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For Dives Only: Unveiling Everything About Ive Group and Ive Members

    Ive members

    If you’re a K-pop fan, you’ve probably heard the name Ive’ being thrown around lately. This exciting new girl group has taken the music world by storm with its sound, killer dance moves, and charm. But do you know the ive members? The members of ive, like the talented Liz Ive, are the driving force behind the group’s meteoric rise to fame. Buckle up, because we’re about to dive deep into the world of Ive Group and unveil everything you need to know about these rising stars and their strengths.

    Formed by Starship Entertainment in 2021, Ive (stylized as IVE) is a six-member girl group that’s quickly becoming a household name in the K-pop scene. From their stunning visuals to their powerhouse vocals, each of the ive members brings something unique to the table, creating a dynamic and captivating ensemble that’s hard to ignore. Whether you’re a die-hard K-pop enthusiast or just a casual listener, the members of ive like Liz Ive will surely win you over with their music that gets your heart racing and your feet tapping.

    Ive Group
    Credits: Dork

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    But Ive isn’t just about the music – it’s also about the personalities behind the performances. Each of the ive members has her own story, quirks, and endearing charms that have won over fans worldwide. From the charismatic leader to the quirky and talented vocalists like Liz Ive, every member of Ive is a force to be reckoned with, and their individual strengths come together to create a truly unstoppable team.

    What is Ive Group and who are the members of ive?

    Ive (stylized in all caps) is a sensational South Korean girl group that has taken the K-pop world by storm since their debut in 2021. Formed by Starship Entertainment, this six-member group is celebrated for their infectious tracks and uplifting messages centered around self-love.

    The Ive Members

    If we talk about the members of ive, then it consists of six incredibly talented individuals:

    Yujin ive: A charismatic lead dancer and powerful vocalist.

    Gaeul ive: A skilled rapper known for her dynamic stage presence.  

    Rei ive: Another gifted rapper who delivers high-energy performances.

    Wonyoung ive: A captivating lead vocalist who doubles as a top model.

    Liz ive: Blessed with an angelic yet powerful singing voice.

    Leeseo ive: The youngest with impressive vocals and dance skills.

    Ive’s Meteoric Rise

    Ive unveiled their first single album “Eleven” in December 2021, instantly making waves. Their next single “Love Dive” rapidly climbed the music charts, becoming their first #1 hit. It was the top-performing song of 2022, earning the prestigious “Song of the Year” honor at major Korean music awards shows.

    Their ascent continued with “After Like,” delivering their second #1 smash. In 2023, Ive dropped their debut studio album “I’ve Ive” to commercial success, led by the chart-topping singles “Kitsch” and “I Am.” Their meteoric trajectory forged ahead with the extended play “I’ve Mine” and #1 single “Baddie.”

    With their upbeat discography and inspirational lyricism, Ive has rapidly solidified their status as one of K-pop’s brightest new acts.

    The Name: A Promise of Confidence

    IVE’s name is a bold statement: “I have.” It signifies their intention to showcase their talents and abilities with confidence right from the beginning. Instead of focusing on a narrative of growth, they aim to establish themselves as a “complete girl group” from the get-go, ready to impress audiences with everything they’ve got.

    2017–2021: Pre-debut Journey

    The journey of the K-pop girl group Ive began with its members honing their skills through various talent competitions and auditions. Wonyoung and Yujin Ive participated in the reality show Produce 48 in 2018, securing first and fifth places, leading them to become members of the project girl group Iz*One. They promoted with Iz*One until its disbandment in April 2021.

    Group members of ive
    Credits: Billboard

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    Meanwhile, Gaeul caught the attention of Starship Entertainment during the Incheon Dance Competition preliminaries in 2017, subsequently becoming a trainee. In 2018, Rei joined Starship after impressing the judges at the Loen Friends Global Audition in Japan with her distinct voice. Leeseo was part of the SM Kids model group, while Liz ive was cast through Starship’s Open Audition in 2019.

    2021: Debut and Explosive Success with “Eleven”

    On November 2, 2021, Starship Entertainment announced the debut of their first girl group since WJSN in 2016, revealing the members of Ive one by one from November 3 to 8. The group’s name, Ive, and their debut single album “Eleven” were unveiled shortly after.

    Ive’s debut on December 1, 2021, was met with overwhelming success. Their debut track “Eleven” topped various charts, including the Billboard Hot Trending Songs and Japan’s Top User Generated Songs chart. The group also charted on the Billboard Global 200, Global Excl. US, and Artist 100 charts.

    Within a week of their debut, Ive achieved their first music show win on Show Champion, making them the fastest girl group to do so. “Eleven” went on to win 13 times on music shows and secured a triple crown on major Korean music programs. Their debut album recorded the highest first-week sales for a girl group debut album.

    2022: Continued Success and Japanese Debut

    In April 2022, Ive released their second single album, “Love Dive,” which topped the Circle Digital Chart and became their first number-one song in South Korea. The viral song also reached the top 10 on the Billboard Global Excl. US chart and the Apple Music Global chart.

    Ive’s third single album, “After Like,” released in August 2022, continued their success. The title track achieved a Perfect All-Kill on Korean music charts and became their first song to top various year-end charts and award shows, including the MAMA Awards and Melon Music Awards.

    In October 2022, Ive made their Japanese debut with the single album “Eleven -Japanese version-,” which included their first Japanese original song, “Queen of Hearts.” The album was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of Japan.

    2023: First Studio Album, Global Expansion, and Ive World Tour

    On April 10, 2023, Ive released their highly anticipated first studio album, “I’ve Ive,” featuring the lead single “I Am.” Both “I Am” and the pre-release single “Kitsch” achieved Perfect All-Kills, making “I’ve Ive” the first K-pop girl group album since 2NE1 in 2011 to have two such songs.

    In March 2023, Ive signed with Columbia Records, a Sony Music label, for promotion in the United States. They also performed at the prestigious Music Bank in Paris event.

    Ive Members
    Credits: The Korea Herald

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    From February to July 2023, Ive embarked on their first solo tour, “The Prom Queens,” visiting various cities in South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan, attracting a total attendance of 97,000 spectators.

    In July 2023, Ive performed at the K-pop Lux SBS Super Concert in Madrid, Spain, further solidifying their global presence.

    2023 Continued: New Releases and Collaborations

    On October 13, 2023, Ive released their first Korean-language extended play, “I’ve Mine,” featuring three title tracks: “Either Way,” “Off the Record,” and “Baddie.” All three singles charted within the top 15 of the Circle Digital Chart, with “Baddie” achieving a Perfect All-Kill.

    In November 2023, Liz Ive collaborated with Soyeon from (G)I-dle and Winter from Aespa on the single “Nobody,” showcasing her versatility.

    2024: Global Expansion and Ive World Tour

    On January 19, 2024, Ive released their first English-language digital single, “All Night,” featuring American rapper Saweetie. The track is a remix of the hit song by Swedish duo Icona Pop.

    In March 2024, Ive’s YouTube channel was briefly hacked and renamed “SpaceX,” but the issue was quickly resolved.

    On March 29, 2024, it was announced that Ive would be singing the new opening theme song “Will” for the highly anticipated Pokémon Horizons, further expanding their global reach.

    On April 3, 2024, Starship Entertainment officially announced that Ive would be releasing their second extended play, “Ive Switch,” on April 29, with two title tracks: “Heya” and “Accendio.”

    Building on their success, Ive embarked on their first global world tour, “Show What I Have,” scheduled to visit various cities across Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, the U.K., South America, Eastern Asia, and Australia, solidifying their position as a leading K-pop act.

    With their captivating performances, chart-topping releases, and global collaborations, Ive has quickly risen to become one of the most promising and successful girl groups in the K-pop industry. Their journey continues to inspire and captivate fans worldwide, cementing their status as true “Spice” girls of the modern era.

    Do members of  ive practice any other ventures?

    Ive, the rising stars of the K-pop scene, have not only captivated audiences with their music but have also made a significant impact through various ventures and endorsements. In September 2022, the group was appointed as an ambassador for the Korean Red Cross’ annual “Everyone Campaign,” promoting the noble cause of volunteering.

    The members of Ive – Yujin ive, Gaeul, Rei, Wonyoung, Liz ive, and Leeseo – have become sought-after brand ambassadors, securing lucrative partnerships with major companies. In August 2022, they modeled for SK Telecom’s “V Coloring” service, and in January 2023, they were selected as models for the “2023 Pepsi Project,” a collaboration between their agency, Starship Entertainment, and Pepsi. Additionally, they became the new faces of Papa John’s Pizza and Kwangdong Pharmaceutical’s corn silk tea.

    Extending their influence beyond music, Ive became ambassadors for the iconic sportswear brand Puma in the Asia and Pacific regions in June 2023. Furthermore, they released the promotional single “I Want” in collaboration with Pepsi on July 13, showcasing their versatility and global appeal.

    Beyond the Music: IVE’s Impact and Style

    Philanthropic efforts are also a significant part of Ive’s journey. On February 14, 2023, the group and Starship Entertainment donated 150 million KRW to the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association, contributing to emergency relief efforts after the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

    A blend of textured electronic instrumentation, catchy melodies, and dynamic beats characterizes Ive’s artistry. Their music explores various genres, including pop, dance, nu-disco, and R&B, showcasing their versatility. The group’s lyrics often delve into introspective themes of identity, self-perception, and self-love, resonating with audiences seeking empowerment and personal growth.

    Ive Members
    Credits: Teen Vogue

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    Style-wise, Ive exudes a chic and sophisticated aura, drawing inspiration from iconic teen drama characters like Cher Horowitz and Blair Waldorf. Their “chaebol-crush” image, referencing their “untouchable charm” and elegance, has become synonymous with the group’s identity. Each member brings a unique vocal style and personality to the group, contributing to their dynamic sound and collective presence that symbolizes confidence and self-assurance.

    The impact of Ive on the industry is undeniable. In January 2022, they were selected as the most anticipated K-pop artist of the year by music agency experts. In November 2022, a survey conducted by JoyNews24 named them the “Artist of the Year.” While a Shibuya109 Lab report titled “Next Generation K-Pop Idols” ranked them first among Japanese youth.

    Award Recognition: A Record of Excellence

    Ive’s achievements extend beyond critical acclaim, as they have won numerous awards, including four MAMA Awards, seven Melon Music Awards, five Golden Disc Awards, six Circle Chart Music Awards, two Seoul Music Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards Japan. They have been recognized as Rookie of the Year, Best Female Group, and Song of the Year on various prestigious award shows.

    As their popularity soars, Ive embarked on their first solo tour, “The Prom Queens,” in 2023, visiting cities across South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan, attracting a total attendance of 97,000 spectators. Building on this success, the group announced their first global ive world tour, “Show What I Have,” scheduled to visit various cities across Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, the U.K., South America, Eastern Asia, and Australia.

    With their captivating performances, chart-topping releases, and global collaborations, Ive has quickly risen to become one of the most promising and successful girl groups in the K-pop industry. Their journey continues to inspire and captivate fans worldwide, cementing their status as true “Spice” girls of the modern era.

    IVE Dazzles Fans on “Show What I Have World Tour”

    Ive, the sensational K-pop girl group, has embarked on an extraordinary journey with their first worldwide concert tour, “Show What I Have World Tour.” This highly anticipated tour is in support of their latest extended play, “I’ve Mine,” and showcases their remarkable talents to a global audience.

    Spanning multiple continents, the tour promises a mesmerizing experience for fans worldwide. It features an impressive lineup of 19 concerts in Asia, encompassing cities across South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The tour’s grandiose staging and production elements, including mind-blowing lighting, pyrotechnics, and visuals, are set to captivate audiences.

    Ive Members

    The “Show What I Have” tour features two distinct stage designs that will be unveiled throughout the tour. The first design, unveiled during the initial Seoul concerts, boasts an intricate setup with a main stage, a runway leading to a B-Stage, and two octagonal stages, creating a truly immersive and engaging experience for fans and concertgoers alike.

    Furthermore, a second stage design, featuring a streamlined yet powerful aesthetic, will be employed for subsequent shows. This innovative design showcases Wonyoung and the other members of Ive in all their glory, allowing fans to fully appreciate their captivating presence and charisma.

    Beyond the Stage: A Multisensory Adventure Awaits on IVE’s “Show What I Have World Tour”

    The tour’s promotional poster exudes an aura of mystique and allure, setting the tone for what promises to be an unforgettable and visually stunning spectacle. Fans can expect to be transported to a world of pure enchantment and excitement, as Ive delivers a truly immersive and multisensory experience.

    Alongside the breathtaking visuals, the tour will feature an eclectic mix of Ive’s chart-topping hits, fan favorites, and perhaps even a glimpse into their latest musical offerings. The “Spice” girls of the K-pop world are sure to captivate audiences with their impeccable choreography, dynamic stage presence, and infectious energy.

    As the tour continues to unfurl, fans can anticipate an extraordinary journey through the realms of music, dance, and sheer entertainment. With concerts scheduled across Asia, Europe, and the Americas, the “Show What I Have World Tour” promises to be a truly global phenomenon, solidifying Ive’s status as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of live performances.

    Brace yourselves for an unforgettable adventure as these talented artists take the world by storm, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere. Prepare to be swept away by the magic of Ive’s “Show What I Have World Tour” – an epic celebration of music, artistry, and pure entertainment bliss.

    IVE Members Wonyoung, Liz, Yujin, IVE, IVE K-pop, IVE Spice and IVE group tour

    • October 7, 2023 – Seoul, South Korea, Jamsil Indoor Stadium Beyond Live, Attendance: 9,989, Revenue: $1,141,028
    • October 8, 2023 – November 15, 2023 – Yokohama, Japan, K-Arena Yokohama, Attendance: 24,387, Revenue: $2,177,148
    • November 16, 2023 – January 27, 2024 – Pak Kret, Thailand, Impact Arena
    • January 31, 2024 – February 7, 2024 – Osaka, Japan, Osaka-jō Hall, Attendance: 20,748, Revenue: $1,888,026
    • February 8, 2024 – February 17, 2024 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Axiata Arena, Attendance: 7,000
    • February 24, 2024 – Singapore, Singapore Indoor Stadium, Attendance: 8,500
    • March 2, 2024 – Taoyuan, Taiwan, NTSU Arena, Attendance: 18,000
    • March 3, 2024 – March 13, 2024 – Inglewood, United States, Kia Forum
    • March 16, 2024 – Oakland, United States, Oakland Arena, Attendance: 12,063, Revenue: $1,203,629
    • March 20, 2024 – Fort Worth, United States, Dickies Arena, Attendance: 7,320, Revenue: $882,302
    • March 24, 2024 – Atlanta, United States, State Farm Arena, Attendance: 7,154, Revenue: $858,770
    • March 26, 2024 – Rosemont, United States, Allstate Arena, Attendance: 7,438, Revenue: $809,743
    • March 29, 2024 – Newark, United States, Prudential Center, Attendance: 11,617, Revenue: $1,484,501
    • IVE Members, IVE World Tour, IVE K-pop Girl Group


    Who are the members of IVE?

    The members of the K-pop girl group IVE are Wonyoung, Liz, Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Leeseo, and Sayuri.

    How did Liz IVE become a member?

    Liz joined IVE after appearing on the Mnet survival show Girls Planet 999 in 2021.

    What are some fun facts about the members of IVE?

    Wonyoung IVE was previously a member of the group IZONE. Yujin IVE was a former member of IZONE and CLC. The group’s concept is called “IVE Spice.”

    What is the meaning behind IVE’s name?

    The name IVE is meant to represent the idea of “scorching everything with energy” and leaving a memorable impression.

    How popular is the IVE K-pop group?

    IVE is one of the fastest-rising 4th generation K-pop girl groups, winning multiple rookie awards in 2022.

    Has IVE released any albums?

    Yes, IVE has released two mini albums so far: “Eleven” and “After LIKE.”

    Are there any upcoming IVE world tours?

    IVE is scheduled to embark on their first world tour in late 2023, with stops in Asia, North America, and potentially Europe.  

    What is IVE’s most popular song?

    IVE’s biggest hit so far is their debut single “ELEVEN,” which showcases their signature “IVE Spice” concept.

    What are some of the accomplishments of the IVE members?

    Wonyoung and Yujin have prior experience as members of popular groups. Liz was highly ranked on Girls Planet 999.

    How can I learn more about IVE Kpop?

    Follow IVE’s official social media accounts and join online fan communities dedicated to the members of IVE to stay updated!

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