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How Netflix is Showcasing Canadian culture

    Best Netflix Originals to Binge-Watch this Weekend

    The rich culture and history of Canada are being showcased in a range of TV shows and documentaries on the streaming service Netflix.

    Humanizing the Wildlife of Canada

    The documentary Island of the Sea Wolves presents the wildlife and rugged Pacific Ocean coast of Vancouver Island, located in the province of British Columbia. The series, which is narrated by Canadian actor and comedian Will Arnett, features the fauna of the mysterious island which are deftly humanized as we view their lives from the spring to the harsh winter. The sea wolves are represented by Cedar, a pregnant wolf, as the wild animals fight for resources with eagles portrayed by Spiro, and Sky the sea otter.

    Exploring Vancouver Island

    Vancouver Island is also portrayed in the Canadian reality TV series Big Timber, featuring a timber firm with big boss Kevin Wenstob at the helm, ably supported by a staff that includes Sarah Fleming as the mill boss and the logger ‘Firewood’ John Brebber. The show features the breathtaking scenery of the island with its mountains and forests as the firm works in an unforgiving and highly competitive industry.

    Netflix also takes viewers on an expedition with the father and son team Chris and Niall Lucas as they undertake a 500-mile canoe adventure through the wilderness of Canada in the documentary The Yukon Assignment. Chris, the son, also functions as the director as well as the skipper of the canoe, providing viewers with a first-person experience as the explorers navigate tough terrain and fierce bears.

    The rolling landscapes and wildlife of nations such as Canada have inspired innovations in the entertainment industry as a whole. Video games such as Planet Zoo, which was developed and published by Frontier Developments, give players the opportunity to create and manage their own zoo with more than 70 species. Through artificial intelligence, the animals exhibit behavior that reflects how wildlife would react in real-life situations. The iGaming sector also features a range of slot titles based on wild animals such as Wolf Night Hold and Win, Gorilla Riches, and Golden Yak, which are available to play in the best online casino in Canada. The dense forests of North America have also given rise to myths and legends such as Bigfoot, which have inspired the creation of slot games such as Big Money Bigfoot. Brought to life via lively animations and graphics, wild animals, both real and imagined, make an ideal inspiration for all forms of media.

    Though there is also much to be explored when it comes to fact-based content. One aspect of Canadian history is the Netflix drama series Frontier, which examines the fur trade in Canada and stars the Canadian actor Greg Bryk, alongside Jason Momoa, Kyle M. Hamilton, and Alun Armstrong. The series is set in 18th-century Canada and features the endeavors of trappers and businessmen as they attempt to disrupt the monopoly of the powerful Hudson’s Bay Company, a fur trading business.

    Examining Korean-Canadian culture

    While examining Canada’s past, Netflix also presents the culture of the nation through Kim’s Convenience, the Canadian sitcom based in Toronto, featuring the lives of a Korean-Canadian family as they run a convenience store. The series, which is one of the most popular Canadian sitcoms, is based on the play of the same name written by the Korean Canadian actor and playwright Ins Choi and was the first TV show in Canada to feature a starring cast comprised entirely of Asians.

    The success of Kim’s Convenience also led to a spinoff series named entitled Strays, which stars Nicole Power, who reprises her role as Shannon Ross from the original. Strays takes place in Hamilton, Ontario with Power as the director of an animal shelter. The spinoff was developed by Kevin White, a writer and executive producer on the popular Canadian sitcom Schitt’s Creek, alongside Clara Altimas and Anita Kapila.

    The wide range of Canadian themes presented by Netflix demonstrates that the nation has plenty to offer beyond its stunning landscapes and fascinating wildlife. Canada is in a position to relate stories from its past and present which provide new angles to the culture of the Great White North.  

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