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Alex Stokes Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Dhar mann cast

    Alex Stokes Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Dhar mann cast

    Young and appealing, Alex Stokes is well-known on social media as a celebrity because of his work on YouTube. Unexpectedly, he began his YouTube career with a 2-minute video from his older twin, Alan Stokes. The channel with a lot of subscribers goes by the name of Stokes Twins. The channel used to feature posts from Alex and his brother regarding bizarre videos and practical jokes. The success of the channel is due primarily to other types of videos, such as the challenge type.

    Name Alex Stokes
    Age 26
    Date of birth 23 November 1996
    Birthplace Newquay, Cornwall England
    Hight 6 feet 1 inch
    Parents NA
    Siblings 1 twin brother (Alan Stokes )
    Occupation YouTube influencer
    Education Graduated
    Marital status Single


    Nationality American
    Ethnicity American-British- Chinese
    Net worth Over 6$ million as of 2023
    Religion Christiana

    Due to the fact that Alex Stokes and his brother Alan Stokes are identical twins, this pair is particularly remarkable. The pair’s amazing work has helped them amass a sizable fan base. Additionally, the fact that they are twins has given them an advantage because they can work well together.

    Since the show has been so successful, Alex Stokes has become friends with many famous people, including Andrew Davila, Dom Brack, Lexi Rivera, Brent Rivera, Lexi Hensler, Jeremy Hutchins, Ben Azelart, and many others. As well, frequent appearances by other social media celebrities on the Stokes Twins channel were once common.

    The “Sunset Park” YouTube channel features the Stokes twins. Additionally, Alex and Alan have a website where their distinctive clothing line can be purchased.

    How old is Alex Stokes?

    Alex Stokes was born on 23 November 1996 in Newquay Cornwall, England. Accordingly, Alex’s current age is 26 years.

    And now he lives in the USA and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius and according to current news, he has graduated.

    How tall is Alex?

    Alex Stokes stands at about 6 feet 1 inch tall.

    Source: Instagram

    If we talk about the physical personality and height of Alan Stokes, then he is a very handsome person with an excellent physical personality. Alex Stokes stands at about 6 feet 1 inch tall. His weight is about 70 KG, with biceps that measure 16 inches, shoes that are a size 10 US, and a physique that measures 44-32-38 inches. Regarding his appearance, Alex Stokes has light brown hair and brown eyes. As a result of his varied skin tone, he appears distinctive and attractive in a person or online.

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    Who is Alex Stokes dating?

    Like his brother Alan, Alex too has a very secretive personality.

    He does have a girlfriend that is exposed by social media persons and their followers. Alex has never been found in any relationships or dating anyone. Currently, he is completely busy building his career. And also don’t want to give so much importance to things like relationships and dating.

    Career and the early life of Alex Stokes.

    Alex Stokes was a regular person who enjoyed studying and playing in his free time before becoming famous on YouTube. But when he and his twin brother Alan Stokes are together, they always seem young. Others find them to be quite fascinating because of that. These factors gave them the idea to try their hand at creating original content for the web. They decided on YouTube because it was so popular at the time.

    They have produced a tonne of interesting content that appeals to a large audience. More than 18 million people are current subscribers to the Stokes twins’ official YouTube account. Alex Stokes and Alan Stokes created a Tiktok account with the same name following their success on YouTube. Surprisingly, Tiktok’s account has almost 30.5 million followers, far more than Youtube’s.

    The net worth of Alex Stokes

    The primary YouTube channel, which Alex and Alan jointly operate, is where they distribute the money they make. Compared to his twin brother, Alex Stoke’s net worth is a little lower at about $600,000. On the other side, it’s also rumoured that Alex Stokes bills about $700,000 for publishing compensated or sponsored content.

    Alex Stoke's net worth is $600,000 & his brother Net worth around $700,000

    Source: Twitter

    Additionally, the Stokes Twins Tik Tok account is operated by Alex Stokes and his brother. He also makes a sizable amount of sharing because they both have to earn prospects through the same account. In addition, he has a sizable following on his personal Instagram, so it stands to reason that he makes money there as well. Alex Stokes ultimately represents large brands and services by promoting their services and goods. As a result, the businesspeople do pay him for the same purpose.

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    Family background of Alex Stokes

    The names of the parents of Alex Stokes have never been made public. But he is a mixed-ethnicity person; his mother is Chinese and his father is British-American. You would notice that he has a Chinese-looking face for that reason. The parents of Alex have repeatedly appeared on their account.

    Both Alex and Alan are very close to their Grandfather “Chen” who passed away recently. Remembering him, both the brothers made a video in which they became emotional while remembering their grandfather and sharing their memories.

    Alex Stokes in “Dhar Mann”

    The Stokes twins Alex Stokes and Alan Stokes featured in one of the episodes of the series Dhar Mann. the name of that episode is “Twin gets kidnapped by a Stranger.”

    Some unknown facts about Alex stokes

    • For food, Alex Stokes has a particular fondness for Chinese.
    • Selena Gomez is his favourite musician.
    • Alex’s favourite model is Kendall Jenner.
    • Alex’s favourite vacation destination is Miami.
    • His favourite foods are pizza, hotdogs, or sandwiches with coke.
    • Out of all the colours, Alex likes black and white the most.
    • His two favourite pastimes are producing videos and playing video games.


    Thus, this information relates to Alex Stokes, a well-known YouTube Star, and his life and profession. We have attempted to include practically all of the material relevant to the lives of these well-known YouTubers in one post. . I sincerely hope you had a great time reading it. Remember to post a comment with your ideas.


    Q-1) What is the net worth of Alex Stokes.?

    Ans ) Alex Stokes has a $6 million dollar net worth as of right now, according to media reports. which is smaller than their brother’s quantity.

    Q-2 ) What is Alex Stokes’ age?

    Ans ) In 1996 on November 26th, Alex was born. He is currently 26 years old.

    Q-3 ) How do the Dhar Mann series and Alex Stokes relate to one another?

    Ans ) In the Dhar Mann episode titled “Twin gets kidnapped by a Stranger,” Alex Stokes made an appearance.


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