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How to Start a Career as a Fashion Model

    How to Start a Career as a Fashion Model

    Models are celebrities whose jobs are to promote brands and products. They can be famous faces such as movie stars or actresses, musicians, singers, dancers, etc., or less recognizable models that may only appear in advertisements and catalogues. Being a model isn’t simply a matter of being beautiful. Instead, it is an occupation that requires lots of training and experience under one’s belt. Here you will know how to get started.

    Prerequisites to be a famous fashion model 

    Find a reputable modelling agency

    The very first step toward becoming a model is finding a reputable modelling agency. Many agencies specialize in specific models, including runway, commercial, fitness, glamour, and more. In choosing which type of model you’d like to pursue, you’ll also need to decide whether you’d like to be paid per assignment or by the hour. 

    There are many opportunities to choose from, and you could work as a hair model, swimsuit model, fit model, fitness model, etc. You should consider drawing up a contract with a local agency if you’re new to modelling. Local agencies tend to be smaller than international ones, making them easier to navigate and understand.

    Complete a modelling test

    After deciding which kind of model you’d like to be, look at the requirements for each type of model. For example, some agencies require that you have a college degree, while others don’t care about education. Once you have determined which agency best suits your needs, you’ll need to complete a modelling test.

    Apply online

    Once you’ve completed all of the required tests, you can apply online. You can usually apply within 24 hours of completing the application process.

    Wait for approval

    You will receive an email when you’ve been approved to join the agency. However, this doesn’t mean you’re officially hired yet. Most agencies require you to pass a series of interviews before hiring you.

    Get paid

    You’ll be notified once you’ve passed the interview stage. At this point, you’ll be able to negotiate your rate. This means that you’ll be offered a salary based on what other models make in your area.

    Start working

    Once you’ve received payment, you can begin working immediately. If you follow the guidelines set by the agency, you won’t come up against any problems.

    Keep going

    As you gain experience, you’ll learn more about the industry and improve your chances of getting better-paying assignments.

    Build a portfolio

    When you feel ready, you can build a portfolio of your work. Your portfolio should include photos of yourself and samples of your previous work. It would also be wise to include a resume detailing your educational background and professional experiences.


    One of the essential things you can do to succeed in the field is network. Meet people in the business and ask them questions. Learn from their mistakes and successes.

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