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Exciting New Ways to Play Bingo

    Exciting New Ways to Play Bingo

    There are a lot of people who like bingo in 2023. The game is enjoying a real renaissance in popularity, but there is one part of the world that has embraced it with more passion than most.

    The UK is the true home of bingo. It might have been invented in Italy, but the love that Brits have for playing different bingo games really is second to none.

    And they have a lot of these games to choose from now. Bingo has expanded far beyond the basic 90 Ball and 75 Ball games.

    Read on to learn about all the many exciting ways there are to play bingo in the modern era.

    Bingo Changes: Offline to Online

    If there is one single factor that has driven the second coming of bingo and is fuelling the expanding choice of games, it is the shift from offline to online bingo. There was always a customer base for bingo in the UK and other parts of the world, but the move onto the internet has greatly increased it.

    That is mainly because it has made bingo into a hip game – which it never was in its earlier bingo hall incarnation. Online bingo sites have bright and colorful imagery while the advertisements for them are full of youth and energy.

    Thus bingo has managed to rebrand itself very successfully in moving online. And that is not the only way that it has benefited from technology.

    The young people who flock to bingo sites are not just attracted by adverts and stylish graphics. Online bingo is ultra-accessible and easy to access.

    That makes it an appealing way of spending an evening, or some free time during the day, for people who would not want to travel miles out of their way to go to a bingo hall. One thing that has been established is that younger people like their entertainment to be available at the touch of a few buttons and at any time.

    With the arrival of apps that let people access bingo sites on mobile phones, bingo games have never been easier to start playing. And when people do start to play they discover an enviable choice of games.

    That helps to keep bingo fresh for them and ensures that their enthusiasm for the game does not wane once they become regular players.

    Exciting New Bingo Games

    Big Jackpots Bingo Games

    These bingo games can be found at the WinkBingo site and – as the name indicates – they add sizeable prize money to bingo.

    The actual rules with this variant of the format are not really any different from 90 Ball or 75 Ball. The difference is that the prize money for scoring a full house on your bingo card – which means being the first player to cross off all the numbers – can be as high as 50,000 coins.

    Tickets for the games cost pennies but have to be bought ahead of the games starting.

    30 Ball Bingo

    This is also sometimes called Speed Bingo. It involves fewer balls and is thus a faster version to play.

    It is a popular variant of bingo among those who feel a need for speed in their play, but you do have to look around to find an online site that offers it. It features cards with just nine numbers on them, which are split into rows of three.

    Unlike other forms of the game, there are no prizes for crossing off one or two rows of numbers in 30 Ball. You have to get a full house to take the prize, so it is high stakes stuff.

    Death Bingo

    It might not sound too appealing, but Death Bingo is actually a fun inversion of the essential format. Rather than trying to be the first to cross every number on your bingo card off, the point is to be the only player not to get bingo.

    The games usually run longer than normal bingo ones and are good for people who struggle to land wins in the standard way.

    Pattern Bingo

    This is a version of 90 Ball or 75 Ball where prizes are won by crossing off numbers to make a particular pattern. The pattern can be simple like Four Corners or the Outer Edge.

    More complex ones are a Wine Glass or a Diamond. It is ideal for those who want a creative bingo game.

    Free Bingo

    Online sites like Wink offer Free Bingo as one of their gaming options. This is found in separate Free Rooms on the sites and lets people play 75 Ball or 90 Ball for money or bonus prizes without paying for a bingo ticket.

    There are so many exciting ways to play bingo you can never get bored with the game.

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