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Whitney Scott Mathers Biography: Eminem’s Adopted Daughter

    Whitney Scott Mathers Biography

    Eminem’s Adopted Daughter Whitney Scott Mathers might not a famous name, but Eminem is a popular one. She is the daughter of a great rapper named Marshall Mathers. She is an American celebrity child and social media sensation and an ex-wife’s adoptive daughter named Eminem Anne Scott of Eminem. To know more about Whitney Scott Mathers’s biography, we will discuss here.

    Whitney Scott Mathers Biography – Quick Facts

    Whitney Scott Mathers Bio

    Real Name Whitney Scott Mathers
    Also Known As Whitney Mathers
    Date of Birth 16th April 2002
    Birth Place St. Joseph, Missouri, USA
    Gender Female
    Age 18 Year Old
    Height 5 Feet 6 Inches
    Weight 55 KG


    Father Name Eminem
    Mother Name Kimberly Anne Scott
    Grandparent Annette Witheridge
    Marshall Bruce Mathers
    Jr., Casimer Sluck
    Marie Hartter
    Kathleen Sluck
    Siblings Alaina Marie Mathers
    Hailie Jade
    Uncle Nathan Samra-Mathers
    Michael Mathers

    Personal Life

    Nationality American
    Sun Sign Aries
    Marital Status Single
    Nationality American
    Famous As Eminem’s Daughter
    Education High School in Missouri

    Who is Whitney Scott Mathers?

    Whitney Scott Mathers is a daughter to the famous American Rapper Eminem. Eminem has three daughters, and Whitney is the adopted and youngest among all three. Whitney is not any renowned star but a star kid. She is a significant influencer, also. Whitney Scott Mather’s age is 18 years old and 5 feet 6 inches height with 55 kg weight.


    Childhood and Education

    She was born on 16 April 2002. Right now, she is 18 years old, pursuing her high school in Missouri. She has not followed her graduation yet. Whitney Scott Mathers Early Life is sorted enough. She is active in her education and presently taking some online courses too.

    Whitney Scott Mathers Family

    Her Father is Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem, after her adoption. She raised under the shadow of her father, Eminem and grew up with her two siblings named Hailie and Alaina. Whitney Scott Mather’s mother is Kimberly Anne Scott. She has the entire family includes his father, Eminem and her two siblings now.

    Well, Whitney is the result of Kimberly Scott and Eric Hartter’s affair while she is married to Eminem. Afterward, Eminem and Kimberley separated their ways. Kim gave birth to Whitney. Later on, Kim turned herself into a drug addict. Her biological father, Eric, was a criminal. Kim and Eric can’t raise their child, Whitney. Therefore, Eminem adopted Whitney and living with her in the USA. Her father, Eric, was never a part of her life.

    Personal Life

    She never comes closer to the media press. Her father, Eminem, always kept her aside from media and radar press. Her career is still under the shadow as she is of 18 years right now. She was talking about Whitney Scott Mathers affairs and relationship, no status yet about that. Affairs status says that she is still single for now.

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    Facts about Whitney Scott Mathers

    • Once Whitney said that she was bisexual. She got attracted to men and women both. Earlier it was relatively more challenging for her to confess for the same, but in 2019 she dared to claim that in front of everyone. Now she is safe to assert her sexuality.
    • Her Father and Mother both decided to give their together surnames to their daughters.
    • She looks like her elder sister Hailie, and even she wants to look like her also. She is in love with photography and traveling.
    • In case she asks to choose a travel destination, she would have chosen Paris for sure. Paris is her dream travel destination.
    • Her father, Eminem and mother, Kimberley, got separated because her mother had a relationship with Eric Hatter, a criminal.
    • Whitney loves animals, and therefore she used to post multiple pictures of her with reptiles.

    Social Media Presence

    If we consider the social life of Whitney, his father kept her personal life aside. He never displayed Whitney’s private life in public. Apart from media, Whitney has 89.6K followers over Instagram, active on Facebook, and 1.5K followers over Twitter. Now, she wants to focus on her academics, and afterward on her career. Whitney Scott Mathers Instagram stays active around.


    Presently, she has no career, as she is 18 years old only. No doubt, she is too serious about her career, and even though her voice is also magical to allow her to get into the world of music. Whitney’s father, Eminem’s worth, is around $190 Million. Eminem encouraged Whitney much for her career. She is excellent at her academics studies and does well with that.

    She is a cheerful and passionate girl. She always concentrates on her studies and career. She is too focused on her music also, and one day she will achieve something in her life. To know about her, one can search for Whitney Scott Mathers Wikipedia also.

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