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Daniel Craig First Wife Fiona Loudon Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Children

    Daniel Craig with First Wife Fiona Loudon

    Fiona Loudon is a Scottish actress residing in London, she is best recognized as Daniel Craig’s first wife. Daniel is known for his movies as James Bond, a fictional British Secret Service agent, which started with the movie Casino Royale. Loudon herself is most notably known for performing on stage in London, and during that time she met Daniel Craig and that’s how they started a relationship, Daniel was also just starting his film carrier. Fiona Loudon was married to Daniel Craig for about 2 years and had a daughter named Ella Craig. Ella is also an actress like her mother, Ella worked in 2017 in the short film ‘Maneater’ and in 2018 on the film ‘Trauma is a Time Machine’, and she is also a popular star on Instagram. However, currently, there are not many updates about her life and career status.

    In this article, you will get to know about Fiona Loudon Biography, Age, Height, Husband, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Movies and Tv Shows with IMDB rating, Children, so keep scrolling.

    Fiona Loudon Biography and Wiki

    For those who have missed it, Fiona Loudon is a Scottish actress known for her stage work in London and is the first wife of Daniel Crag. Fiona Loudon is also a therapist, artist, and psychotherapist. She has her own music firm and she also has a business by her now-changed name from Fiona Loudon to Harley Loudon. She might be out of reach from media firms but many times she is seen in public

    Fiona LoudonWiki
    Full nameFiona Loudon
    Age55 Years
    BirthdateMay 5, 1968  (Friday)
    Current ResidenceAthelstan ford, Scotland, UK
    HusbandDaniel Craig
    Divorce1994 (2 Years of Marriage)
    Net Worth$10 million
    ChildrenElla Craig
    College/UniversityLondon University
    Social MediaNot on any social media
    Business OwnedHarley Loudon


    Daniel Craig with First Wife Fiona Loudon
    Daniel Craig with First Wife Fiona Loudon

    Relationship with Daniel Craig

    Fiona Loudon was an actress, who worked as a stage artist in many movies, but the world will recognize her as Daniel Craig’s First Wife. It might be one of her biggest achievements.

    She got married to Daniel Craig in 1992 and divorced in 1994, merely 2 years. But she had a beautiful daughter with Daniel Craig, her name is Ella Craig, she also stepped on her father’s path, as she worked in movies, and she is also a popular Instagram star.

    Fiona Loudon Divorce reason with Daniel Craig

    Fiona Loudon Divorce reason with Daniel Craig
    Divorce reason with Daniel Craig

    Daniel Craig once said in an interview about her divorce from his first wife Fiona Loudon that they married at a very early and young stage and were immature about the future. That stage is the first stage and he was very indecisive at that time, and that’s why he married to Fiona Loudon without having a second thought. He also added that he respects that decision and never regretted it, as it was the best for two of them to separate and move on in their life. After that, he married Rachel Weisz in 2011.


    Fiona Loudon is Scottish and was born in Scotland, United Kingdom on 5 May 1968. So, she is 55 Years as of 2023. She has maintained herself properly as she looks very young considering her age. It might be because of a good diet plan. She has also a good figure. She looks healthy, it might be because she has been out of the limelight for so many years.


    She is 5’7” (170 centimeters). She appears tall and has a good body posture. Her body measurements are 34 27-34 and her shoe size. Her eye color is Blue with blonde hair color. She has beautiful eyes and her blonde hair suits her well. Her height is just a compliment to her body figure.

    Net Worth

    Apart from being an actress, Fiona Loudon is a psychotherapist and an artist. Fiona Loudon (As of 2023) has an estimated net worth of $10 Million. It might vary as she has not confirmed the number of firms from which she earns. Her earning sources vary in many fields. She earns from her music and art business. She also has her own firm by the name Harley Loudon, which has a good amount of reach to the audience. She is a good social media influencer and many times shares photos of her handmade art on social media.

    Movies and Tv Shows

    Fiona Loudon was mainly a stage artist, with less known for the big screen. Fiona Loudon worked in movies and television shows. Fiona Loudon also worked as a model in the industry for some time. Then Fiona Loudon changed her name to Harley Loudon and started working in the music and handmade art industry. She shares many photos of her handmade arts on the internet. Her daughter has also promoted her on Instagram. Her daughter, Ella is a big fan of her handcrafted items.


    Fiona Loudon Childrens
    Fiona Loudon Childrens

    She has a daughter named Ella with Daniel Craig. Ella is an actress and an Instagram star. She has 15.3k followers on Instagram with 768 posts on the social media platform. She many times posts about her mother and father. She even attended the premiere of Daniel Craig last James Bond role in the film No Time to Die. She thinks that her mother is her icon and many times she thanks them on Instagram. She also has acted in films like “Maneater” and “Trauma is a Time Machine”, which garnered her a better reach to the audience. She is fearless and always looks happy while in public. Let’s wait as the future of Ella endeavors.

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