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Anastasia Kingsnorth (YouTube Star): Biography, Career, Family, Affairs

    Anastasia Kingsnorth Biography

    Who is Anastasia Kingsnorth?

    Anastasia Kingsnorth, a very well-liked, fashionable, and self-sufficing personality, is a 20-year old English Content Creator. She creates fashion, beauty, lifestyle videos and vlogs on her YouTube Channel, i.e., Anastasia’s Vlogs. With above 1.2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and 982.2 K followers on Anastasia Kingsnorth Instagram, she is going to continue jacking up oodles of followers en route.

    The charming young girl loves to be in front of her camera, showcasing her love and passion for the lifestyle. She is extremely zealous about her life as a YouTuber. She has stated so many times, and YouTube is the best thing that had ever happened to her in her entire life.

    On her vlog channel, she has accomplished around 470K subscribers, which is worth appreciating. Evidently, she has created a lucrative career for herself on which many other creators are keeping an eye on and are the envy of her.

    Anastasia Kingsnorth Biography – Quick Facts

    Anastasia Kingsnorth YouTube Star Bio

    Real Name Anastasia Kingsnorth
    Nickname Floral Princess
    Date of Birth 13th October 2000
    Birth Place Kettering, England
    Gender Female
    Age 20 Year Old
    Height 5 Feet 5 Inches
    Weight 57KG (123 lbs)
    Eye Color Green

    Anastasia Kingsnorth Family

    Father Name Mr. Andrew
    Mother Name Mrs. Julie Stanton
    Brother Atticus

    Personal Life

    Nationality British
    Marital Status Unmarried
    Horoscope Libra
    Color White and Pastel Pink
    Famous As YouTube Star

    Body Measurements

    According to Anastasia Kingsnorth Wikipedia, she has a normal height measurement of a woman, i.e., 5ft. and 5inches.  However, people might get confused with her height as she seems to be fairly tall in her posts, but that’s what fashion is all about. Talking about her weight, then she weighs around 123 lbs, which is equivalent to 57 Kgs.

    Before Fame

    Before being determined on her YouTube journey, she was keen on art and drawing. Within three months of posting her very first video, she got 1000 subscribers on her channel. It was the moment when she started getting a little fame.

    Anastasia Kingsnorth Personal Life

    Anastasia was born and bred in Kettering, England. Her Date of Birth is 13th of October 2000, which means Anastasia Kingsnorth’s age has turned 20 years old. She has a beautiful and attractive set of Hazel green eyes that perfectly suits her nickname “Floral Princess.”

    Street Food is what she feels most excited about. She further loves flaunting her blonde hairs as well. Her horoscope is Libra and White and Pastel Pink are her most loved colors. She redecorates her room every other season and keeps the overall theme quite neutral around her favorite muted colors. Anastasia has publicly not disclosed her education yet.

    Anastasia Kingsnorth Career

    However, she initiated her journey as a YouTuber and a vlogger somewhere back then in 2013 in her mid-teens. She uploaded her first video in May 2014 under the title named “Weekend Night Routine.” As of now, she is 20 and has pulled much more than a swathe of other creators or influencers twice her age had achieved yet.

    She has successfully built her YouTube channel all on her own and has created a popular image on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Her posts and vlogs are based majorly on lifestyle and fashion related topics. People can simply find several videos related to Halloween, Christmas Beauty, Haul Videos, Back To School, etc. on her Youtube Channel. By now, folks have successfully recognized her as a fashion and beauty influencer.

    Her Family

    Kingsnorth has her dad Mr. Andrew, her mother, Mrs. Julie Stanton, and a brother Atticus in her family. Her mother is also a social media star, which is worth mentioning here. As Anastasia Kingsnorth’s parents lived in Kettering English, she has spent most of her early days with her family at her birthplace. Seeing one of her tweets from the year 2017, she tweeted thanking her dad for keeping the promise, where Anastasia Kingsnorth Father is also there in the picture with her. It seems like she is very close to her father.

    Anastasia Kingsnorth Net Worth

    The modern chic, Anastasia, has been there in the footlights for plenty of time for now and earned quite a good popularity according to her age. She is continuing her career as a blogger and collects revenue from her YouTube paid partnerships, advertisements, brand endorsement, etc. She is esteemed to have a net worth approximately one million dollars to five million dollars per monetized views.

    Affairs & Relationship

    As obvious, Kingsnorth is single yet, and she usually reminiscent of keeping her personal life private. There is no idea if she is dating or not; if yes, then who is Anastasia Kingsnorth’s boyfriend. Hence, her personal life is undercover right now, till we get some updated information.  

    It looks as if at the moment, she is more focused on building her career and has never thought to hook up with someone right now. However, fumes were out from some media vents that she dated back in 2016-2017, a boy named Morgan Hudson.

    Social Media Presence

    Wrapping Anastasia Kingsnorth bio further mentions her social media handles; she has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. Also, there is little information about her website, which is about to be updated yet.

    Finally, Anastasia Kingsnorth Associated with Zoe Sugg’s, an English vlogger, author, and businesswoman. She is a big fan of hers. She also posted a “Beauty Collected Haul” video ft. Zoella Beauty back on her channel in October 2014.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Question: Does Anastasia Kingsnorth have merch?

    • Yes, Ms. Kingsnorth has a merch, and she merchandises products from KWB. These are customized products manufactured by Teespring.

    Question: How old is Anastasia Kingsnorth?

    • As mentioned, she was born on the 13th of October in the year 2020. It means today; she has turned 20 years old.

    Question: Where is Anastasia Kingsnorth from?

    • By birth, Anastasia Kingsnorth is from Kettering, England, in the United Kingdom.

    Question: How much is Anastasia Kingsnorth worth?

    • The worth of British white beauty, Anastasia Kingsnorth, is around 1 Million to 5 Million dollars ensued from the entertainment industry.

    Question: How tall is Anastasia Kingsnorth?

    • Ms. Kingsnorth is 5ft. and 5inches tall, i.e., equal to a normal young teenage girl’s height.

    Question: Where does Anastasia Kingsnorth live?

    • Due to obvious safety reasons, there is no precise information about her present residence at the moment.  But the fans will surely keep informed about her residence images and location if we get to know.
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