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Do Yellow Tinted Glasses Block Blue Light?

    Yellow Tinted Glasses

    According to research, two out of every three Americans suffer from symptoms of digital eye strain. The blue light from TVs, smartphone screens, and laptop screens is the cause of the problem. So the question is can yellow-tinted glasses block blue light from these screens and protect your eyes?

    In this post, we discuss what yellow glasses are and if all of them can block blue light from damaging your vision.

    What are Yellow Tinted Glasses?

    Yellow-tinted glasses are special sunglasses or spectacles that are designed specifically with a yellow film on the lenses. This special tint helps filter out blue light from digital screens or LED lights and minimizes harmful UV rays when you’re outside.

    The yellow artificial filtering also allows you to view objects better, such as when driving in low light conditions or during a hazy day outdoors.

    Do Yellow-Tinted Glasses Really Block Out Blue Light?

    Yellow-tinted glasses do block out blue light. Blue light is part of the natural electromagnetic energy spectrum. It’s a high-energy light in the visible spectrum between ultraviolet and infrared. You get most of your blue light exposure from the sun, but you can also get exposed to this type of light from digital screens.

    Blue light has been linked to eye strain and vision damage. Yellow-tinted glasses reduce the amount of blue light that can penetrate your eyes and reach your retinal cells, thereby decreasing the chances of eye strain and vision damage. Furthermore, yellow-tinted glasses also improve contrast by helping to filter out short wavelength colors like blue, making it easier for you to identify objects in bright lighting situations.

    When To Wear Yellow Tinted Glasses

    Glasses with a yellow tint aren’t simply for people who work on computers or smartphones all day. They’re also designed for many outdoor activities like:

    • Hunting
    • Snowboarding
    • Hiking
    • Driving through fog
    • Driving at night
    • Cycling
    • Running

    Yellow glasses offer great utility and ensure eye protection whether you’re indoors or outside. The purpose of these yellow color lenses is to enhance visual clarity and depth perception.

    Do All Yellow Tinted Glasses Block Blue Light?

    Not all yellow-tinted glasses block blue light. Some lenses may be able to reduce the amount of blue light that passes through them, but many standard yellow-tinted lenses don’t offer full protection.

    If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that can effectively block the harmful blue light emitted from devices, it’s best to look for lenses with affirmations or certifications that specify they have anti-blue light capabilities. Prescription sunglasses or spectacles with a yellow tint can offer maximum protection against blue light.

    The Benefits of Yellow-Tinted Glasses

    We’ve talked about how glasses with a yellow tint can protect your eyes, but what other benefits can they provide? In this section, we’ve given you more reasons to get yourself a pair of yellow glasses, whether it’s spectacles or sunglasses you’re after.

    Yellow Glasses Can Be Fashionable

    When you think of yellow glasses, your immediate thought might be that they’re not appealing to wear. However, there are thousands of designs that you can choose from that are quite fashionable.

    Choose glasses that have a uniquely shaped frame that complement your features. You can also find yellow glasses in various hues. Find a pair of yellow glasses that will go well with casual or professional outfits.

    Designed for All Ages

    Glasses with a yellow tint aren’t simply designed for adults. Teenagers can wear them, which means they’re excellent for youngsters that game regularly. Children can also wear yellow glasses to protect their eyes when playing on tablets or if their eyes are sensitive to the sun.

    They Increase Contrast and Clarity

    Another advantage of yellow-tinted lenses is the improved contrast and clarity they deliver due to the way they filter brightness, shadows, and colors. This helps to make objects appear sharper and clearer, making it easier for the user to read menus or other printed materials without straining their eyes too much.

    They Improve Visual Acuity

    For people with poor vision or who need extra help seeing in bright conditions, wearing yellow-tinted glasses can actually improve visual acuity. This is because the combination of the filtering capabilities of yellow filters coupled with increased clarity can make it easier for your eyes to focus on objects or details which may otherwise be difficult to see clearly with normal glasses.

    Should You Get Yellow Tinted Glasses?

    Not everyone needs to wear glasses with yellow lenses. However, if you’re working on computer screens regularly or you find that your eyes are sensitive to the sun, then consider getting a pair of yellow glasses. It’s recommended that you buy a pair of prescription glasses or ones with certification as opposed to cheap eyewear to prevent damaging your vision.

    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, if you’re looking for an alternative solution to conventional prescription sunglasses, then you should definitely consider trying out yellow-tinted glasses as an option. They provide all sorts of visual benefits, such as improved UV protection, enhanced contrast, and clarity, plus improved visual acuity in bright conditions, all without compromising on style!


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