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Creative Ways To Propose To Your Partner With A Ruby Ring

    You have found the one with whom you can love, fight and share your life. Now, it’s time to ask her to be your life companion. Collecting the courage to propose to your loved one is a nerve-wracking task to do.

    But, before you think of some exciting and romantic proposal ideas, select a stunning ring that echoes your love for her aloud. But without a ring, the proposal is incomplete. So, when it comes to a proposal ring, no gemstone can best symbolize your deep love and passion for her than a gorgeous ruby ring. Ruby is associated with love, devotion, passion and energy due to its intense red color that evokes romance and love.

    I have compiled a list of creative ways you can choose to propose to your partner. This will make your proposal day special and stick to your mind as a sweet memory. So, let’s quickly get started.

    Long Drive Proposal

    It’s a sunny day, the weather is warm, the breeze is gentle and nothing can be more exciting than a long drive with your woman on this day. So, if you’re planning to propose to your girlfriend, then a long drive proposal is the one that will make her go dumbfounded. 

    Plan a long drive with her and keep everything ready, including a beautifully designed natural ruby ring. While you both are enjoying the drive and romantic music hand in hand, pull over at a beautiful place on the roadside, get down on your knees and ask, ‘Let’s spend the rest of our lives together.’ 

    Private Beach Proposal

    Walking barefoot on the beach and holding hands with your sweetheart is one of the most romantic feelings. Undeniably, a private beach proposal is one of the most exciting and picture-perfect proposals. Plan a dinner date on the beach with your partner and when the moment is perfect, pull out a halo ruby ring and ask her to be yours forever. This will surely melt her heart and make her say yes to your proposal. 

    The vintage vibe of the halo ruby ring will make her look exceptionally gorgeous and make her day one of the most remarkable days of her life.

    Hot Air Balloon Proposal

    Is your woman an adventure enthusiast? Then plan a wonderful proposal for your partner. A hot air balloon is one of the best proposal ideas that can make your proposal story epic. Plan everything carefully and design your ruby ring beautifully for your proposal. 

    You can also plan some romantic music on an air balloon. So, while you both are floating at 2000 feet above the ground, surprise her with an engagement ring and ask her to marry you. This will absolutely leave her amazed and make her say yes to your proposal.

    Candlelight Dinner

    Imagine you and your woman are sitting across a table, looking at each other passionately through the dim light of candles. Romantic, isn’t it? Why not? Candlelight dinners are always dreamy and mesmerizing. 

    So, if your lady loves romantic dates, then a candlelight dinner proposal is an ideal proposal for you. Arrange a candlelight date at a lavish restaurant to make your proposal extravagant. Keep the proposal a surprise and while you both are enjoying wine after dinner, secretly drop a ruby ring in her wine glass to make your proposal extravagantly romantic.

    Forest Safari Proposal

    Want to make your proposal a fable of love? Plan it in a forest. When you kneel down in the forest to ask your girlfriend to spend the rest of your lives together, her eyes will fill with happiness and make her go head over heels. 

    You can plan a picnic in the forest with beautiful lighting to make your proposal unimaginably romantic. Arrange everything and when the mood is romantic, pull out a stunning ruby ring and say, ‘baby, you set my heart on fire; will you marry me?’

    Final Word…

    You can express your eternal love and care for her in a thousand ways. There is no best way to propose to your woman and seize the moment that will be cherished forever. Apart from the proposal, you also need to design your ruby ring uniquely to celebrate your eternal love. Get a gemstone ring that speaks your love to her aloud and brings a smile to her face every time she looks at it. 

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