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Tamra Judge Unveils Exciting New Range of THC Drinks

    New Range of THC Drinks

    People these days are often looking for natural products that will make them feel good, and one reality star has launched a new product that could fit the bill perfectly. Along with her company, Vena, RHOC’s Tamra Judge has unveiled an exciting new range of THC drinks, which are designed to provide a natural buzz without having to turn to alcohol.

    Tamra has expressed excitement about the new range of drinks, and they have already been showcased on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Orange County and The Jeff Lewis Podcast. Over recent years, THC and CBD products have gained huge popularity, and Vena has released a wide range of products to cater to this demand. The launch of these new drinks means that people now have even more options if they want a great alternative to alcohol.

    Benefits of the Drinks Highlighted

    During the launch of the new Happy Place drinks from Vena, Tamra and her team highlighted the many benefits of the beverages. Some of the top benefits that people will love about these new drinks are:

    Options and Taste

    One of the top benefits that people will love about the new range of THC drinks from Vena and Tamra is the great taste. For those who love refreshing and fruity flavors, these beverages are ideal, and you can choose from a variety of fruity options. Many people dislike the taste of alcohol, and they drink it just for the buzz and feel-good factor. With these drinks, you get the best of both worlds, as you can look forward to great taste as well as a natural buzz. This will make them a popular choice with many people.

    Effects and Buzz

    Another of the key benefits highlighted about these drinks is that they provide a natural buzz. A lot of people turn to booze because it enables them to feel more relaxed, more confident, and more sociable. However, it also comes with a range of ill effects as well as questionable taste. With these THC drinks, you can enjoy the natural effects, which include a buzz, relaxation, feeling sociable, and the ability to have some fun. Moreover, the drinks can take effect as quickly as alcohol, which means that many will find them an ideal alternative to booze.

    Reducing Risks

    One of the major benefits that will appeal to many people is the ability to reduce risks to health by avoiding alcohol and turning to these natural drinks instead. When you turn to booze, you have to deal with short-term ill effects such as a hangover the next day. There are also long-term risks involved, such as damage to the liver and other health issues. Most people would naturally prefer to avoid the risks of alcohol, so these drinks could prove to be an excellent solution because they do not contain alcohol. In addition, they are just 40 calories each and contain 2mg of CBD and THC.

    These are some of the benefits being highlighted by Tamra and her team.


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