendly – Eco-friendly products are important for businesses of all sizes. By buying recycled plastic, you are helping to protect the environment and improve our overall climate situation.

    3. Recycled plastic is safe for humans and animals – Recycling plastic is also a safe option for humans and animals. The materials used in recycled plastics are biodegradable, which means they break down into small pieces over time. This reduces the risk of toxic chemicals being released into the environment.

    4. Recycled Plastic Uses Less Energy than Making New Plastic – The production of new plastic uses a lot of energy, negatively affecting the environment. Using recycled plastic reduces the amount of energy used in the production process.

    5. Recycled plastic has a long life span – Recycled plastic has a longer life span than new materials and can be reused multiple times if cleaned properly. This means that you can use recycled plastic for the same purpose repeatedly. By creating an environment where new plastic isn’t so readily available, you’re preventing it from being produced in the first place.

    6. You Save Money – Buying recycled plastic materials can save your business money. There are many costs associated with recycling plastic, such as transport and processing. by buying recycled plastic, you can avoid these costs.

    7. You Improve Quality – Buying recycled plastic materials improves the quality of the material. Recycled plastics have already been through the process of being melted and formed into new products. This means that they are of a higher quality than traditional plastic materials.

    Benefits of Using Recycled Materials instead of Virgin Materials

    1. Using recycled materials instead of virgin materials can be smart to save energy.
    1. Recycling saves resources and reduces the amount of waste that needs to be sent to landfills.
    1. It’s important to consider the environmental impact of your business when making decisions about which material to use. Using recycled plastic can help you create a positive impact on the environment.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There are many reasons why your business should be buying recycled plastic. Here are some frequently asked questions about recycled plastic that can help you decide to purchase it:

    Q. What types of plastics are recycled?

    • The most common types of plastics that are recycled are polypropylene and polyethylene. These types of plastics are used in products like grocery bags, packaging, and toys.

    Q. What is the difference between recycled and virgin plastic?

    • Virgin plastic is new plastic that has not been recycled yet. Recycled plastic is plastic that has been previously used and then reprocessed into new pieces of plastic. This means that the plastic has been broken down into smaller pieces and is more environmentally friendly than virgin plastic because it requires less energy.

    Q. Why should I buy recycled plastic?

    • There are many reasons why you should buy recycled plastic. For example, it is more environmentally friendly than virgin plastic because it requires less energy to create. It also has a lower environmental impact than virgin plastic because it doesn’t take up as much space in landfills. Plus, recycled plastic is often cheaper than virgin plastic.

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