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Bethany Joy Lenz Reveals She Was in a Cult for a Decade

    Bethany Joy Lenz Reveals She Was in a Cult for a Decade

    Bethany Joy Lenz, a One Tree Hill alum, has revealed that she was in a cult for over a decade. She hopes to use her experience to help others. During an episode of the Drama Queen Podcast at iHeartRadio, Lenz, who is 42, explained how she had been a member of a cult and her journey to recovery. She explained that she has been trying to recover for a decade, so she has a lot to say.

    She Would Love to Write One Day

    This story came up when the actor and her cohost, Sophia Bush, were asked by the guests of the show, Michaela McManus, if they would add that they were others to their resumes. Sophia Bush has already written her first memoir, The Rural Diaries, which she completed in 2020. She followed it up with Grimoire Girl, which will be hitting the shelves early in October.

    On her part, Lenz, who played the character of Haley James Scott on One Tree Hill from 2003 to 2013, said that she wishes to pen a book sometime in the future and already has several pieces in place. She went on to explain that she suffered from ADHD, which is why it was hard to write one. Part of her writing culture would be about writing about her experience.

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    What Is Stopping Her from Writing?

    The actress said that the reason she has not written a book is the pressure of getting everything right and remembering the details as they were. She also wants to get the people involved in her journey to agree to be part of the story. The actress also continued to say that her writing would entail some legal responsibilities that she would like to settle before it was published. Unfortunately, she did not have enough time to complete all that.

    However, she retaliated by saying that she writes regularly and about many things. Burton Morgan added that Lenz could still bring out her experiences in music, such as writing songs, which she confirmed that she has done. The actress has not released any singles or licenced her music to any of the singers yet.

    It Is Not the First Time She is Opening Up

    It is not the first time that Lenz has opened up about her personal life. She has been trying to use her experiences to teach others and help them out of similar situations. For example, she had taken up the role of a character who was abused by her partner in Grey’s Anatomy. Her past, which involved being in an abusive relationship, was part of the reason she was selected for the role.

    When talking about the role, Lenz said that she got a call from Krista Vernoff, who was the Grey’s Anatomy show runner. Krista knew a little bit of Lenz’s history, including her being in an abusive relationship. When Lenz appeared on Steve Harvey’s show, The Steve Show, she said that she was not physically abused but endured psychological, emotional and spiritual abuse in various ways.

    Lenz has also said several times that she wanted to play the role of Jenny, a Grey’s Anatomy character who was abused by her partner. However, the character is strong and weathers all the abuse. Lenz described the character as showing that abused women can be smart and strong and may not even realise that they are facing abuse.

    Lenz’s View of Toxic Relationships

    Lenz said that most women are used to the idea that ‘boys will always be boys’ or that someone will ‘lose their cool’. These are signs of toxic masculinity. When a character shows women like those who face abuse that they still become charismatic and successful in their doings, it’s a great way to fight the abuse. She added that it would add relief and bring comfort to people who have faced similar situations, as it shows that there can always be better things after the pain and suffering.

    What was the Cult About?

    Lenz has not given details about her cult or what made it qualify to be one. She has never opened up about the details of what she endured during the time she served under it. Therefore, there are scanty details as to which cult she had joined and its rituals.

    Most people believe that the reason she says very little about it is because some of the issues could lead to legal challenges. She does not want to start court battles when she is healing from the trauma that she faced during her time at the cult. However, it will be fascinating to see what stories she would write if she made her idea of a book a reality.

    She has had several painful experiences in the past, ranging from relationships to cult involvement. It would be great if she used her experiences to help others avoid falling into the trap or facing the same pain that she endured.

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