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HYBE vs ADOR: Everything to know about the Min Hee-jin Controversy

    Min Hee Jin Controversy

    A legal battle that’s occurring between the two industry giants has shaken the K-pop world, “The controversy between HYBE and ADOR.” Min Hee Jin, the CEO of ADOR is at the main center of her own,” Min Hee Jin controversy.” Apart from being CEO, she is also the former creative director at SM Entertainment who is recalled by her work with legendary K-pop groups like Girls’ Generation and Red Velvet.

    If we look at HYBE closely then it is home to various global sensations like BTS and many other successful K-pop acts. Now getting a closer look at the controversy, in Min Hee Jin HYBE controversy, the powerhouse company has leveled some serious allegations of financial wrongdoing against the CEO Min Hee Jin. HYBE has alleged Min hee by saying that she has misused the fund and committed embezzlement putting the company’s financial interest and its artists at risk. Concerns over the integrity of the industry and the management of K-pop talent have been raised by this legal action, which has exacerbated the current dispute between HYBE and ADOR.

    HYBE Min Hee Jin controversy

    Months have passed while charges of financial impropriety and contract violations have been leveled against HYBE and ADOR. As HYBE, Min Hee Jin HYBE has vehemently refuted these allegations, maintaining her innocence and pledging to defend herself in court. Min Hee Jin was accused of embezzlement.

    min hee jin
    Credits: Times Now

    Recent reports from a South Korean news source state that HYBE has filed a lawsuit against Min Hee on the grounds of alleged business embezzlement. If the accusations in the complaint, which was filed last month, turn out to be genuine, HYBE could be able to purchase Min Hee Jin’s shares in ADOR for a meager $2.4 million. In the event of a breach, HYBE is entitled, under the terms of its contract, to repurchase shares from the affected parties directly or through a third party.

    The HYBE Min Hee Jin controversy is gaining international attention from K-pop fans and industry insiders as it develops. The resolution of this legal dispute may have significant effects on both the financial stability of the K-pop industry and the management of its artists. The story of Min Hee Jin HYBE looks to be a big one in the continuing story of K-pop entertainment, with both sides remaining steadfast in their beliefs.

    Both industry insiders and fans are excited for more news, especially any Min Hee Jin interviews that might clarify the situation. Meanwhile, rumors concerning Min Hee Jin net worth and the possible financial consequences of the court dispute are still circulating.

    The Partnership Sours

    The ideal combination of HYBE and ADOR was meant to be a match made in K-Pop heaves. It is a beautiful combination of HYBE’s business acumen and Min Hee Jin’s creative vision. However, from early 2022, a line was separation started to become more visible. It was when HYBE accused Min Hee of platting to wrest control of ADOR from the parent company.

    Then late in the year 2023, the separation took a bold move when HYBE launched an internal audit, alleging that Min Hee Jin was the one who was misusing the company’s finance, and data and was also engaged in embezzlement. The accusations of the audit were severe, with HYBE claiming that Min Hee Jin had jeopardized the financial interest of the company and its artists.

    HYBE Min Hee Jin, for her part, vehemently denied the allegations, asserting her innocence and vowing to defend herself against HYBE’s legal onslaught.

    Things you must know about the HYBE Min Hee Jin controversy

    The ongoing battle between parent company HYBE and it’s subsidiary ADOR was reported by the leading South Korean media outlet MTN. The controversy started when the former requested the latter’s CEO, Min Hee-Jin to step down from her existing position on April 22, 2024.

    Now the question arises why was Min Hee Jin removed from her position of CEO? So for closure, this decision came after the corporation allegedly discovered that Min Hee-jin was planning to quit the parent company and separate ADOR from HYBE. Additionally, she was accused of securing independent management rights for ADOR and initiated an audit against her and the board of directors, who were siding with Min Hee-jin.

    The battle between the parent company and the subsidiary worsened in the passing days, and HYBE’s stock price reportedly hit rock bottom. Looking at the stock prices it witnessed a drop of 7.81% with the stock price at $155 from the preceding day, which stood at $168.

    Min Hee Jin HYBE and ADOR CEO continued an ongoing battle as the latter organized a conference to disclose more hidden thing

     Se Daily, a South Korean media outlet reported about the HYBE accusations mentioned in their audit report. HYBE disclosed how Hee-Jin was guilty of leaking sensitive financial and contractual information, artist’s personal data, and taking illegal and external consultancy to sell HYBE’s 80% shares of ADOR.  The ADOR CEO and her two close associates were also allegedly involved in hatching a conspiracy against the corporation.

    The audit report even accused Min Hee-jin of creating negative public opinions against HYBE artists. In addition, one of the CEOs who was transferred from HYBE to ADOR had already secured several secret trade agreements from the corporation and planned to use them to secure independent management rights from HYBE for ADOR.

    Afterward, Hankyung News’ Market Insight reported that Min Hee-jin allegedly planned to use NewJeans to compel HYBE to sell their share to her.

    Meanwhile, on the other side, Dispatch revealed the details about Min Hee-Jin’s alleged failed planning to separate ADOR from HYBE. The report stated that the CEO wanted independence from HYBE for a long time. Also, she has secretly talked with the investors to purchase the corporation’s shares in ADOR and wrongfully secured sensitive and international information about HYBE. This is not it, according to the reports, the outlet has also mentioned that HYBE had discovered evidence of her allegedly abusing employees.

    How Did Min Hee-Jin Respond to the Controversy?

    One of the HYBE Min Hee Jin interviews was the only source where the CEO came out and spoke her side of the story. She responded during the interview to the ongoing allegations against her. Her interview was conducted back on April 22 with the media outlet Hankyung.

    During her interview, she denied the allegations that she was planning to take over ADOR’s management rights and stated the root cause behind the feud with the corporation.

    The Plagiarism Allegations that Sparked the Controversy

    The high-profile feud between Min Hee-jin, the CEO of ADOR, and HYBE, one of the biggest entertainment companies in South Korea, stemmed from allegations of plagiarism raised by Min Hee-jin herself. She claimed that the girl group ILLIT, under HYBE’s subsidiary BELIFT Lab, had blatantly copied the concept and style of NewJeans, the wildly successful group launched by Min Hee-jin’s agency ADOR.

    In an exclusive interview with Iligan Sports on April 23, 2024, Min Hee-jin vehemently denied accusations that she had secretly met with investors to steal HYBE’s management rights over ADOR. Instead, she revealed a shocking truth – that due to internal conflicts and the plagiarism accusations she had raised, HYBE had demanded her resignation from the agency she had co-founded.

    Credits: Times Now

    Escalating Accusations of Copying NewJeans’ Iconic Concept

    Min Hee-jin alleged that after she voiced her concerns about ILLIT seemingly imitating NewJeans’ unique concept and style, HYBE took retaliatory action by attempting to remove her from ADOR. She questioned the suspicious timing of this move, as it coincided with the highly anticipated comeback of NewJeans, the crown jewel of ADOR’s roster.

    The ADOR CEO accused HYBE of releasing false articles to discredit her and expressed grave concerns about the potential impact on NewJeans’ comeback, which she feared could be overshadowed by the escalating feud.

    In a stunning revelation, Min Hee allegedly accused several other prominent K-pop groups, including TW1S and RIIZE, of unabashedly copying NewJeans’ groundbreaking concept – a claim that sent shockwaves through the industry.

    Adding fuel to the fire, a document purportedly containing Min Hee-jin’s plans to leave HYBE and “gain total independence” from the corporation was exposed by the media outlet Segye Ilbo, further intensifying the already heated conflict.

    Min Hee-jin Net Worth and Alleged Business Practices Scrutinized

    As the controversy reached fever pitch, Dispatch, a renowned media outlet, revealed circumstantial evidence suggesting that Min Hee-jin had engaged in questionable business practices. According to their reports, she had allegedly transferred trainees from another label, Source Music, to create the wildly successful NewJeans, and had subsequently benefited by purchasing a significant stake in ADOR at a low price after the group’s meteoric rise to fame.

    min hee jin controversy
    Credits: Koreaboo

    The revelations fueled speculation about Min Hee-jin’s rapidly growing net worth and the potential conflicts of interest surrounding her business dealings.

    Amidst the swirling allegations and denials, netizens shared intriguing photos of HYBE’s corporate headquarters, with lights burning late into the night, sparking curiosity and speculation about the intense behind-the-scenes activities taking place within the corporation’s walls.

    Shocking Allegations of Copying BTS and Involvement with a Shaman

    In a bombshell report that sent shockwaves through the K-pop industry, Yonhap News alleged that Min Hee-jin had made the astounding claim that Bang Si-hyuk, the founder and chief producer of HYBE, had essentially copied her ideas and used them as the blueprint for creating BTS, one of the biggest and most successful K-pop groups in the world.

    The allegations escalated further when HYBE launched a counterattack, disclosing a report that claimed Min Hee-jin had been heavily influenced by a Shaman in her management decisions, including discussions about the sensitive topic of BTS’ mandatory military enlistment.

    According to the report, Min Hee-jin had allegedly stated to the Shaman that it would be beneficial for BTS to enlist for their military service, further fueling speculation about her motives and the extent of the Shaman’s influence on her decision-making processes.

    Min Hee-jin’s Emergency Press Conference: Bombshell Revelations and Text Exchanges

    In a dramatic move to address the mounting allegations and regain control of the narrative, Min Hee organized an emergency press conference where she revealed explosive new information and detailed text exchanges with Bang Si-hyuk, the powerful founder of HYBE.

    During the high-stakes press event, Min Hee vehemently denied any involvement in the controversial disbandment of the popular girl group GFRIEND, further distancing herself from the accusations leveled against her.

    In a stunning revelation, she accused HYBE of betraying her trust by intentionally delaying the debut of NewJeans and instead prioritizing the launch of another high-profile girl group, LE SSERAFIM, potentially to undermine the success of her agency’s flagship act.

    Min Hee-jin also dropped a bombshell claim that Bang Si-hyuk had allegedly asked her to “crush aespa’s success” – a shocking allegation that raised questions about the extent of the rivalry and cutthroat competition between the two entertainment powerhouses.

    To bolster her claims, Min Hee-jin shared purported text exchanges with Bang Si-hyuk, in which he had allegedly sent sarcastic messages mocking her after NewJeans achieved unprecedented success, further fueling the acrimonious feud between the two parties.

    Despite the intense scrutiny and emotional turmoil, Min Hee-jin assured fans that NewJeans’ highly anticipated comeback would not be affected by the ongoing controversy, although she acknowledged that the group members were understandably emotional during this turbulent period.

    HYBE’s Response, Audit Results, and Strategic Comeback Timing

    In response to Min Hee-jin’s explosive press conference, HYBE swiftly released interim results of their internal audit against ADOR’s CEO and management team, addressing her allegations through an official press release.

    However, the controversy took an unexpected turn when HYBE announced the release date for BTS’ Kim Namjoon’s (RM) highly anticipated second solo album, “Right Place, Wrong Person” – a date that coincided with the scheduled comeback of NewJeans on May 24.

    This strategic move by HYBE was met with intense backlash from netizens, who accused the corporation of intentionally trying to hinder NewJeans’ success and overshadow their comeback due to the ongoing feud with ADOR and Min Hee.


    In a bid to quell the mounting criticism, HYBE issued a press release denying the allegations, stating that the release date for RM’s album was “autonomously decided” and had no connection to the NewJeans comeback, dismissing claims of any intentional sabotage or malicious intent.


    With accusations and denials pouring from both sides in this explosive conflict between Min Hee-jin HYBE, the ramifications go far beyond just the two individuals involved. The scandal has brought attention to the fierce rivalry, possible conflicts of interest, and the extreme measures some people are willing to take in order to succeed in the very profitable and significant K-pop industry.

    With millions of dollars, jobs, and reputations on the line, the result of this high-profile disagreement might have a significant impact on the K-pop industry going forward and possibly establish new standards for handling conflicts of this kind.

    One thing is certain, though, as fans and industry watchers await the next developments: the Min Hee vs. HYBE dispute has captured the interest of the world of K-pop, and its resolution may have far-reaching effects on all parties concerned.


    Who is Min Hee?

    Min Hee Jin is a South Korean creative director and the Chief Brand Officer (CBO) of HYBE Corporation.

    What role does Min Hee play at HYBE?

    She oversees the branding and creative direction for HYBE’s artists and projects.

    What are some notable achievements of Min Hee in her career?

    She played a key role in the visual and conceptual designs for groups like Girls’ Generation, SHINee, EXO, and Red Velvet.

    Has Min Hee been involved in any controversies?

    Yes, she has been recently making headlines because of her HYBE controversy.

    What is Min Hee Jin net worth?

    Her exact net worth is not publicly disclosed but she is highly successful and well-compensated in the K-pop industry.

    What are some key insights from Min Hee Jin interviews?

    She discusses her creative process, the importance of storytelling in branding, and her vision for K-pop’s future.

    How has Min Hee influenced the K-pop industry?

    She has set new standards for visual storytelling and helped elevate the global appeal of K-pop groups.

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