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How old is Rubi Rose? Real name, ethnicity, Networth, Dating, Controversies, Is Rubi Rose married, Family, Sister, Age, Height, Weight, Bio/Wiki

    Rubi Rose is an American hip-hop recording artist, model, and social media influencer best known for her provocative, feminist-themed lyrics and daring persona. Since emerging on the Atlanta rap scene in 2017, questions around “Who is Rubi Rose?” and “How old is Rubi Rose?” have swirled as her edgy style attracts clicks and outrage in equal measure. Though divisive, her straight-talking, unfiltered brand built on celebrating sexuality and condemning domestic violence has cultivated a dedicated Gen Z fanbase.

    Her unapologetic demeanor and fearless approach to expressing herself have carved out a distinctive niche for the artist, prompting polarized reactions while simultaneously attracting devoted admirers. The essence of Rubi Rose’s artistry lies in her candid and bold narratives, often centered around empowering messages that champion individuality, celebrate sensuality, and vehemently denounce domestic violence.

    Despite the controversy surrounding her, Rubi Rose has masterfully cultivated a fervent following within the Gen Z demographic, resonating profoundly with those who appreciate her candidness and willingness to address societal taboos head-on.

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    Rubi Rose: A Provocative Trailblazer and Ageless Enigma

    The ongoing query of “How old is Rubi Rose?” reverberates through discussions about her music, her fearless persona, and her impact on contemporary culture. It’s a testament to the intrigue and fascination she evokes, sparking conversations that delve beyond just her artistic prowess but also into the enigmatic layers of her personal life.

    Rubi Rose’s ascent within the music industry has been marked not only by her undeniable talent but also by her unapologetic authenticity. Beyond the curiosity about her age lies a narrative of resilience and determination. Her unyielding commitment to staying true to herself amidst the whirlwind of fame speaks volumes to her audience. She navigates the complexities of fame with refreshing candor, often using her platform to empower young women and challenge societal norms. 

    Full Real NameRubi Rose Benton
    Stage NameRubi Rose
    Date of BirthOctober 2, 1997 (Thursday)
    Age (as of 2023)26 years old
    Place of BirthLexington, Kentucky, United States
    HometownAtlanta, Georgia, United States
    Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, United States
    ProfessionRapper, Singer, Music Producer, Model, Social Media Influencer, Content Creator, and Entrepreneur
    Net WorthUSD 2.5 Million (approx.)
    Zodiac SignLibra
    School/CollegeGeorgia State University

    The mystery surrounding her age becomes a mere footnote in comparison to the impact she continues to make through her music and outspoken nature, captivating a generation seeking genuine voices in a world saturated with pretense. As her career unfolds, Rubi Rose remains an enigmatic figure, leaving her audience eager to witness the evolution of an artist unafraid to push boundaries and carve her path.

    So How Old is Rubi Rose Exactly?  

    As of 2023, viral rap sensation Rubi Rose is 26 years old. She was born Ruby Rose Benton on October 2, 1997, in Lexington, Kentucky and later moved to Atlanta, Georgia as a child where she was primarily raised. From a tumultuous upbringing, Rubi found solace online by connecting with others through blogging and amateur modeling, eventually graduating to full-time influencer fame by age 16.   

    What is Rubi Rose’s Real Name and ethnicity?

    Ruby Rose Benton, better recognized by her stage name Rubi Rose in the realms of music and content creation, was born to parents of Puerto Rican descent. Her choice of the alias “Rubi Rose” was a deliberate decision, driven by her aspiration to set herself apart while maintaining a connection to her given name and honoring her cherished grandmother, Ruby.


    Early Life and Origins

    Rubi Rose’s journey began in a multicultural household, influenced by her Puerto Rican heritage. Growing up, she was immersed in a vibrant blend of traditions and values, which later echoed in her artistic expressions.

    Born Ruby Rose Benton, she later adopted the stage name Rubi Rose, a distinctive spelling that embodied her quest to carve a unique identity within the competitive entertainment industry. This alteration, while departing from the conventional spelling, retained elements of her birth name, paying homage to her grandmother, Ruby, whose legacy held significant importance in her life.

    The Significance of Her Alias

    Rubi Rose’s decision to adopt a stage name was not merely about differentiation; it was a nod to her roots and a heartfelt tribute to her grandmother. Her deliberate choice of the name “Rubi Rose” showcased her desire to stand out while maintaining a deep connection to her family and heritage.

    The fusion of her real name with a modified spelling not only helped her create a distinctive persona but also served as a constant reminder of her grandmother’s influence and the values instilled in her from a young age.

    Artistic Expression and Career

    Through her career in music and content creation, Rubi Rose has displayed a multifaceted talent that transcends boundaries. Her music resonates with her diverse background, blending various influences and experiences from her upbringing.

    Her stage name, “Rubi Rose,” has become synonymous with her artistic endeavors, symbolizing both her individuality and the homage she pays to her roots.

    Personal Touch and Recognition

    Rubi Rose’s journey toward recognition and success has been intertwined with her identity and the homage she pays to her heritage. Her decision to use an alias that incorporates her grandmother’s name signifies the personal touch she brings to her craft.

    The unique spelling of “Rubi Rose” has not only become a trademark but also stands as a testament to her creativity and the significance of family in shaping her identity.

    Ruby Rose Benton, known professionally as Rubi Rose, chose her stage name deliberately to craft an individual identity while staying connected to her roots and honoring her beloved grandmother. The significance of her alias transcends mere distinction; it reflects a deep appreciation for her heritage and the values instilled in her through her upbringing. Through her music and content creation, Rubi Rose continues to showcase her talent while proudly carrying the legacy represented by her chosen stage name.

    Ruby Rose Benton, born on October 2, 1997, commenced her artistic journey with a memorable appearance in Migos’ “Bad and Boujee” music video in 2016. This initial foray into the spotlight set the stage for her exploration into the realms of rap, songwriting, and modeling. As a talented artist, she quickly transitioned to the music scene, collaborating with notable figures like Playboi Carti on the track “On Top,” showcasing her early musical prowess and potential.

    Rising in the Music Industry

    With a series of subsequent singles and the eventual release of her debut mixtape titled “For the Streets” in 2020 under the Hitco label, Ruby Rose established herself as a versatile artist. Her mixtape not only displayed her lyrical dexterity but also marked a significant milestone in her burgeoning music career, garnering attention and praise from fans and critics alike.

    Venturing into Modeling and Online Entrepreneurship

    Simultaneously, Ruby Rose made impactful strides in the modeling world, notably joining the subscription-based platform OnlyFans in 2020. This move expanded her reach beyond music, allowing her to showcase her modeling skills and entrepreneurial acumen, attracting a substantial following and solidifying her presence in the industry.

    Notable Appearances and Recognition

    Further adding to her accomplishments, Ruby Rose made a memorable cameo appearance in the widely acclaimed music video for Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s collaborative 2020 single “WAP.” Her presence in such a high-profile project amplified her visibility and contributed to her growing recognition within the entertainment sphere.

    Next Chapter: Signing with Mogul Vision

    In a recent milestone, Ruby Rose signed with Josh Marshall’s record label, Mogul Vision, operating under the umbrella of Interscope Records. This pivotal move signifies a new chapter in her career, paving the way for the release of her eagerly awaited debut studio album. The lead single “Hood Bitch Aesthetic” precedes the album’s release, generating anticipation and excitement among her dedicated fan base and the wider music community.

    Now you may wonder “How old is Ruby Rose”. Interestingly at 26 years old, Ruby Rose Benton’s journey as an artist has been characterized by versatility, dedication, and continuous growth. Her multifaceted talents across music, modeling, and entrepreneurial ventures illustrate her commitment to artistic expression, promising a compelling and vibrant future in the entertainment industry.

    Credits: National Today

    Rubi Rose’s Net Worth  

    As of 2023, the estimated net worth of Rubi Rose stands at approximately USD 2.5 million. Despite this modest figure, her financial portfolio is steadily growing, largely attributed to diverse revenue streams generated from her multifaceted career. Fans of Ruby always wonder “How old is Ruby Rose? So Ruby Rose, the talented artist, was born on October 2, 1997, making her 26 years old.

    Earnings from Music and Performances

    A significant portion of Rose’s wealth emanates from her musical endeavors. Her earnings stem from various sources within the music industry, such as streaming royalties, live concert performances, and merchandise sales. Through her captivating music, Ruby Rose has been able to garner a dedicated fanbase, contributing substantially to her growing net worth.

    Brand Collaborations and Sponsorships

    Beyond her musical ventures, Rose has secured lucrative brand partnerships with industry giants like FashionNova and Savage X Fenty. These collaborations not only serve as a testament to her influence but also act as substantial income sources. Partnering with renowned brands has significantly bolstered her financial standing.

    YouTube Monetization and Influence

    Moreover, Rose’s digital footprint extends to YouTube, where her content garners substantial viewership. Through her engaging videos and content creation, she monetizes her channel, adding another dimension to her revenue streams. Her influence as an online personality also plays a pivotal role in expanding her financial reach.

    Future Prospects and Expected Growth

    As Ruby Rose continues to progress in her music career and expand her influence as an esteemed figure in the entertainment industry, her net worth is anticipated to witness a commendable surge. Her global reach and the consistent expansion of her fanbase hint at promising prospects for further financial growth in the coming years.

    Despite Ruby Rose’s current net worth of approximately USD 2.5 Million approximately, her diversified income streams from music, brand collaborations, YouTube, and influence as an artist indicate a promising financial trajectory. As she continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, her net worth is poised to ascend to greater heights in the foreseeable future.

    Rubi Rose’s Dating History

    Rubi keeps details of her dating history exceptionally private and is rarely photographed with romantic partners, likely due to past abusive relationships. In 2021, rumors connected her to producer Dusa after the two created steamy Instagram photos, however, she shut this down tweeting they are long-term friends only. Rapper YFN Lucci also sparked relationship speculation that same year. Otherwise, Rubi has not confirmed any public dating history.  

    Controversies and Legal Issues

    As her provocative brand built on empowered sexuality has skyrocketed, Rubi Rose has naturally been no stranger to controversies, critical opinions, and Twitter feuds. She has come under fire multiple times for explicit lyrics and music videos from conservative commentators. Other controversies include 2012 arrest charges over a stolen cell phone and a 2022 lawsuit from women claiming Rubi attacked them. 

    Rubi Rose Family and Background   

    To understand Bregoli’s evolution into defiant star Rubi Rose requires examining her family history and childhood trauma living between homeless shelters mired by domestic abuse.  

    Born in Kentucky, Rubi’s mother abandoned their family when she was young. Her father battled addiction and mental health challenges, oscillating between absence and violence. After custody loss, she moved hesitantly with her strict paternal grandparents to Atlanta. The volatility led her to channel chaos into rambunctious behavior and early embracing of sexuality – laying the blueprint for her eventual hyper-confident persona.

    Is Rubi Rose Married or Single?

    Rubi Rose, a prominent figure in the music industry, has garnered attention not only for her music but also for her relationships with famous rappers. Born on October 2, 1997, she’s gained recognition for her talent and career path in the entertainment world.

    Rubi Rose’s Relationships and Dating History

    Relationship with Playboi Carti

    Rubi Rose began dating rapper Playboi Carti around 2018, marking the start of a long-term relationship. However, their romance took a tumultuous turn when reports surfaced regarding a distressing incident involving domestic violence.


    Ruby Rose and Playboi Carti initially met through mutual friends at the beginning of Carti’s career. Their friendship blossomed over time, eventually leading to them becoming romantically involved in 2015. Rose openly expressed her deep affection for Carti in interviews, marking the onset of what seemed to be a happy and fulfilling relationship.

    The Rise and Fall of Their Relationship

    Initially characterized by happiness, their relationship took a distressing turn when Carti’s behavior became increasingly violent during heated arguments. Rose endured his aggressive actions, leading to frequent disputes that escalated the toxicity between them. The situation deteriorated rapidly, culminating in Carti’s arrest due to domestic violence allegations. The once-loving couple saw their romance fade away, ultimately leading to their separation.

    Ruby Rose’s Love Life Beyond Carti

    Apart from her involvement with Carti, Ruby Rose also had high-profile relationships with renowned personalities like Travis Scott and 21 Savage. However, none of these relationships stood the test of time, resulting in eventual breakups.

    Ruby Rose’s Present Status and Focus

    Presently, Ruby Rose has chosen to embrace her single status. In an interview with ‘No Jumper,’ she explicitly stated her dedication to focusing solely on her music career. She emphasized her decision not to pursue any romantic relationships shortly.

    Reflections on Ruby Rose’s Age

    Ruby Rose’s age remains a subject of interest. As of the information available, her age is not explicitly disclosed in this context. Nonetheless, her commitment to her career and decision to stay single for now underscores her focus on personal growth and professional aspirations.

    The story of Ruby Rose and Playboi Carti’s relationship reflects a journey marked by initial happiness, escalating toxicity, and eventual separation. Rose’s subsequent relationships with other high-profile personalities also ended in splits. Presently, she prioritizes her music career and has consciously chosen to remain single, setting aside romantic pursuits for the time being.

    Incidents of Domestic Violence

    The relationship between Rubi Rose and Playboi Carti reached a troubling point when Carti was arrested at LAX after a physical altercation with Rubi Rose. This incident shed light on their troubled relationship, leading to a public revelation by Rubi Rose about being a victim of domestic violence. Consequently, their relationship came to an end.

    Link to 21 Savage and Travis Scott

    Following her breakup with Carti, Rubi Rose was linked romantically to rapper 21 Savage. Additionally, her name was associated with renowned rapper Travis Scott at one point. However, the details and extent of these relationships remained relatively private.

    Marital Status and Children of Rubi Rose

    As of now, Rubi Rose remains unmarried. Despite significant relationships with well-known figures in the music industry, she hasn’t entered into a formal marriage. Rubi Rose does not have any children. Throughout her relationships and career, she hasn’t welcomed any children into her life. Currently, Rubi Rose is single. In interviews, she has expressed her dedication to focusing on her music career, prioritizing her professional growth and aspirations.

    Rubi Rose’s life primarily revolves around her music career. Despite past relationships with prominent rappers, she remains unmarried and without children. Her journey in the music industry continues to flourish as she concentrates on her artistic endeavors and personal growth.

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    Does Rubi Rose Have Any Siblings? 

    Yes, though often tight-lipped about family, Rubi Rose has one younger sister through her father. After both experienced traumatic upbringings largely in Atlanta, Rubi has said maintaining a close relationship and being a role model for her sister is extremely important. She largely keeps her sister’s identity private to give her a normal life despite Rubi’s fame.

    Rubi Rose was born Ruby Benton on October 2, 1997, in Lexington, Kentucky. As of 2023, she is 26 years old. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio.    

    How Tall is Rubi Rose?

    Rubi Rose stands at 5 feet, 4inches (162cm) tall with a petite frame that disguises her fiery presence and words. When performing and making public appearances, she frequently sports 6-inch high heels to boost her height.  

    Rubi Rose Weight  

    Specific details on her current weight are unknown. However, at just over 5-feet tall and with a slender build, she likely weighs between 100-115 pounds.

    Physical AppearanceDetails
    Height (approx.)5′ 4″ (162 cm)
    Weight (approx.)50 kg (121 lbs)
    Eye ColorBlack
    Hair ColorBlack
    Plastic SurgeryNot Known
    Shoe Size5 US

    Rubi Rose Biography and Career 

    Becoming one of the most disruptive rising stars in hip hop, Rubi’s career ascension is remarkable considering her painful childhood struggle with abuse, drugs, poverty, and homelessness.  

    A born rebel and master at garnering attention, she found attention through viral WorldStar fight videos and Instagram clout which kickstarted her rap career at 20. Following her shoot-to-kill style and immense talent, Rubi quickly became the first woman signed to indie label 10K Projects in 2020. Her debut mixtape cut straight to societal biases around femininity and sexuality with savage precision over banging beats.   

    2023 holds even bigger moves as she drops her first studio LP, further positioning her unique flow and mindset into rap’s mainstream consciousness. Never one to hold back truth as she sees it, Rubi Rose seems destined to continue breaking molds – and headlines with her refusal to capitulate. 

    Ruby Rose’s music journey commenced subtly, gaining attention in 2018 with her feature on Playboi Carti’s ‘On Top’, amassing over 2 million plays on SoundCloud.

    Solo Career Takeoff

    Her solo path began with ‘Trickin’ by the Electric Republic in January 2019, followed by the release of ‘Big Mouth’ in June, marking the rise of this budding artist. Rose showcased her talent at SXSW in March 2019, debuting at Buffalo Billiards.

    Collaborations and Record Deal

    Collaborations with Cuban Doll and Renni Rucci on ‘AGF’, produced by Zabba, expanded Rose’s involvement in ensemble projects. The success of ‘Big Mouth’ led her to sign with Hitco Entertainment, facilitated by A&R representative, Chris Turner, propelling her career in 2019. She capped the year with ‘Hit Yo Dance’, featuring NLE Choppa and Yella Beezy.

    Continued Success and Expansion

    In April 2020, Ruby Rose released ‘Pretty MF’, extending her reach further. Notably, she made a cameo in Cardi B’s ‘WAP’ music video and dropped her first mixtape ‘For the Streets’ on Christmas 2020, featuring guest artists Future and PartyNextDoor.

    Collaborative Ventures and Brand Partnerships

    Her collaborations expanded to tracks like ‘Viral’, ‘Whole Lotta Liquor’, and ‘Papi’, involving artists like Young Buddha, Jahrone Brathwaite, Efram, KCamp, and Xaviard Baird. Additionally, she established partnerships with brands such as Princess Polly, Pink Dolphin, and Fashion Nova, promoting them on her Instagram platform.

    Credits: Tellygupshup

    Accolades and Management

    Ruby Rose achieved recognition by being featured in the XXL Freshman List 2021. Currently managed by Electric Republic, her management has propelled her as an emerging voice in the rap scene.


    In just a few short years, 26-year-old Rubi Rose has morphed herself into one of music and social media’s most brazen, breath of fresh air voices – despite no shortage of controversy given her unfiltered feminism and sexuality-positive lyricism. But beyond the headlines lies a story of deep adversity stemming from childhood trauma. Of course, at just 5-foot-2 tall, Rubi makes up for any physical presence she may lack with an outsized charisma, defiant mindset, and determination now clearing her path in the upper echelon of hip hop.


     Who is Rubi Rose?

    Rubi Rose is a well-known American rapper, singer, model, social media influencer, music producer, and entrepreneur.

    When was Rubi Rose born?

    Rubi Rose was born on October 2, 1997.

    Where is Rubi Rose from?

    Rubi Rose is from Lexington, Kentucky, United States.

    What is Rubi Rose’s real name?

    Rubi Rose’s real name is Rubi Rose Benton.

    How old is Rubi Rose?

    As of the current year (2023), Rubi Rose is 26 years old.

    What is Rubi Rose’s nationality?

    She is American.

    What is Rubi Rose’s occupation?

    She is a rapper, singer, model, social media influencer, music producer, and entrepreneur.

    What is Rubi Rose’s net worth?

    Rubi Rose’s net worth is approximately $2.5 million USD.

    Does Rubi Rose have any siblings?

    Yes, she has two sisters, including Scarlette.

    Is Rubi Rose in a relationship?

    Rubi Rose’s current relationship status is not publicly known.

    Where can I find more information about Rubi Rose?

    You can find more information about Rubi Rose on her official social media accounts, such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube, as well as her Wikipedia page and IMDb profile.

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