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How old is Dana Perino husband? Peter McMahon age, Net Worth, height, bio/wiki

    Peter McMahon age

    Dana Perino – the name needs no special introduction. She is a famous American political commenter. While she is known for her wits, sense of humor, and gorgeous personality, Dana has also garnered attention for her husband, Peter McMahon age.

    So, here we’ll be going to discuss Peter McMahon, his age, net worth, height, and other information. Peter is a famous English businessman, and the couple has been married for over 25 years.

    Keep scrolling the page and find details about this celebrity spouse here. Once you are up to speed, please read other celebrity articles to get juicy updates, such as Tee Morant Age, Billy Gardell Net Worth, and more.

    Peter McMahon Bio/ Wiki

    Full NamePeter McMahon
    ProfessionEnglish Businessman
    Net Worth$10 million
    Sun SignGemini
    Date of Birth1954

    Peter McMahon Age

    It’s no secret that Dana Perino and Peter McMahon’s relationship has grabbed all eyes and ears due to their wide age gap. While Dana Perino was born on May 9, 1972, her husband was born on June 6, 1954. If we calculate the Peter McMahon Age, we’ll get the number 69. It means Peter McMahon is 69 years old.

    His Zodiac sign is Gemini, and he loves celebrating his birthday with her wife. Peter was born in Blackpool, Lancashire, England. While he is British by birth, he reportedly became an American citizen in 2006, earning himself dual citizenship. He attended Ladysmith Public School and then proceeded to Australia for further education.

    What is Peter McMahon Height?

    Now that you know about the Peter McMahon Age, it’s time to outline the entrepreneur’s height and physical appearance. Peter stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches. He weighs around 70kg at the time of writing.

    Peter McMahon has light brown hair that blends well with his beautiful brown eyes. He looks like an Englishman by his personality, and his fitness never reveals his actual age. Other body dimensions are still unavailable in the public domain, so you must wait until our experts find other information about the same.

    How Rich is Peter McMahon? Check Peter McMahon Net Worth Here

    Wondering how rich is Dana Perino’s husband? It is speculated that Peter McMahon has amassed a total net worth of $10 million as of now. His reputation as an entrepreneur is unrivaled in the world.

    Peter is currently serving as the President and CEO of Shopko, a retail store firm based in Wisconsin, USA. He has also set up and partnered with multiple businesses as a leading businessman.

    Peter has also worked at Walmart and Tesco as a director of supply chain management. The main source of his income is his businesses. He lives a lavish life in his opulent house, thus reflecting his fortune and income.

    Peter McMahon Married Life

    Peter McMahon is happily married to Dana Perino, a FOX News Political Analyst and the 24th Press Secretary for the White House. The couple met on an airplane in 1997 on their way to Chicago from Denver.

    They dated long-distance for a year before Peter proposed to her outside Washington Cathedral. She accepted the proposal in writing, and Peter was forced to relocate to the US. Peter and Dana tied nuptials in 1988, and their honeymoon was held in the popular Greek tourist destination, Santorini.

    Despite their age difference, the couple has been able to sail the ship of marriage for over 25 years. However, Dana and Peter have no children together, but Peter has fathered two children from his previous marriage.

    Interesting Facts About Peter McMahon

    a. The difference between Dana Perino and Peter McMahon age is 18 years.

    b. Peter and Dana own two pet dogs.

    c. Dana Perino is Peter’s third wife. The businessman was married twice in the past. Nevertheless, both marriages ended in divorce.

    d. Peter is a father of two grown children, Kelly and Barry McMahon, from his first marriage.

    d. He is also a grandfather of twins Sebastian and Rachel from his daughter, Kelly’s marriage to Warren.


    Q. What is Peter McMahon’s Nationality?

    Peter McMahon has earned two nationalities. He is British by birth and settled in America to get American nationality afterward.

    Q. What is the name of Peter’s late puppy?

    Peter McMahon loves dogs. The name of his late puppy is Jasper, and he continuously shares a series of photos of his dogs.

    Key Takeaway

    Peter McMahon came into the limelight after getting married to the famous American political analyst Dana Perino. Despite having an 18-year age difference, the couple is living a happy married life. Both are doing well in their careers and love dogs.

    That’s all about Peter McMahon age. We hope our guide has helped you know about this celebrity spouse and the famous English businessman. For more such interesting guides, bookmark the page and follow Gossips Diary regularly.

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